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  1. I am a new USPSA Production C competitor with 3 matches behind me (1st, DQ on 2nd stage; 2nd, all classifier match; 3rd, finished second out of 10 to a B shooter). So, I ain't gonna impart great wisdom here. But, for other newbies, I have discovered a game changer! I have always had problems with shooting while moving and it really showed up in my 3rd match. I lost big chunks of time to the B guy. So, I set out today to dry-fire my way to better movement while firing. Still had issues, sights bouncing around. I thought, hmm, let me try the Pro Grip I got last week, just for giggles. I had planned on saving it for match days. Man, what a difference!! I can really vice down with my support hand, my sights aren't bouncing, life is sweet! Sooo ready to practice live fire. This really is the single biggest, fastest improvement I've seen.
  2. I bought one from IPSC store and love it! Drop in, no worries. Just helps me index so fast and feel great about it. Not a help for recoil, but didn't expect it to be.
  3. This is very club level stuff, not on Practiscore. I'll just ask around, I'm really hoping he's as good as he seems, for me to be beat so bad!
  4. You do have to be authorized and I am not. I'll just ask around, someone should know. Thanks anyways.
  5. I'm curious what the classification of someone in my club is. We shoot different days so I don't see him anymore. But, as a high "C", I'd love to find out if he is an M or even a GM, so I feel better about losing to him. How can I find his class with just his name?
  6. He did step back after the shot (and before the pee track could show on his jeans).
  7. I second the SP 01 with thin LOKs. My small hands measure 7 1/4 inches from base of palm to tip of index finger and the SP 01 fits great. One thing I did do is reverse the mag (or clip) release so I can use my right index finger to drop the mag (clip). This easily allows me to keep the barrel downrange and not break 180 on reloads.
  8. That looks good! As a new USPSA shooter, I like the all classifier idea. And I'm in Dayton, so only a coupla hours away.
  9. I have exercise induced anterior compartment syndrome (the outside of my calves swell with blood when I run or walk vigorously). Compression stockings have helped in the past, to a minor extent.
  10. Videos have been floating around and I'd love to buy one, but no US distributor, yet. Anyone get their hands on one?
  11. Is that left hand legal there? Not at side?
  12. Pay the $40. I did it myself, not worth the hassle. Getting the old one out was by no definition "easy". Install was, but you'll beat the hell out of your gun getting the old one out. For reference, I've installed triggers in XDMs, Ruger Marks and my CZ. The bushing sucked.
  13. New firing pin stop lifter installed, all is FANTASTIC now! Very short single action pull to break, short quick trigger reset. Thanks, CGW!!
  14. I failed to notice that I need a new firing pin stop lifter when I install the T2 disconnector. Thankfully, CGW helped me sort it out and the part is on the way!!
  15. Hmm, I missed that, thanks.
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