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  1. arkadi

    C.F.L. brass ?

    G.F.L. maybe? Its Fiocchi. Half of my brass is GFL. Loads good on 1050.
  2. Not only because you'll endangering yourself and others - your mechanical practice will be counterproductive. Consider Zen of Driving is close to Zen of Shooting. Consider Attention and Error Games instead.
  3. @Rusl, my advise is to use CZC Czechmate mount and a modern red-dot such as RTS2 or DPP. Shadow is a light gun. The bulk you'll get on the side with sideway mount will take that advantage off by creating noticeable asymmetry in recoil. Beware, that once you go with a particular drill pattern - CZ, Tanfoglio, or 2011 - you cannot go back. Anyway, I have a Quinn mount available for sale in Classifieds. It will clear the slide by 1/5" and there will be a trivial glass offset to the right. While 1/5" could be perceived as too much, yet it will provide some options for slide racker installation that is not flush with the slide. Sorry, I cannot properly overlay it on top of a Shadow that already have optics attached. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/271476-wts-quinn-c-more-slideride-mount-for-2011-gogun-pedal/
  4. What is the life expectancy of the trigger system?
  5. The observable vertical space of RTS2 glass is around 6cm at target distance of 1m, holding the gun at arms length. Assuming the dot starts in the middle of the glass, that results >>> math.degrees(math.atan2(3, 100)) 1.7183580016554572 1.72 degree of muzzle flip before dot goes out of the glass. (Pardon the naive math)
  6. arkadi

    Bul Armory?

    To pass SAAMI proof test(s), perhaps? Are there any?
  7. Before you start buying new guns, and Shadow 2 grip is fairly small BTW, may I suggest that a competent action shooter will examine your grip in-person once again? By reproducing your grip exactly like it is photographed I'd say that's a flimsy grip, no surprise the gun shifts a lot. It seems to me, that you're holding the gun in-front and side-to-side instead of working front to back with the strong hand.I bet, is that if you stay in you stationary shooting position holding the gun with just one hand and someone would rack the slide - it would just slip from your grip. You might want to start by getting the feeling of total control with strong hand only. LOK Palm Swell Boggies and original SP-01 Shadow rubber grips are excellent choice. I run both of them on CZ custom open guns; long fingers. The biggest grips are of the original CZ TS and Stock II / III large frame wood grips. You may want to shoot them first before reaching conclusion.
  8. I'd say the accuracy is the same yet polygonal barrel POI is more consistent across different kind of reloaded and factory ammo to the point I make no sights adjustment to accommodate them at all. I have Stock III with two barrels of both types of rifling. I believe making polygonal barrels requires big expensive machines.
  9. Stock I is 9mm only, no? 9x19, 9x21 are the only offerings in European Tanfoglio catalogue.
  10. Never got to the point to make a Major gun out of it, yet shooting hotter Minor loads solved ejection problems with AlexMount.
  11. The long stick Tanfoglio sold me some 2-3 years ago has no spacer plate while being marked 9mm. It doesn't work with FKK9-13 kit. I ran it with Grams spring and stock follower at 170mm for 26-rounds reloadable with no issues, IIRC. It will hold 25 rounds of 38 Super too. FKK38-13 could be the right kit for such tube.
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