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  1. Their math seems to be a bit fishy. For Small Rifle primers they claim "AS LOW AS $0.07 PER ROUND ", but the lowest I could find was 100,000 primers for $0.008 per, or $8,000.00. Hmmm, no thanks!
  2. LOL! I don't even want my shoes touching the floors of some of the porta-poopers I've seen! Opened the door and just made a U-turn.
  3. I can do that until my trigger finger gets tired! Heck, I can do that with live fire for about 10 shots before the super glue breaks.
  4. Get another gunsmith. Ain't nobody got time to be sorting brass by length when you shoot the volume we do. The difference in accuracy for an open gun at IPSC distances between a .902" and at .910" chamber will be infinitesimal.
  5. I still have a bunch of old school Bullseye so I've been using it with good results in a Kahr P380. 3.2 grs Bullseye 95 gr Montana Gold JHP or FMJ either one feeds and shoots fine 0.975"
  6. Another vote for the Beretta 1301 Comp Pro. The 1301 Comp (non-Pro) is OK, but considerable work will have to be done to open up the loading port. Pros: Light weight runs everything from 1145fps loads to Prairie Storm very soft shooting shoots slugs to point of aim, very accurately cycles very fast comes with a nice hard case Cons: Price needs an extended magazine tube I personally don't like the funky stock and the handguard is not as grippy as the 1301 (non-Pro) Take it out of the box, clean and lube it, screw
  7. Modify the cheapest part. Magazines are cheap, receivers are not.
  8. Hey, it worked with Crisco! Just add a dab of mint fragrance.
  9. Hey, it's also good for Umarex and Cybergun airsoft G Lock replicas. https://www.recovertactical.com/product/recover-tactical-20-20-stabilizer-kit-for-glock-also-umarex-cybergun/ That guarantees it a Tactical Must Have!
  10. I prefer "Chinesium" when referring to cheap Chinese materials, unless I'm referring to the material filling the gaps between logs in my log cabin.
  11. I haven't tried the Odin Zulu. The squishiest pad I've tried is the 1" thick Ace Butt Pad https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1003200952 that fits the Doublestar Ace Buttstocks. https://doublestarusa.com/ace/buttstocks.html Depending on how long your arms are, you will have to chose the correct length Buttstock. Doublestar has them in various lengths from 7.5" to 11"() https://doublestarusa.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?q=ARFX&product_list_limit=36 https://doublestarusa.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=m4+socom https://doublestarusa.com/ace/but
  12. I heard they just changed their name to "Cheaper than Klondike Gold Field Dirt"
  13. Like Schultzie said, get a quality torque wrench. A Fat Wrench is NOT a quality torque wrench. A beam type or dial type torque wrench is the only way to do any type of torque survey. Break-away torque (loosening) will be very different from the actual torque value set when the bolt was fastened. We (the company I work for) buy a LOT of torque tools from this company Pro Torque Tools. They have very good prices, and excellent service. https://www.protorquetools.com/ For firearm work the CDI tools are fine, they are the same tools sold by Snap-On. They also carr
  14. Awesome to know I'm among the 0.1%. If my finger is off the trigger, the safety is on.
  15. I've had very good results with the Warne XSkel cantilever mounts. $180.00 https://warnescopemounts.com/product/gen-2-extended-skeletonized-34mm-msr-mount-black/
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