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  1. The good and bad of the Tanfo front sight swap is that it's easy. So easy, sometimes, your gun will do it for you by launching your front sight downrange never to be seen again. Undo the set screw, tap your front sight forward, tap your new one in, and make sure you have the set screw well loctited.
  2. Atlas just released their 170mm magazines. Comes with Grams guts, they say it's 28 rounds in 9mm. $120 Anybody try out their magazines? Worth it over MBX or the usual tuned STI/Grams combo?
  3. Does moving the brackets to the hinge seem to reduce/remove the wiggle? How does it affect flexibility?
  4. What sort of battle belt? The padded type or the two-piece Velcro? I think the biggest things to watch out for would be the typical drop holster puts the heel of the pistol below the top of the belt, there might be excess offset, and you can't have a leg strap.
  5. I've got a Lynx sitting in my DAA cart right now. How "sticky" was the velcro on the Lynx? And is the velcro the molded type? I've noticed the brackets on gear tends to push down the velcro behind the belt, which is to be expected, but means if you move things around the belt might not stick as well where the pouch/holster used to be.
  6. I must have lucked out! My Honcho was ordered in April and I got the email about coating yesterday. On that note, what OAL works in .40?
  7. $10 more than Racers. Have you noticed the tilt actually make a difference? The Racers and Ghosts only have angle adjustments.
  8. Beretta recently announced a comp for the 92 series. Looking at JJ's instagram page, though, it looks to be a different design from his. This one is a shorty and his is a full length comp. https://www.berettausa.com/en-us/92-series-muzzle-brake-1-2x28-92-series/e02937/
  9. I'm currently trying out a Stock II for CO, switching over from a P320. I'm looking at magazine pouches. I'm experimenting with MBX and Mec Gar with an extension magazines. I've always used bullets out. What magazine pouches do you like? I have Ghost 360s set up for P320s and DAA Racers set up for 2011s. The length front-to-back of the Tanfo mags makes it a bit of a hard fit in the Ghost 360s. On that note, how about magnet pouches? Any favorites there?
  10. Are there any interference issues with the optic mount and the slide lock thumb rest? How about the aftermarket options like the Nitro Fin or the Atlas version?
  11. attakmint

    P320 X5 Thread

    I might have missed it, do we have weight/MSRP on the X-5?
  12. Seems like if I clock it there it's nestled in the web between my thumb and forefinger of my left hand. It's also in the way of any weak hand shooting I'd do. The paddle rides directly under the knuckle when I grip it with my left hand. Do you find it interferes with your weak hand only strings? I guess that's one way to keep myself from overinserting my trigger finger...
  13. Can't quite picture it - what does the JB Weld do for you?
  14. On Saturday I had one of those stages from hell. Drew, fired my first shot, and my magazine falls out of my pistol. And it continued the rest of the stage - I had to pick my last magazine off of the ground several times, and ran out of ammo before the last two targets were engaged. I had put a new Limcat extended mag release on my gun, and it was clearly getting actuated after recoil. After the stage, I removed the mag catch from my pistol and finished the match without any issues other than improperly seating one magazine. I had purchased the extended mag release because my original one, a round Dawson release, fell off at the match the week before. I hadn't had time to test out my gear before the match this past Saturday. I threw an empty magazine in and everything seemed good. Today testing the paddle out, I can find that with a near-full magazine, if I shift my hands just so I can release the magazine. Should I switch back the Dawson-style round release, or is there an extended paddle that works? I don't have huge hands - just under 8.5" circumference and I wear M/size 7 gloves.
  15. Update: went to my local bicycle shop and found several of those type of screws since they're most often used to hold water bottle holders to bike frames. They let me have them for free out of their spare screw drawer. They clear the spacer with ease, and don't interfere with the tension wheel. Now to figure out where I can find purple Loctite...
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