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  1. Whoops!, you are a bit too much of an expert, I think. While you are probably correct that, as the regulation is written, an expert could parse your interpretation; as a rule to follow, though, it's pretty clear that internal safeties must be functional. But, reading for gaming, you may have found a loophole. I doubt that you'll be able to fit through said hole, though.
  2. The weird thing is, the company sells these without the thingy and advertises them as +1 magazines. Much more expensive, though. The cost of the 2 pack of +1s is the same as 6 of these. Just so you know, I'm not affiliated with them and they probably wouldn't want this spread around and may stop selling them, but I made sure to buy what I needed (24) before spreading the news!
  3. Also, you may have to dremel off a bit of material from the outside of where you poked out the thingy to get the magazine to drop free. But, hey, they are Ruger Mark magazines and you should be used to working on them to get them to work!
  4. OK, go on Ebay and look for "Ruger Mk Series (Mark 4 and older) Magazine Bumper Bottom (6 pack)". These are sold as magazine bumpers only. The same company sells +1 magazine bumpers for much more. Buy these instead, remove the small plastic stud from magazine base by poking it out of the round hole , slap 'em on your Ruger magazines. Voila! You now have 11 round magazines with bumper!
  5. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/288946-shadow-2-thumb-rest-gas-pedal-holster/ Check out this from the CZ section.
  6. No problem. It's an SP 01, not a Shadow, though.
  7. Well, I guess it's moot now, but here you go.
  8. I have the exact same slide stop.
  9. Red Hill tactical. Order option for *thumb rest [generic]*. Mine took a month to arrive, love it.
  10. Ok, but what is "front sight forward" all about?
  11. I searched 14 pages of Kadet search here stuff and couldn't find info about how to remove the SP 01 Kadet barrel. NOT the Kadet 1 or Kadet 2, the Kadet without the cut out in the slide and with the lighter aluminum parts. Thanks! And, yes, I'm having light strike issues with my competition weight mainspring, but on the upside, I'm getting really good practice on my DA trigger!
  12. Russty

    Mag Pouches

    Mags falling is a DQ?
  13. I plan on doing this! Just came to the same conclusion myself.
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