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  1. Ming the Merciless

    Virginia stage penalty question

    What was his reasoning? Not trying to start any flames, I'm just curious and also want to be amazed.
  2. Ming the Merciless

    Drones or no drones?

    I wouldn't worry about video from a drone being any worse than some of the POV and third person video already being posted to the interwebs, think Tex Grebner. I think as consumer and professional grade cameras get better, drones will be less of an issue because they won't have to be flown so low to get good quality video.
  3. Ming the Merciless

    Night Shoot Match

    I would also recommend mounting a green laser in addition to the light. I tried a red laser, but discovered I could not see it through the C-more lens, it was still useful for 'stock on belt' starts with close targets. I was able to start shooting without shouldering the PCC. John Wayne would have been proud! The green laser is much more visible and is handy for hard leans and awkward positions where you can't really get behind the gun.
  4. Ming the Merciless

    New Compensator ?

    My comp is milled into a standard 5.5 inch slab side Buckmark barrel so the barrel is not longer nor heavier, it would actually be marginally lighter because of the removed material. The balance of the comped gun is identical to the uncomped gun. When I first built the comped Buckmark, I weighed the milled barrel and a stock barrel, but I don't remember the exact numbers but it was less than half an oz IIRC, but now that I think about it both barrels probably weigh about the same because the comp is due to be cleaned. If there wasn't a measurable difference in performance, cleaning the lead out of a rimfire comp would be reason enough to go comp-less! Just in case nobody gets it, I say this in jest!
  5. Ming the Merciless

    What if timer doesn't pick up all shots fired?

    So the real question should be, did you check if the timer is actually accurate? You know with a frequency generator and an oscilloscope? If not, how do you know if it's accurate? Especially at local matches where each squad has a different timer? The timer on one of the other squads might be 500 milliseconds faster or slower than the one on your squad.
  6. Ming the Merciless

    recommend me a good front sight for my 3 gun shotgun

    I've been using the HIVIZ TriComp front sight for the last 5 years. I use the green triangle light pipe. For long slug shots, just use the tip of the triangle and for fast shots use the whole triangle. It comes with several different colors in round and triangle. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/914567/hiviz-tricomp-front-sight-for-shotguns-with-vent-rib-and-removable-front-bead-fiber-optic-with-6-interchangeable-lite-pipes#
  7. Ming the Merciless

    New Compensator ?

    I'll have to disagree with you on muzzle brakes on rimfire pistols. I have a 2 port comp milled into a steel 5 inch slab side Buckmark barrel on one pistol and an identical Buckmark sans comp. ie same barrel, no comp milled into it. I have tested both extensively, including switching barrels back and forth between frames, over many practice sessions and matches. I am several seconds faster over the course of the match with the comp. It isn't much faster per string, but over 39 31 strings, it adds up. Since the muzzle brake is milled into the barrel, the difference isn't from hanging a weight (brake) on the end of the barrel. I will agree with you on the rimfire rifle, I did much the same with a pair of 10/22's, both with Tactical Solutions barrels. One threaded with an Alchin muzzle brake and one unthreaded barrel. No real difference between them other than one is louder than the other.
  8. I haven't seen the inside of the REI rolling duffle, but if it is like other brands, run the interior zipper down to see if you can access the metal tubes for the collapsible handle. If so, run a simple bicycle cable combination lock through the Pelican handles and through the metal tubes. It will prevent someone in the baggage handling area from quickly slashing the softside bag and snatching the Pelicans.
  9. Ming the Merciless

    Gun Cleaning Spray Alternative

    Hmmmm, I've been looking for a Gun Cleaning Spray that Tastes Like Chicken! Where do I buy this? KFC? Chick-Fil-A? Popeyes?
  10. Ming the Merciless

    indoor lane drills

    There are some good indoor drills in this video WARNING FOR LANGUAGE https://www.full30.com/video/fce6477a296ce73c5580796cb47da627
  11. Ming the Merciless

    Can a CP ramp be milled into a WN ramp?

    Yes, you can cut a CP ramped barrel to fit a WN frame, or you can cut the WN frame to fit the CP barrel.
  12. Ming the Merciless

    being an idiot

    I thought you taught Obi Wan there were 3 types? Those who are about to DQ, those who have DQ'd and those who will DQ again!
  13. Ming the Merciless

    STI Gen 2 mag parts Limited legal

    While you're buying parts for your magazines pick up a $35 USPSA Official Magazine Length Gauge https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/EGW-USPSA-Official-Magazine-Gauge-P334.aspx $35 is cheap insurance after spending $$$ on new magazines, basepads, followers (based on second hand information), then spending more $$$$$$ on entry fees, travel expenses, ammo, etc... for a major match and getting bumped to Open or getting to shoot for no score!
  14. Ming the Merciless

    S&W M&P 15-22 Firing Pin

    Pinched from the S&W forum in various threads s&w 404760000 or 408170000 firing pin s&w 404770000 firing pin spring s&w 404780000 pin, coil spring s&w 315430000 .22 extractor rev 2 s&w 315610000 extractor spring s&w 406130000 extractor plunger s&w 407790000 BLUE bolt spring s&w 404510000 upper S&w 405020000 b106 22 AR bbl threaded 16.5" rev A S&w 404570000 ejector s&w 408300000 magazine 25rd fde s&w 404560000 barrel extension S&w 404590000 barrel extension rollpin
  15. Ming the Merciless

    Open gun retention holster

    Because what we normally call the loud pedal (you know the one under your right foot) in our cars is trademarked and under threat of legal action it now auto corrects to what you see. So when I got in my automobile and stepped on the *thumb rest [generic]* to peel out that's what happened!