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  1. I have owned 3 STI 2011's and 1 TSO, I would buy another TSO (or TS) if going back to limited.
  2. "Each of the Witness Xtreme Pistol Series is manufactured to meet the rigors of the Six-Time World Champion, Eric Grauffel’s demanding requirements. Every Witness Xtreme pistol is hand-tuned by the Master Gunsmiths from Tanfoglio’s Custom Shop in Italy" That might mean that they are prettier and have a trigger job only, or it might mean something different, dunno.
  3. Not disputing. If you read the hoopla for the extreme it implies that it is a better fit gun. I do not know if there is any difference besides the cosmetics and the trigger, but I've wondered if they got a bit more gunsmithy when they put those together.
  4. 40 minor is fun. Personally I'd choose a stock 3 over a stock 2, cheaper & I prefer the weight - particularly if their is a chance you may ever shoot the same gun in limited.
  5. Exact same experience. I'm shooting 160 grain coated 358 SNS or Bayou in a 929 crimped just enough to remove the bell. I use winchester brass and a Lee U die, not sure if the undersized die helps with bullets walking but it might.
  6. For ROing USPSA open guns and some of the 3 gun rifles the Sordins I thought were entirely inadequate. For outdoor shooting with common pistols I agree that they are fine.
  7. I've watched Alex Gutt shoot a make up shot on a steel plate, this was after he won the production nationals. After winning the IPSC world championship Ben Stoeger credited his win partially to shooting an extra "safety shot" at fast swingers and similar very difficult targets.
  8. Any advice on planning make up shots ? Other thing is my local stage designers have been known to deliberatly force 9 or 11 shots on occasion, it adds to the challenge (fun) when you can not afford to miss that plate or 1 of those 3 mini poppers.
  9. Is it safe to assume that you do not shot SS major or production?
  10. "I want to complain, but I don't know the rule on this." A lot of the time feedback on stage design is very welcome.
  11. Would be interesting to Chrono some of the tumblers versus some of the good bullets. One guess is that they got the lead hardness wrong, incorrect alloying or overheating and burning off alloy (a well known coated bullet supplier had thermocouple issues a while back, was told you could hit the bullets with a hammer and the bad bullets would crack whereas the good ones would just deform). As I recall, too hard and you do not get a good gas seal, too soft and you get a lot of leading (I think). Just a guess, could be coating related as well I suppose.
  12. I would encourage folks to measure shot to shot time for themselves if they are interested. Inserting a mag with enough force to autoforward reliably is the slow way to do things for me.
  13. Getting the smooth reload is the time saver for me, hitting the release as my left hand is establishing a grip costs nothing on the timer shot to shot. It is a really easy thing to measure.
  14. On my custom guns (2 Les Baers, 1 with the 50 yard 1.5" guarantee, and one TSS/Bennie Hill) it is very close to an interference fit.
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