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  1. That part is the "Competition Long Elevator for 1301 Comp Pro, 12ga" p/n C7C121. So far haven't found one in the US. http://estore.beretta.com/en-eu/elevator-long-for-1301-comp-pro-12g/
  2. Sig shipped my Gen 2 MPX with a sample of Lucas Extreme. I use Lucas oils in my AR's so I've been using it in the MPX with good results. In really cold weather (like when a Republican wins an election here in Corruptiunicornia and hell freezes over) I would use the regular 'red' Lucas gun oil. If you want to buy the Lucas Extreme in bulk, pick up a pint of Lucas Semi-Synthethic 2 Stroke oil for about 6 bucks or a quart for $12 at the local auto parts or dirt bike shop, it looks, smells and tastes just like the Extreme. Just kidding about the taste! It tastes like lime jello.
  3. Generally speaking, when an Open shooter sticks a magazine in the holster the magazine falls to the ground, so no penalty!
  4. On the 550 the spent primer chute is very useful. I think mine are from Uniquetek http://uniquetek.com/product/T1346-550 I made my own primer slide extension years ago, but now you can buy them on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dillon-550B-C-Primer-Track-Bearing-Plate-W-Ball-Bearing-/231783630462 I prefer the KMS Squared UFO light for my 550's over the Inline Fabrication Skylight although I have both I generally don't put the Skylight into the press because the UFO provides enough light https://kmssquared.com/ufo550.html On the 650, I sold it and bought another 1050. On the 1050's I use the Reloading Innovations Starlight light system, only downside is it mounts to the toolhead so you need one for each toolhead. https://reloadinginnovations.com/products/dillon-1050-press-lighting-kit I made my own primer chute using a .223 case stuffed into the primer hole in the press. I cut off the case head and rim, then used some pink (I think it started out red, but it's so old it turned pink) tubing to an old empty 700x 8 pound metal keg. I've had to empty the keg twice. I really like the Entirely Crimson power measure disconnect on the 1050, but don't use it on the 550 because I just remove the entire toolhead. https://entirelycrimson.com/products/quick-disconnect-for-dillon-powder-alarm-1?variant=23047842758737 I also have a case feed stop from CSWA that I really like. When not in use it clips to the case feed tube. https://cpwsa.com/collections/670-2156-dillon-rl1050-super-1050-case-feed-stop.html
  5. Enquiring minds want to know what you've found useful. Are you keeping those secret or just like making snarky remarks while bragging about your harem of presses?
  6. Text much or is Engrish a second language?
  7. Just out of curiosity, what are the 'known but not fixed (patched) problems' or is that just hear say?
  8. I used to do the same in .40, Montana Gold 180 JHP with N320 for USPSA Major and a Montana Gold 165 JHP with considerably less N320 for 3 gun. The minor load shot very soft, I didn't have to resight the pistol between types of matches. Then I put together a 9mm top end for the same gun and haven't looked back. There IS a reason so many use a 9mm for 3 gun.
  9. I have some of the hand tools and they have worked well. I had looked at picking up the AR15 ARMORER'S MASTER KIT, but I already have all the tools I need to build AR rifles. I'm going to see if they sell the big square bench block separately, it looks pretty handy. Here's what's in the kit
  10. This! Check for barrel droop ie. the barrel not centered in the handguard. Volquartsen recommends only tightening the barrel nut hand tight since it is an extremely thin steel liner inside the carbon fiber. It is possible to make a fixture to hold the chamber end of the barrel to get the barrel nut more than hand tight. If you try holding the barrel by the muzzle end you can twist the barrel pretty easily.
  11. Get a can of Birchwood-Casey Barricade or similar anti-corrosion spray. I have extremely acidic sweat and I can rust stainless steel overnight. I have a can of Barricade sitting on my safe along with a couple of large cotton cleaning patches, anytime I handle any firearm, I spray a little Barricade on a patch and run it over the entire gun before it goes back into the safe. Barricade works well against my sweat, has a mild, fairly pleasant smell that doesn't last very long so I can even use it on my carry gun without smelling like a gun store commando.
  12. The original SV licensed airsoft were made by Western Arms and were very nice, but are no longer available. Most of the parts did not interchange with the more popular Tokyo Marui Hi-Cappa pistols. I think there may be some Hi-Cappa SV clones, but I don't know if they are actually licensed or not. There are lots of Hi-Cappa STI clones, even a licensed copy of the 'John Wick Combat Master' made by AW Custom/EMG which are very nice airsoft with easily available spare parts since it is the Hi-Cappa format. John Wick https://www.evike.com/products/10136/ SV look alike https://www.evike.com/products/64313/ Limcat look alike https://www.evike.com/products/67339/ Reasons to buy from Evike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knxruF-GBvA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WstUMawpEUk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrAIFP2pfew
  13. I use it every time before shooting. It helps me get my foam ear plugs rolled out nice and thin so I can insert them into my ears properly.
  14. I think you've mistakenly logged into the wrong forum, this is the Enos forum, not that other forum.
  15. What happens when you run the same batch of ammo in the RRA? If you get case head separations it's the ammo not the carbine. If no separations, will the bolt and recoil system from the RRA fit into the shorty and vice versa? If so, what happens when you swap them. If the case head separations stay in the shorty, start looking at the barrel chamber dimensions.
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