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  1. Anyway, you can get an app on the phone or tablet to overlay looking thru the camera. Most likely it will tell you what it is.
  2. What BJB is telling is that every day our view - observer on Earth - is rotated by 1/365 of the full cycle. That is about 4 minutes on time scale - like what you're seeing. You / we face same direction off by 4 min each day (not exactly, but ok for adjacent days).
  3. CO should allow appendix carry. RO will verify the muzzle is not farther than 2 1/8” from the junk.
  4. Email SVI and they will sell you the screws. You may have Texas Star or Dubbs grip and mag release screws. Just send them a picture of the gun and they will make it sure the screws will match the appearance of the gun. They don't sell them separately, yet I'm sure they will sell just the trigger guard screws with the bushing. https://infinity.americommerce.com/p/181-Texas-Star-Hi-Cap-Grip-Screw-Kit-clone.aspx For conventional round head screws, Dawson sells them as Trigger Guard Sleeve Kit for STI. Or you may want to upgrade to a prettier screws! The bushing/sleeve will require some fitt
  5. Probably, depends on what you have to work with. The stages built indoors with bullet traps are real stuff. If you have just one wall for 2D stages...
  6. I shot some indoors built with mini IPSC targets entirely. I think they are great once in a while.
  7. I believe Tanfoglio slide stop is two-piece part. IIRC, only broke one thru the years, or none.
  8. No arguing. Some points for your consideration. Please keep the flow of thought unobstructed.
  9. The rocket engine nozzle is basically a funnel. Well, it's not a pipe and have specific properties. For starter, the difference from an assembled firearm is not being breech-locked. Until experiment results emerges, the opinions are highly subjective. The Rules prohibit no peeing on my leg, yet if I ask competitor not to do it anymore and the competitor continue to do so insisting it is safe, I may ask for 10.6.
  10. Another aspect is that the place where chamberchecking is performed is somewhat away from the safety area where 2/3 of the firearm is left effectively unsupervised. There is IPSC outside of US; firearm laws and shooting competition organization laws/guidelines that differs. The shooting range despite being exclusively rented for the competition is public access, unrelated people / spectators come and go to see what happens. Could be LE undercover.
  11. IPSC rules are more elaborate for such case: 8.7.2 Competitors are prohibited from using any sighting aid (e.g. the whole or part of an imitation or replica firearm, any part of a real firearm including any accessories thereof etc.), except for their own hands, while conducting their inspection ("walkthrough") of a course of fire. Violations will incur one procedural penalty per occurrence (also see Rule 10.5.1).
  12. During competition RO finds a competitor dry-firing in an empty bay or on an empty stage (already shot by the competitor). Upon closer inspection the handgun have no firing pin installed. RO actions? If DQ, which rule? What if it was just the frame, no upper? A particular shooting range internal rules (mixed with country's firearm laws) forbid moving between buildings of a larger shooting complex with firearm and magazines on the belt - literally 20-30m. Shooting equipment must be (un-)bagged in SA. The violation is a DQ, and - technically - criminal charge (yet there will be no LE
  13. The firearm in the example above is handgun. No pasting by competitors - dedicated ROs and a helper. Besides perception, would it matter if it was a PCC or rifle upper? Follow-up questions: 1. What constitutes a firearm? At which point sensitivity of people around transforms into issue from Rules point of view? How complete a firearm must be to invoke 10.5.1 Handling a firearm at any time except when in a designated Safety Area, etc.? Is it subjective RO ruling, or...? 2. 10.5 begins Examples of unsafe gun handling include, but ar
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