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  1. Plates and poppers? It is worth timing yourself , shot-reload-shot. I am better off with a smooth reload and releasing the stop myself than using more than necessary force to insure that the slide auto forwards. That and Tanfo's can puke sometimes if you get crazy slamming a mag in.

    First Official Match, First DQ

    Interesting either way. Seems like it would be harder to push yourself through all of the learning curves on the way up so maybe before would be more of an accomplishment, but maybe competing at ludicrous speed over time would be more of a challenge. As an old B class hacker I will never know .

    First Official Match, First DQ

    Has anyone ever made it to grand master with a pistol and never had a dq? Honest curiosity, not stirring the pot.

    QC on loaded ammo

    https://benstoegerproshop.com/100-round-9mm-luger-hundo-chamber-checker-cartridge-case-gauge/ Not free but there is a good reason for 30 5 star ratings.

    Fiber optic size for Shadow 2

    Time to get some more and I had lost their contact info. Hate paying some of the crazy mark up prices you see. Good post

    First Official Match, First DQ

    A lot of us start facing uprange and get in one last practice turn and draw and simulated reload.
  7. I still find it amazing that we don't use training videos to make classes consistent over time and without regard to instructors. Different subject I know but I will never understand why our training is stuck in the Stone Age.
  8. You only do it when you are forced to due to unusual circumstances (mouse fart gun & load combination, inability to stay close to shooter due to r.o. trap). An r.o. will want to be doing his primary jobs watching the shooter/gun/range equipment when circumstances permit. Last week there was one guy on my squad where you had to do it but for all the rest it was not an issue and I was able to better focus on safety & etc.
  9. I suspect everyone knew that all humans can make mistakes. Else, after you get rid of pcc so getting all shots it becomes a realistic possibility & change the rules so that you can use a recording means to override an r.o. and change the rules so you can dissect the time splits in an agreed to way to determine when a reload occurred, and do something about the r.o. who hits reset out of habit after the time is recorded, then getting all shots could be useful once in a blue moon I suppose.
  10. If you are moving through stages with a squad at a club match it can be hard to keep track of shots. If you are working a lot of shooters through the same stage at a higher level match then most of us will be counting shots when there is a likely chance of some shooters forgetting targets, and things like a 12th round can be very obvious. Folks that throw a lot of make up shots make things more interesting but you learn to deal with that. Regardless, the shooter has to accept the range officials call for all penalties unless there is a dispute that a higher level official might be able to weigh in on. In practice most r.o.'s operate on the principle of do not make the call unless you are sure but since we are all only human it is likely that mistakes are sometimes made.
  11. If you shoot minor you will get screwed on steel poppers occasionally. The wind will hold them up, they will be crazy slow to fall inconsistently, the angles will vary as they move on a muddy surface, some of them will vary shooter to shooter as they have play and twist between the stand & the shaft at their base & the rod connecting the two. I do not want to be the guy at the match with the 126 pf gun who has to worry so much about such things.

    Excuse me. But...

    Hope folks don't take a year before they start selling them used this time. I hate waiting these things out. Usually weaken when the price changes from rare teaser to ok we have some we want to sell.
  13. And that works well for the majority of pcc guns, although if you have your timer bagged because it is raining I do not know if it will work. It is the guy shooting the very light load out of the fairly long barreled gun that is the issue.

    Excuse me. But...

    Me either, might find a good deal on a used large frame .

    Excuse me. But...

    Saw the IFG post on Facebook too. Note said they also had some stock 1's in and another model I don't remember. Did not say whether they had only a very small sprinkling or more of a big mongo butt load. Anyone seen the guns at dealers yet? Internet or otherwise.