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    What makes a single stack “competition ready?”

    For me. 1.125 fat fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear. Magwell Grips per personal preference. Thin Thumb safety that does not get in my way Trigger at 3-4 lb and with a clean break. Reduced weight magazine release spring (cheap, buy kit with 4 springs from brown-ells) Free from feed issues, free from mags sticking, accurate enough to stay in 4" circle at 25 yards (USPSA)

    Lok Grips

    That all makes sense, likely there is no best answer for every gun and every hand. I went away from the buttons and etc after watching Max Michell do a draw and reload demonstration at an NRA annual a couple or five years ago. His thing at that time was that he'd rather shift the gun than maybe accidentally bump the release, seems to work best for me but I have larger than average sized hands.

    Lok Grips

    Or just practice a bit more so it does not make any difference. All options are good I think.

    Lok Grips

    If you decide to cut a clearance channel for your thumb with a dremel, be aware that it is a good idea to wear a dust mask.
  5. Everybody cares, most folks just learn not to get excited, I think that is where the wisdom part comes in.
  6. I noticed that Alex Gutt did this the last time I shot staff day. Wasn't sure if he was there to learn anything or just watching us for the comedy.
  7. My local club finishes set up Friday morning and then we shoot a Friday afternoon match and a Saturday match. Usually 15 - 25 folks shoot Friday and then 60 or so Saturday. Does not seem to have any noticeable effect on scores.

    Shadow 2- 50 Yard Accuracy

    Actually, I'm more interested in the ammo. It is interesting to think about, the rifle folks will tell you that longer barrels do not improve accuracy so you wonder what the real limit is for handguns which are not a special purpose design target pistol and which are shooting a common caliber.
  9. Not if I'm the one placing the targets and the no shoots and the hard cover. Although, I like hoser stages too.

    Backup Gun

    Truth to that. Most times when you see somebody walking to the car to change guns they will have a story to tell you about their match already being blown from major time lost on multiple stages or from zeroing their last stage.

    Standing Definition

    And elimination of rules that are not needed. If a person wants to stand weird, we should just let them stand weird. If a person is actually sitting but insists that they self identify as standing then that is an easy call.

    Words in posts now appearing as links

    the next word I type is oops reloading Apple pc, typed oops last.
  13. ??? Never heard that before, sounds like technique. I did not help roll paint hardcover at the last level 2 where I saw it done but I asked the folks about it and the only feedback I got was that it was a heck of a lot faster.
  14. I like to use a painters tape (something about 2" wide that can be pulled off targets without damaging them) and then pull the tape after painting so you end up with a clean line where the edge of the tape was. You can also buy the targets with the hardcover already on them (silk screened I think it is called).