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  1. With my gun it was easy. The shims moved but not so much that I could not just take a small punch and line them back up. Maybe I just got lucky.
  2. Good information! Was wondering how much of a big deal performance wise that bobbing the hammer was, if it does not make a definite improvement I will not mess with it. Finally got to shoot mine a little bit yesterday, with deep seated federals and a 9# Wolff hammer spring it appears to be hitting the primers harder than essential. Bitches - Am likely going to have to do something about the chambers being crazy tight, burning clean powder the brass started sticking after about 40 rounds. Hammer rubs against the frame in one spot, probably a very easy fix with the file but how does a gun that expensive leave the shop like that? Trigger hangs about 1 time in 7 with the 8# Wolff trigger spring, more often when you are shooting single action, assume that will not be hard to fix with a bit of looking filing and polishing, but again , disappointing. I can't remember buying any other gun that was entirely bone dry, no sign of lubrication anywhere except grease to keep the hammer o-rings in place.
  3. ??? Difference in reloading cost is about $20.00/1000. Investment in 9mm (holster + moon clips + grip + tuning + extra odds and ends) = + - $1400 So it looks like you break even at 70,000 rounds?
  4. Special social distancing rules seems like a good alternative to closing. I could see ranges tightly packed with laid off and bored shooters otherwise.
  5. My luck with revolvers is that there is always some damn thing that adds a nuisance I was not planning on. Just picked up my gun, chambers are tighter than my case gauge which has been on the conservative side with every other gun I own. Any known reason why Ruger would do this? Will either need to open up the chambers or reload special for this gun. I'm curious about the coating inside the chambers, perhaps Ruger did that to help with brass sticking, maybe it tends to wear off over time, maybe chambers are more typical in size without the coating? +1 . Seems easy enough but it would be nice to have a good idea what the big kids did before firing up the Dremel. Good info.
  6. 6 1/2 , just by playing with springs and doing a bit of polishing?
  7. That raises a question which I have not seen explored. Any insights on why some seem to have only mild issues (genetics, previous disease history, general fitness, sex, etc.)?
  8. If you assume that a disease will come along to kill off every generation as they age (and skip the infants) then you could see the reduced life expectancy as a financial and resource benefit to the young. Otherwise it is just a painful blip that has no lasting effect except perhaps a delay in our learning how to best accommodate current life expectancy.
  9. Actual data is good. Another data point, with my 9mm 8 shot wheel gun I shoot 160 grain coated bullets, I always crimp just enough to bring the brass back to the bullet. Using a Lee undersized sizing/decapping die, bullets do not try to walk out of the brass, using a standard sized die (Dillon in my case) the bullets will walk. In the past I had accuracy issues beyond 15 yards or so that I blamed on overcrimping coated bullets, I was not very scientific about testing but reducing the crimp seemed like it stopped my gun from throwing breaking fast balls with coated bullets.
  10. Yea, I think they kind of look like butt compared to a 1911 or 2011 or maybe CZ TSO or a steel Walther & etc. Do not care about looks though, I shoot Tanfo's, & it is eye of the beholder.
  11. If I cared how a gun looks I would not be shooting a Tanfo. To each their own though.
  12. Their site shows new price at $65.00 each, or 12 rolls. What the hell is the deal with the toilet paper hoarding anyway?
  13. Good info in general. Never worked for me with the 1 screw attachment design and non compressible grips. I think I torque the screw with my grip somehow and it just needs to move a tiny smidge to allow motion. Not a big deal to put a screwdriver in the range bag or just put up with it that day.
  14. Do they stay tight or do you need to keep after the screws so they do not get loose enough to wobble during a match? My luck has been that the 1 screw design works great with rubber or wood grips but needs a little help with Tanfo/CZ grips that are not compressible.
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