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  1. arkadi

    Mags will not drop at all

    Mag release is ambi, no problems in design.
  2. Works beautifully out of the box, Stock II 10mm, no changes.
  3. Tapatalk cannot load topic list past initial view. I confirm buggy behavior on an old Nexus 7 2013 and iPad Mini 2. Both can load long threads no problem.
  4. http://www.tanfoglio.it/pdf/Tanfoglio_2019.pdf Fortunately, theirs guns are better than the website. 1911 with a polymer grip?
  5. Now we can use the video of your swinger for dry fire! I use cinema projector and the following playlist. .
  6. Guys, all I asked are the numbers. I have a brick-style gauge from DAA. For me it is a question of trust. I trust the chamber check. Too many false negatives with the gauge and it doesn't simulate rifling exactly. > I don’t understand why you’re reluctanct to believe the hundo is worth twice it’s price; it seems blindingly obvious. Never wrote nor implied that. > With a single gauge it’s easy to go on autopilot and realize you didn’t *really* inspect the last 10 primers you dropped in the gauge, you’re just hustling through. Well, I use 1050 and I place cartridges bullets down in the box. Also, when I speak about myself - I use "I" instead of "you", that would be a correct pronoun to employ. Thanks anyway. I'm going to order a roll sizer to try with gauge.
  7. That's spherical horse in the vacuum. Do you have the numbers?
  8. SVI hybrid with poppels, SVI hybrid, STI shorty - in that order of softness and flatness. Next build? Bull barrel shorty
  9. Do you have specific numbers: how much time is used - for both cases, and saved to gauge and box 100 good rounds? Are there any savings considering the whole timeline? I mean roll-sizers are rare. I have a smaller DAA gauge for 9mm. Different caliber and different brand, but it's a brick I don't use anymore.
  10. EEH is working diligently to bulge everyone's brass in fat chambers to leave it on the ground for roll-sizer and push-thru owners to pickup and enjoy their ownership. Cycle completes, love everywhere! Why no just chamber check (in the most strictest of the barrels), is it much slower than the gauge?
  11. There is a very nice 2011 shorty Open gun with mags for sale in Classifieds for an incredible price, from - guess who - Glock26Toter. We could discuss here to the death, but, please trust me, just go and buy it. You won't be disappointed. You'll decide for yourself based on your own experience. I wish I could buy it.
  12. 40 out of 10, and 9 out of 38 works good enough for action shooting. Yet check how they groups, for me they were slightly larger then with the proper caliber cartridge.
  13. Yes, I'll be able to tell the difference even if grip panels are the same or similar.
  14. For Stock II that’s not exactly true, and I have both. 1-4mm front to back difference depending on where and how I measure. There is definitively a different curve in area between checkering and beaver tail.
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