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  1. Which happens. People tend to change hold and place more emphasis on trigger control on the far shots.
  2. There are a lot of free ballistics calculators on the internet if you do a web search, they are fun to play with. I zero at 15, because for my load and distance from muzzle to sight that is the first zero crossing of bullet and point of aim, the second zero crossing is somewhere around 35 yards (going from memory). I could zero at the second crossing but I am lazy . The ballistics calculator, and some verification on the range, lets you pick the zero crossings you want for minimum error overall. After the zero is done I check at whatever I think max distance should be , for USPSA something like 50 yards. The check confirms my bullets fly straight more than anything, there have been issues (e.g., crimping too much on coated) where I have been throwing curve balls that didn't break until after the first close zero point.
  3. We don't let folks enter two guns on the same squad (USPSA). Doesn't matter if you are superpasterman, if you are on deck twice and reloading twice and shooting twice and fiddling with changing equipment then most will not be pulling much of the load. With wheel guns and clips all loaded pre match I could see it working out better.
  4. Local match last weekend. Club just got new set of scoring devices, for some reason the penalties were not included in the scores. This was fixed after the match, not sure how, anyway, it happens.
  5. Whatever that is. I think it might require something to get motivated, and possibly a bit of adrenaline flow started, for some of us. After you've shot more first stages than you can remember nervous energy is gone and it is easy to find yourself just going through the motions.
  6. Find myself being afraid of D's or Mikes or too many Charlies and slow as snot on the first stages this year. Last match I started slow, & after three stages got pissed off about it, shooting pissed off worked really well. Anxious to see how that approach will work at my next match.
  7. Buy a bullet feeder . Since I got one my left hand grips the case feeder and keeps it stable and that eliminated brass flipping from too much wobble. Not perfect still, but almost perfect.
  8. In case this is not confusing enough, sound pressure level measurements can be reported as db or DBA or dbc. DBA is a weighted scale that incorporates frequency adjustment and is supposed to mimic the human ear. Not sure about DBC.
  9. Maybe that is why I enjoy dabbling with it now and then , just competing with yourself quite often and that is sort of back to the reason I started to love shooting, the only goals being to do your best and enjoy the time with friends. For the op, there ain't gonna be women or money in this no matter what you pick. The G17 in production will keep you out of the dead batteries / broken sight / oops I forgot to turn the dot on again and will seem a lot easier after fighting the wheel gun all year, might be fun, only you can decide. 10+1 is luxurious after 8+0 or even 6.
  10. My 9mm STI Eagle was terrible about FTF's before I bought Dawson's mag tuning kit & fixed the mag problems. A buddy had exactly the same luck. My 40's (Eagle, Edge, Bennie Hill) would start to get flaky toward the end of a shooting season after mags saw a good bit of hard use & probably being stepped on once or twice, using the mag tuning kit annually seemed to make that concern invalid as well. A lot of what you get with the mag tuning kit is knowledge (lip spread in back, lip taper to front, where and what to file, mag body dimensions, etc).
  11. 1 - S.O. , 1 - Score keeper , 1 On deck , 1 reloading , 4 potentially resetting 8 is ok if you have 8 healthy and fairly young people and the feels like temperature is not in the 90+++ range. I like 10-12.
  12. My choice was the TSO. I've owned 4 2011's and shot friends SV 2011's and for me the TSO was just a better gun. Ready to shoot out of the box (although you will want to Dremel the mag opening) accurate enough for 20 yard head box alphas with the first ammo I threw at it, fit my grip better than a 2011 (that is a personal thing - no idea which would fit you) and was 100% reliable. You need to find what works for you but as far as performance goes I don't think the TSO is beatable at any price point (after you dremel the mag opening). The base model TS looks like butt in my opinion but if you have big hands and want to save $'s it is another budget gun that is good enough to win world championships.
  13. Concrete finishers like to show off and give you a smooth as glass surface. I prefer a broom finish surface even though it is not as easy to keep clean and it is noisy when you roll stuff across it. There are ways to roughen an existing surface. The safety guys at work decided to solid paint concrete to establish designated walkways, it rained a few days later and we slipped and slid all over the wet spots on the paint, friction paint fixed that but I think it was a bit pricey. I do not have experience with mechanical roughening but saw a few articles on a web search.
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