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  1. I ended up modifying both the collator and the plug. The rep told me I have an older feeder model. It works now.
  2. After being quoted $1300 by Dillon for a new S1050 frame, a friend decided on experiment - here is a refresh of motorized S1050 frame to mainshaft interface.
  3. Thank you all for the replies. The problem is resolved now. The bolt is not bent. There is no measurable difference in casefeed slide height in areas that are visually worn or still black. Interesting nylon roller, yet I'm in Europe and those small parts costs explode pretty fast. I thoroughly cleaned the shoulder of the bolt where it stops against the slide (thread neck fillet) and inside the slide. Now it sits as intended from the factory. I checked there a space now between the frame and the roller with a plastic film spacer. The problem was exaggerated by debris trapped between 10999 mainshaft and the frame introducing additional drag which I mistaken coming from the roller exclusively.
  4. I have a Super 1050 with about 200k rounds on it. The 13498 plunger roller is dragging on the lower part of the cut-out window of the frame in the casefeed frame assembly. The problem developed gradually and no amount of tinkering, cleaning, re-greasing, or tightening helps. Is it a known problem? Do I need new parts? Asked Dillon support, but they haven't responded yet.
  5. Thank you for confirming the product is not a joke. Looks like I got wrong parts. 1. The hole is 24.9mm but the plug is 25.0mm. 2. Mounting bracket interferes with the plug rim.
  6. While setting-up point-down conversion kit on Mr.Bulletfeeder, I see that there is extra material on collator's base that prevents tube from being installed. Anyone who bought the kit, did you your kit require modification to collator? DAA is not responding, thus asking here.
  7. Invision has an app on Android called "Communities", which, I suppose, could be used to read the forums they host on theirs SaaS platform. If I search for Brian there I got Brian Lumley.com Forum which is obviously on theirs platform. There is also an "Invision Community" app on both Android and iOS for their own support forum only.
  8. Invision own app (Communities on Android) has some forums but not the Brian Enos's Forums. Could it be the case something needs to be enabled in the forum settings so we could use Invision app instead?
  9. Oh yes, aggressive SVI is wonderful. If you have micropockets, I bet it won't hurt to ask them to put your existing grip in the mill to make it aggressive.
  10. On two of my guns with full length Binary Eng comp reamed with EGW reamer, I ended up reaming exit wall (only) to .40". Were getting strikes on exit otherwise.
  11. Anyway, you can get an app on the phone or tablet to overlay looking thru the camera. Most likely it will tell you what it is.
  12. What BJB is telling is that every day our view - observer on Earth - is rotated by 1/365 of the full cycle. That is about 4 minutes on time scale - like what you're seeing. You / we face same direction off by 4 min each day (not exactly, but ok for adjacent days).
  13. CO should allow appendix carry. RO will verify the muzzle is not farther than 2 1/8” from the junk.
  14. Email SVI and they will sell you the screws. You may have Texas Star or Dubbs grip and mag release screws. Just send them a picture of the gun and they will make it sure the screws will match the appearance of the gun. They don't sell them separately, yet I'm sure they will sell just the trigger guard screws with the bushing. https://infinity.americommerce.com/p/181-Texas-Star-Hi-Cap-Grip-Screw-Kit-clone.aspx For conventional round head screws, Dawson sells them as Trigger Guard Sleeve Kit for STI. Or you may want to upgrade to a prettier screws! The bushing/sleeve will require some fitting. Do not just hammer it down into the hole. Red Loctite on one screw, blue on another.
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