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  1. Consider it active training for matches. Matches have all sorts of distractions going on, it's not just you, the timer and the targets. Use the home distractions to get to the point of regardless of what's going on around you, it's just you, the timer and the targets.
  2. WD40 Specialist with Dry Lube. It is very similar to the Hornady Cleaner/Lube and much cheaper. Don't make the mistake of getting the Gel version....don't ask me how I know this! https://www.wd40.com/products/dry-lube/
  3. Until RO's become mind readers who can read intent without possibility of error and can tell without doubt whether the shooter anticipated the beep, heard another a beep from an adjacent bay, or just randomly cranked one off, yes, in USPSA Multigun false start, in one of the dozen outlaw 3 Gun rule sets, ??? your guess is as good as mine.
  4. Seriously? Thousands of 3 gun matches have been started with Rifles (OMG!) and Shotguns pointed down range, at the low ready, port arms, or stock on belt without having to start with the muzzle down in a barrel for safety. Please answer the following questions: How many matches have you shot? Are you an RO? Are you a CRO? Are you just trolling?
  5. At home defense distances, you're much better off putting a good light source on a shotgun and just using the beads or aiming down the barrel. A light and laser is better, but don't get too carried away with the light source, too many lumens and the reflected light off the walls will blind you as well.
  6. If you want to de-cap and swage before cleaning, get a universal de-capping die. Re-sizing a dirty case is shoving gritty crap through your re-sizing die, not a nice smooth clean case, that's why it is taking so much force.
  7. I would like to keep the Classifieds because this is a small enough community that many of the persons selling are known to the community. That gives a certain level of trust that other Classifieds don't have. I voted for Banner Ads. I would also like to see tiered memberships, mostly I would like to see this forum continue and would really like to see Brian profit from his decades of service to this community. What I've learned on this forum has saved me thousands of dollars in lost time and parts on various gun projects.......oh wait, it's also cost me thousands of dollars in guns and parts for the new hotness! I guess that part is a wash.
  8. I thought they all had the same first name of John? John Bigboote, John Smallberries, John Yaya, etc...
  9. I just mounted mine to an airsoft clone of my pistol and it works very well that way.
  10. From your video it appears the bolt is not fully forward and the tail of the bolt carrier is sticking out through the rear of the lower receiver. Push the bolt/bolt carrier forward until the tail is clear of the receiver and see if that releases the upper. Your take down pins are fully extended so that isn't the problem.
  11. Start small and see if it works. You can always go bigger, harder to make a hole smaller. Taccom makes a good muzzle brake, it's in stock, you can change the choke without removing the brake and it's less than half the price of the Grizzly. https://taccom3g.com/product/vr80-ulw-brake/
  12. You forgot to add: "And stay off my lawn!"
  13. What was your illumination setting? What was your illumination setting? I really like the second dot.
  14. We have Frito Bandito sign up frequently at several of the local matches. There are a couple of other nom de guerres that shoot in this area, although I think one of them is actually a nom de plume, considering how he/she/it shoots. One does so to escape the notice of an ex-wife, another so a current wife doesn't know. ?????
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