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  1. For example if you are shooting .22lr ammo with a muzzle velocity of 1145fps with an optic with a 6moa red dot according to this MOA calculator http://www.shooterscalculator.com If you're sighted (zeroed) anywhere between 17 and 23 yards. The biggest targets at the longest range in Steel Challenge are the 18" by 24" rectangles at 35 yards on Speed Option and Outer Limits. A 6 MOA dot covers 2.2" at 35 yards so with most .22lr ammo the bullet will impact within the dot. The smallest targets are the 10" round plates at 18 yards in Pendulum. A 6 MOA dot will cover 1.13", again the bullet will impact within the dot. If you're not shooting .22lr, you can use a ballistic calculator like the one above to create a chart for your gun and ammo, then figure exactly what distance to zero your sight. Or you can just zero anywhere between 17 and 23 yards like the rest of us and be good to go!
  2. I've had several video surveillance systems ranging from 16 camera systems in retail stores I've owned to the current 8 camera system I have at home. None of the consumer grade system are perfect. Lorex runs about a 50% one star rating on most of the reviews on Amazon, Costco, etc... Swann is slightly better, Q-see about the same. Some of it is from misleading advertising like 4K means 4 cameras at 1080p resolution, although most of that is on the seller not the manufacturer. Most of the 4K systems record at 15fps instead of 29 or 30fps. Wireless cameras are susceptible to interference, both intentional and accidental. POE (power over ethernet) cameras are much better now and easier to wire than the BNC cameras of yesteryear that required a separate power cable. Get a big NVR (Network Video Recorder -POE) and record continuously with motion alerts rather than just record on motion. By the time the system decides to record, the action may be over. For now stick with 1080 cameras vs the 4k cameras. As far a which brand, it's a toss up on consumer grade, I've had the best luck with Q-See in DVR (BNC cameras), and so-so with Swann in NVR. I have not used anything from Lorex. Go POE with a big NVR (2tb or more) with cloud backup if you're not paranoid about being hacked, if paranoid just don't hook it up to the interwebs and back up on a hidden remote drive. I gave up on consumer grade systems and built my own PC based system which was waaayyyy more work than I initially thought and more expensive than a consumer system.
  3. My machinist buddy is a wiseacre which is why both of my roller handle arms have flats ground into them for a 14mm wrench and why I said flats for a Crescent wrench!
  4. My wife usually goes to the matches with me either to spectate, or to keep me out of trouble, or compete if it's a steel challenge match. Last match she wasn't feeling well, so she stayed home. When I came home she asked how I did. As usual I replied "I won overall." "Oh, you shot PCC?" DOH! Busted.
  5. I read this and thought "That's odd, both of my roller handles have flat spots on the arm for a crescent wrench for tightening the nut" So I went out and looked, sure enough both had flat spots on the arm . Hmm, why are you guys missing this? Closer inspection and a faint memory of having a machinist buddy grind the flats shows the application of cold blue that doesn't match the rest of the arm. DOH!
  6. I can't tell about the barrel, but the handguard and muzzle brake look like Mike Setting's "Pace Setting Design"
  7. Most of the products on the Speed Beez website are cheap ripoffs of other products. The "Mighty Mag Loader" and the "Shaker Loader" are a cheap copy of the McFadden Ultimate Clip Loader, it does not have the shell stop or the adjustment screw like the McFadden. Their sleezy business practices show that not only do they copy the design, but they also try to ride McFadden's "Ultimate Clip Loader" name. This is the first line of the Shaker Loader description: "The newly famous “Shaker Loader” is the ultimate clip loader for your 22lr magazines. Spend the extra couple of bucks and get the McFadden, not the cheap ripoff.
  8. Sorry to swerve slightly off topic, but.... Do the new Double Alpha conversions fit the original (sewer pipe) Mr. Bulletfeeders?
  9. HMMM, I can't help that you may be adding intent to simple words. No, I did not say clubs don't need to follow rules. What I did say was that matches and clubs did not need to adhere to your very rigid interpretation of the rules. Not all matches are held by affiliated clubs and not all affiliated clubs can set the targets within .5mm of the posted dimensions. Yes, politeness is a thing, learn to use it. Yes, affiliated clubs should follow the rules to the best of their ability. However, some clubs have more ability than others due to range limitations, membership (numbers or cash), weather, or other reasons that may be beyond their control. This is a game, and as I said not everyone plays the game to become World Champion. It does help that I did reply to a topic: Rigid, argumentative, unpleasant people within the sport drive more people away than the cost of playing the game ever has. Feel free to have the last word.
  10. While you might be the nicest guy in town in person, most of your posts come across as very dogmatic and argumentative. Take the stick out of your, errr I mean relax a little bit, not every club/match has to adhere to your rigid interpretation of the rules of the game and not every shooter is here to become World Champion.
  11. Changing comps won't lessen the noise indoors, the hybrid barrel is the majority of the blast. You can get a Kidd C-More Blast Shield that mounts to the front of the C-More sight from all the usual suspects: Dawson Precision, EGW, Shooters Connection, Brownells, etc... NOT MY GUN, but very similar to what I've been using for that last decade or so, it works well.
  12. This is pretty close to what you're looking for. http://www.rhinovault.com/saferooms.htm If you want a Hollywood style gun wall https://www.secureitgunstorage.com/product/gun-wall-kit-gun-vault-8/ Also look at modular (snap together) safes. Some are 'lightweight' with side walls similar to conventional gun safes, but there are a couple of companies that make them with plate steel all the way around. https://www.snapsafe.com/modular-safes/ https://zanottiarmor.com/
  13. LOL! means Laugh Out Loud, it does not mean Livid Over Losers, so nobody is mad. The point was you already own something more expensive than a brand name red dot sight that was 'made in China' whether it is your phone, TV, etc... There are plenty of shoddy products made in every country of the world, just as there are plenty of high quality products made in those same countries, well except maybe North Korea. LOL! I've got a bunch of various brands of red dot sights, C-Mores, Vortex, Leupold, Holosun. All have their quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Reliability has been pretty uniform for all of them.
  14. Said as he pulls out his iPhone to check his social media. LOL!
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