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  1. What got my reloads quick was being aware of my weak hand speed. I think we are so used to letting our weak hand fall at the speed of gravity that we don't even realize we are not pushing that hand down. We are pretty good at pushing our strong hand down to the gun on draws, but I think many people don't push the weak hand on reloads. Just SLAP that hand as fast as you can on the magazine , without pulling the mag out, until you are sure you are really pushing that hand and not letting it just drop . Goodluck
  2. Russty

    SP01 vs S2

    My bad. The Training Group Live episode 32 is a discussion between Joel Park and Andreas Yankopolus about getting used to the gun you have or getting a new gun. Both men say they regret moving from the SP 01 to the Shadow 2 because the SP was a better fir for them. They both have smaller hands.
  3. Russty

    SP01 vs S2

    In the latest Training Group podcast, a couple guys mention how the SP 01 fit their hand better than the Shadow 2. Smaller hands.
  4. Thanks for this. I shot an SP 01 decocker model and have been told in the past and just this past Sunday to fully rest the hammer by pulling the trigger as using the decocker was not good enough. Will pass info along the next time it occurs.
  5. I have the drag files option on the forum, but not in a private message, only attach URL.
  6. Yes, my account does not look like yours. Only have URL attachments possible.
  7. So, I did a work around by texting to the recipient's phone, but can I post non-URL photos in messages?
  8. I have searched the forum for an answer and couldn't find one. I wish to post a pic in a private message but the system only allows me to post pic from URL, not ones I have on file. How to do this? Thanks!
  9. Yeah, no. Do some basic Googling and learn. Or just search this site a tiny bit. It's all out there for you.
  10. "Stoeger" gives you 5% off.
  11. Midwest is the dirtiest I've shot. I get blowback in my face from my SP 01. I used to train with 147 gr. Federal. Now, I take what I can find. Even Midwest, sigh.
  12. Neither. I like to use a dead trigger. That is, pull the trigger once, let it out just enough so it doesn't reset, do the rest of the dry fire string with the dead trigger, not letting it reset. Sounds harder than it is. Stoeger recommends this method.
  13. Springs are cheap, right? Go for it.
  14. The good news is, a gun store in Hawaii occasionally posts full capacity brand new CZ mags on Gunbroker for a steal. They gotta unload 'em quick. I think I got 4 mags for like $50. Free shipping, too.
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