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  1. The original SV licensed airsoft were made by Western Arms and were very nice, but are no longer available. Most of the parts did not interchange with the more popular Tokyo Marui Hi-Cappa pistols. I think there may be some Hi-Cappa SV clones, but I don't know if they are actually licensed or not. There are lots of Hi-Cappa STI clones, even a licensed copy of the 'John Wick Combat Master' made by AW Custom/EMG which are very nice airsoft with easily available spare parts since it is the Hi-Cappa format. John Wick https://www.evike.com/products/10136/ SV look alike https://www.evike.com/products/64313/ Limcat look alike https://www.evike.com/products/67339/ Reasons to buy from Evike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knxruF-GBvA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WstUMawpEUk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrAIFP2pfew
  2. I use it every time before shooting. It helps me get my foam ear plugs rolled out nice and thin so I can insert them into my ears properly.
  3. I think you've mistakenly logged into the wrong forum, this is the Enos forum, not that other forum.
  4. What happens when you run the same batch of ammo in the RRA? If you get case head separations it's the ammo not the carbine. If no separations, will the bolt and recoil system from the RRA fit into the shorty and vice versa? If so, what happens when you swap them. If the case head separations stay in the shorty, start looking at the barrel chamber dimensions.
  5. Another plus for the Vortex is, the bill of your baseball cap won't turn off the illumination! DOH!
  6. I hope the stage designer was forced to Bob-For-Road-Apples in that tank after the match!!!
  7. There are already aftermarket firing pins for the 15-22. I picked up both a steel and titanium one, but have not had a chance to test either one. https://www.firingpins.com/m-p-15-22-titanium-firing-pin https://www.firingpins.com/m-p-15-22-titanium-firing-pin
  8. If reliability is #1, then get the 15-22, a bunch of magazines, the McFaddin Lightnin' Grip mag loader and a set of JP springs for the trigger. Make sure it runs reliably, the ejector may need some minor adjustment, use a dry lube like Hornady One Shot CLP or oil very lightly on just the bolt rails, before you make any modifications other than swapping the buttstock if necessary.
  9. The only lightweight barrel is the Volquarsen Carbon Tensioned barrel $300+. Taccom3G makes the cheapest Carbon Fiber handguard $95 + adapter barrel nut $25 Lightweight buttstock $60 So for $500 you can take off about 1.5 lbs. S&W lists the weight at 4.8 lbs
  10. Exactly! http://www.practical-shotgun.com/king-gen-6-review-belt-layout
  11. That's Okay for you, but not everyone that shoots Steel Challenge shoots USPSA.
  12. Well, Steel Challenge already has categories for Juniors, Seniors, Super Seniors, Ladies, Law Enforcement, and Military. Why not add Wheelchair for those in wheelchairs who would shoot from the middle position of Outer Limits with no penalty (?), Handicapped for those who need assistance walking (canes, etc...) who would shoot Outer Limits from the middle position with a 3 second penalty (?). The times are just a suggestion.
  13. So, what happens if you've declared minor, have been loading 10 rounds and then chrono major? Bump to open because you've been loading 10 rounds? Sorry, couldn't resist......Just kidding!
  14. The bane of many, many great gunsmiths. It's the equivalent of the guy who buys a Ferrari, then runs the cheapest grade of Rotten Robbie gas, buys his oil at 7-11 and his tires at the recycling center, then complains about how crappy his Ferrari runs and corners! I've seen many guys with guns built by name gunsmiths, who are down in the gravel at every match scrounging every piece of crap brass, buy the cheapest bullets they can find, don't own a case gauge,never clean or maintain their mags or guns and then blame the gunsmith if their gun isn't absolutely flawless.
  15. CDI and Tohnichi are good brands. We buy a lot of tools from ProTorque Tools, they have good prices and very good service. https://www.protorquetools.com/torque-screwdrivers/adjustable/?_bc_fsnf=1&sort=priceasc
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