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  1. Neither. I like to use a dead trigger. That is, pull the trigger once, let it out just enough so it doesn't reset, do the rest of the dry fire string with the dead trigger, not letting it reset. Sounds harder than it is. Stoeger recommends this method.
  2. The good news is, a gun store in Hawaii occasionally posts full capacity brand new CZ mags on Gunbroker for a steal. They gotta unload 'em quick. I think I got 4 mags for like $50. Free shipping, too.
  3. I don't have a scale that measures in the range of the WML, but I set up a balance between my Lok brass grips and my tungsten and lead filled working WML. The Lok grips are 9 oz. Ta-da! The weight is about the same. So, the grips balance the WML.
  4. What behavior led to the possible ban?
  5. Forget regular batteries! Use tungsten weights from pinewood derby kit and top off each stack with a 1632 battery.! Or, use lead sinkers and 1632s. Either way, more weight = more skill!
  6. Ok, I did a thing. Got Blue Demon tungsten electrodes used for welding (3/16" X7"), cut them up using a Dremel and glued them to the bottom of a Streamlight. I them covered them with bondo, sanded and painted it. Inside, I used tungsten weight used for pinewood derby cars to fill one of the battery compartments, filling the remaining space with more cut rods. I also used the tungsten putty from the derby weight kit to pack around the weights in the battery compartment to eliminate rattle. I made sure to place the weights to have conductivity in the battery compartment. Now, I have a working li
  7. Yes! My pitiful shooting skills (high C in Production) need that! Buying skill, baby!
  8. Great holsters. You'll be pleased. I have one in red plaid with a black liner, works great for my CZ SP 01 with WML and a slide stop thumb rest ( they no longer make them for thumbrests, but mine from E. Tech thumbrest works fine).
  9. SP 01 holster for SP 01. The WML option is there, couple different choices. Look closer.
  10. So, Red Hill says they don't do thumbrest holsters anymore. I lucked out and got one right before they stopped. It works great. When the new Production rules came out, I jumped in and bought a new holster for a weapon mounted light (WML). I was resigned to not being able to use my Eemann-Tech slide release/thumb rest. Surprise! It works just fine. I don't know if all of their holsters would fit the thumbrest, but the CZ SP 01 decocker with WML one does.
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