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    CZ TS 2

    Not sure about that. On the way back, F=M*A, so you can have less mass and more speed or more mass and less speed but you have to counteract the same force either way. For dip on slide closure I think the you are right.
  2. Yep. When I switched back to limited for a time it felt like I was missing out on a lot of what I enjoyed, when you hit your reloads slick and feel pressure not to miss that steel and force a reload that is the good stuff. I would like to see the limited division rules tweaked to allow big stick mags in limited minor for those that do not enjoy the planning/reloading/accuracy challenge of low capacity shooting. Limited major would need to retain some advantage to prevent devaluation of existing guns but I can't see a 9mm big stick changing much besides making room for those folks
  3. Was there a thorough inspection of the firing pin channel? No crud which may have prevented the pin from fully retracting?

    CZ TS 2

    Me either. Les Baer guarantees everything to do a 3" group at 50 yards and for an adder 1.5" at 50 , so the bull is not about practical accuracy in a pistol. Maybe longevity?
  5. Rob Leatham rather famously dropped his gun for a dq at the single stack nationals, and I have seen a local gm with long experience drop a gun as well. s#!t happens.
  6. It appears that I was a bit late on this one. Thank you regardless. Good morning, Unfortunately, the front sight custom with optic fiber comes with 1 mm Fiber optic. Tanfoglio has stop producing it in 1,5 mm. Sorry Have a nice day Best regards, Sebastien Egret -- www.ericgrauffelonlineshop.com
  7. When I dropped my gun and it fired, the bullet hit the concrete between my feet, do not think that is possible if the gun was dropped on the hammer.
  8. When I dropped my CZ and it fired the bullet hit the concrete. I don't think that is possible if the gun lands on the hammer.
  9. Maybe. Length and weight of aftermarket pins also seems like a thing, and perhaps neither would be an issue with other than federal primers.
  10. I'm coming into this thread late and haven't read all 7 pages, but anyway for what it is worth: I came forward on the draw with a CZ 75 CTS-LS (no firing pin block) before the barrel cleared the holster during practice. Dropped gun landed on concrete and fired. After cleaning my shorts I found that the bullet marked the concrete as if it landed muzzle first between my feet. The gun in question had an extended firing pin and a reduced weight firing pin spring - the ammo had deep seated soft federal primers. I sent a notification to CZ Custom when it happe
  11. From Tanfo. Dear xxxx xxxxx, we received your message and we thank you. We inform you that all our front sight with fiber optic models have the fiber of 1mm. Thanks Best Regards / Cordiali SalutiCustomer Service
  12. Thanks!! Just sent a couple emails asking for part numbers to get the 1.5, from either website I can't see where they clarify diameter although there is one part called out as a 1.0. The kind boss lady at Patriot Defense is checking around for me as well.
  13. Thanks. I talked with them today, don't make one with 1.5 for the Tanfo and the guy I talked to said he thought trying to drill one out would be a bit dangerous.
  14. My old eyes really love the fatter 1.5 mm fiber shown on the left and the 3.0 mm width of both the sights shown. Anybody know where to find one? Thought about just drilling out a 1.0 mm fiber sight but I think that would be tough (base below fiber would somehow need lowered or channeled, can't just open the holes). I think I got the fat one from EAA a few years ago but am not certain and have not had any luck contacting EAA to verify and ask if they will ever get one in stock.
  15. Have seen the exact same thing at an IDPA match.
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