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  1. "Whining"- the other fellas money was wasted. "Righteous rebellion" - My money is being wasted.
  2. Maybe 20,000 ish rounds on the gun, and original followers and springs in all mags. Anybody else had the issue come up over time and then fixed it? Slide closes without operation of the slide release on insertion of the mag, but apparently a bit too soon.
  3. My theory is that it all started with participation trophies.
  4. Had one pcc reshoot yesterday for a timer did not pick it up issue, r.o. had to get back off the gun because the shooter sort of got flakey on his balance while shooting around a barricade. I think in the long term the main thing will be that all r.o.'s need to be disciplined about looking at the timer on the last shot, before we set them to max sensitivity for pcc I was in the habit of just holding the timer back and away from the shooter after the last shot. I do not know what makes the few crazy loud guns crazy loud.
  5. There was a GM open shooter on my squad yesterday, like most open guns his was loud but not crazy loud if you had 30 db or better protection. Not sure that dba limits designed to protect the r.o.'s and squad mates would effect what most people shoot, just the few who are shooting the most extremely loud open guns.
  6. If you can draw the gun at speed without dropping it, reload on the move under time pressure, control the trigger good enough for 20 yard alphas, etc. , then you can sure as heck slowly lower a hammer.
  7. FIFY. Reminds me, when did they first start saying that we had to convert to the metric system? Late 60's?
  8. Personally I do not know of anyone who is butthurt or anyone who cares what other people want to shoot.
  9. Even at that there would still be stages where 8-16-8 (or something similar) was the fastest way to run it.
  10. My experience has been that the Sordins poor DBA rating is well deserved and their "but we are better than the rating" hype is pure hype. That is based on wearing them, you can also make a reasonable judgment just comparing their construction to the more effective muffs, this is not magic stuff, thicker and more densely padded works much better. I like the Sordins for shooting 9mm outdoors & similar stuff where you do not need a lot of noise suppression.
  11. 32 Round stage - 2 targets available at start position - next 4 on the move - next 2 through a port - next 4 around a wall to the left - next come 8 mini poppers at 15 yards 10 round mag - shoot 4 rounds , reload (drop 6) - shoot 8 rounds, reload (drop 2) - shoot 4 rounds, reload (drop 6) - shoot 8 rounds, reload (drop 2) - 4 Reloads 11 rounds available to shoot the last 8 targets 15 round mag - shoot 12, reload (drop 3) - shoot 12 reload (drop 3) - 2 reloads 16 rounds available to shoot the last 8 targets That is how things work out, although it would as often be plus 1 as plus 2. Attempting to use simple math often leads to bad conclusions, you have got to use an equation that includes all variables. Other thing, a lot of stages tend to work out well if some portion is shot in 10's (anybody shoot the SNS 400 last weekend?) - one gun at 10 creates the challenge of almost 0 make up shots available & the other (although you would not plan the stages the same way) lets you get sloppy.
  12. If you have never shot any division with different mag capacity limits, or paid attention to why the 8 shot shooters are often running stages differently than you are, that could explain why you think that increasing mag capacity by 50% is not a big deal.
  13. You can not just count rounds, that is why you do not understand I think, you have to plan reloads to avoid standing reloads and keep an acceptable risk for misses on steel. The lower the mag limit the more rounds that are dropped still in the mags.
  14. Wonder how much of that fried fish down the road was left over sushi from the other place? Agree with you about gun stuff.
  15. Yes it is mistaken. With 10, or 10 +1 if you haven't lost Barney, you are usually dropping a mag after 8, sometimes after 4 or 6, and on occasion after just two if there is a single target and then a move that will get you to 5 more targets. I was shooting SS major before production, the difference between 8 and 10 is a big deal in how you run many stages and 8 really is like shooting every stage Virginia count. It feels like in USPSA math 10 = 2 * 8 . Also going from 6 major only to the choice of 6 major vs 8 minor in revolver totally wiped out 6 shot revolver. As far as stage design goes, creativity is already 100% welcome and hitting reloads on the move is a fun part of the overall challenge.
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