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  1. I don't see a 'BAD' lever as working very well for anything other than locking the bolt back for "Unload and Show Clear". There is so much spring pressure on the bolt latch the lever would need to be 2 foot long to have enough leverage to use it to drop the bolt on a loaded magazine.
  2. Taran Tactical sells an extra power spring for the MPX 30 rd mag. It is 4 coils longer and a thicker wire diameter for use with +10 round mag pad extensions. Clip a couple of the extra coils off for use in a stock 30 round magazine.
  3. Grottulf, go over to the Rimfire Central forum. They have a section just for the M&P 15-22 with lots of good information. It's easy to free float the handguard, but it does require some different techniques than a regular AR. To remove the flash hider, you have to grip the barrel because if you clamp the upper receiver, the barrel will spin in the poly receiver and ruin it. https://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=305
  4. I would suspect a split/cracked case with a full powder charge. Low neck tension and a ventilated case equals low pressure, and less noise.
  5. Yes, No, and Maybe. Yes, the 15-22 is more reliable than the Nordic. Mostly because of the better magazines. No, the 15-22 is not compatible with ALL AR triggers, it will work with MOST, but like the Nordic and most other .22 AR, the firing pin is just a little bit higher than in a centerfire bolt and not all hammers will hit the firing pin. Maybe, the Nordic may work with your JP trigger. I have not run a JP trigger with my Nordic. I have run Jard, Geissele SSA, & Hiperfire 24C in my Nordic upper. The 15-22 is considerably lighter so you may be able to transition a little quicker, but the trade off is less stability for longer off-hand shots, so again maybe? If you go with the Nordic, if you can buy a Better Mag adapter in Sweden, get one. It lets you run the better 15-22 magazines and has a functioning LRBHO. The Black Dog magazines used by the Nordic and most other .22 AR do not activate the bolt stop. Instead the bolt is held open when it hits the empty magazine follower and the bolt drops to battery when the magazine is removed. Oops, my bad! I have the Better Mag Adapter in my both of my CMMG type .22 AR. I don't have one in the Nordic, which leads me to the question of why there isn't one? It may or may not work, but I don't recall if I've tried it. They say as you get older the first two things to go are your memory and something else???
  6. I've seen a couple, but they were home brew 3d printed. They were a very simple design and were just glued on.
  7. This thread is useless without embarrassing video!
  8. If Winchester is going to reimburse you for the repairs, I would send it to Les Baer and have them put on a new slide. Their repair turn around time is very good.
  9. If you're handy with a hacksaw/dremel tool, a belt sander and a .201" drill bit, the original standard C-More Serendipity standard switch with frame mount can be easily turned into a Slideride. They are much cheaper, $145 on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/C-MORE-Systems-Serendipity-Standard-Switch/dp/B00D4L2G2C/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=C-MORE%2BSystems&qid=1577044117&sr=8-4&th=1&psc=1
  10. I must be strange because I really like 3 Gun shotgun! Pump Riot Gun? Yes, please! Pike length Beretta 1301? I have 2, thank you! Box fed Turkish Delight? Yup, one of them even has some of the original parts! I like Sporting Clays and I'm OK at it, but the local crowd is pretty snobbish, so I like to bring my Mossberg 500 just to piss them off. My Citori is just barely good enough not to draw a sniff of disdain. I'm not real big on Trap or Skeet, but if I think of it as aerial Steel Challenge, it's not so boring and the local group is pretty friendly, but the gun handling, yikes! I've never been smacked in the head with a buttstock in 3 Gun by a guy walking around with his shotgun over his shoulder. But only 3 Gun lets you slam targets as fast as you can pull the trigger, require mixing Buck, Bird and Slugs, play Circus games with spinning, swinging, and flying targets! I mean, what's not to like? Seriously! Oh, I guess spending 15 minutes, 3 times a week for a couple of weeks to learn quad loading is too hard?
  11. With the occasional need to be able to run major with heavier bullets for spinners, and heavy steel.
  12. Load the mag to capacity and leave it loaded for a couple of days so the spring will take a set, then it will probably work OK.
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