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  1. I use the cheapest trigger gauge I could find at the time. Accuracy would be nice, and would be needed if you were doing work for others, but it adds cost. Repeatability and half arsed accuracy is all you really need and you can get that cheap.
  2. No worries. I've done a lot of fiddling with the SNS & Bayou coated versions and several different powders / load recipes / power factors and .356 vs .357 vs .358 diameter. Never have seen any tumbling with 160's under any conditions. Just a for what it is worth.
  3. My 9mm revolver shoots 160's from SNS & Bayou over sport pistol very well, likely closer to 130 pf than 134, have never seen a bullet tumble.Never saw it with that bullet and titegrooup either. For what it is worth.
  4. Hmmm, did not sit right with me at first but now I am thinking of some matches with 2 speed shoots in the same bay. Often you need to do what you can to make the 2 shoot bay not be a bottle neck so the shooter stays hot moving from one stage to the next.
  5. Which is a bad thing, but all I saw was 10.5.5 which seems to apply only to "the competitor". Sweeping yourself as an r.o. with an unloaded gun on a barrel is a bad thing during a match, but the push back I would expect to hear is that it is probably quite a bit safer than walking through any gun store and sweeping yourself by walking in front of 10's or 100's of unloaded guns. Not trying to say it is not a bad thing, but it is easy to understand why many folks would not get excited about it.
  6. A skim though the 10.xx section of my 2014 rulebook did not show me that this would be a dq. Most likely I missed something.

    DQ event

    A good friend dq'd at an area match last year. There was quite a long delay after the first make ready and he never cleared his gun. On the second make ready he reinitiated his normal routine and fired a shot. After this happened and we thought about it we decided we would error on the side of clearing shooters when not essential.

    DQ event

    Nice job. Seems like the 180 call is the one that we screw up most when officiating.

    DQ event

    Wellll, alrighty about that then Thanks. I was wrong about IDPA too, forgot that you can't add in a sight picture with the practice draw and reload.

    DQ event

    If it was not someone with the timer or scoring device in hand while the shooter ran the stage, I would call that really bad sportsmanship.

    DQ event

    Lots of people do it routinely in USPSA and IDPA. "Make Ready" - Shooter draws at match speed - takes sight picture and perhaps drops hammer while on target - shooter then loads mag into gun at match speed and gets second sight picture. I like it for last chance final confirmation of technique. Not sure how this might relate to IPSC.
  12. Interesting. I reached the point with steel challenge to where I liked it occasionally because there is a lot of time to catch up socializing with friends and I think of it as good transition and draw practice for USPSA, but the shooting was boring. For the moment a wheel gun makes it more interesting again, I have no idea if that is just a me thing or a more general thing.
  13. I've suspected that there are batch related dimensional issues, maybe due to tooling wear & etc. That is just me speculating though.
  14. I had the BMT for a 45 and loved it, after the sticker shock. Running Winchester brass and .04 clips (I think, been a while since I bought them) the fit is so tight that I do not think the bmt would be up to it.
  15. As a general rule I do not know if that is the rule in general . Seems to depend a lot on the tolerances of specific guns. I do not have any Tanfo's that require the wolf spring, but on a couple I have eventually needed to replace the oem spring (several thousand rounds) and installed the wolf because I thought perhaps it would last longer and it is what all of the cool shooters were doing . Have read about some folks needing to cut the wolf down a coil or two due to too much extractor tension, I did not. For your specific gun I don't doubt that you are 100% right.
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