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  1. Going back to CZ's original marketing/release video with the S2, they supposedly put some priority on making sure that it fit their lady pro shooter and by extension customers with small hands. I have 6'1 guy hands, the SP01 (and Tanfo's) fits well and points naturally for me. I sold the Shadow 2.
  2. Update. Ruger, sent the gun to them a bit under two weeks ago, they sent emails - 'gun received" - "work started on gun" - "gun shipped" , should receive it today. Smith and Wesson, sent the gun to them in March, they sent zero updates, per my prodding with phone calls and emails the gun was completed and in their shipping department on 06/16, got a shipping notice today (07/01). My suspicious mind wonders if they sat on some guns until the next month to delay paying shipping costs in June.
  3. I emailed USPSA when they came out with the practiscore training videos and explained that if the videos were available to the general public it would help all the USPSA members at local matches. As always, I got a nicely worded "go pack sand" from hq. If they heard from other people possibly it would make a difference. I suspect everyone knows non members who would help score if they were not scared of the software. Me too. I figure either you are a dick to all the good folks doing their part because you are not stepping up, or you are a dick to the person not doing their part. One thing, if there is a reason a person can not help as much as they would like to (bad back, suffering in the heat, knees hurting bad, other medical condition, etc) please do not keep it a secret. The folks I shoot with are happy to step in and do a little extra when there is a legitimate need.
  4. I wonder if that was the reason for the change (reduced labor), or if there was a reliability/functional issue?
  5. Interesting. Never heard of that site before. On that site, I do not see any difference in geometry between older and newer yokes. Not to say that there are not differences in geometry and metal hardness that I do not see. Apparently the old style yoke screw was a solid screw, reduced in diameter near the end but not tapered (can not upload pictures at the moment, but a search for Smith and Wesson Yoke screw pops up several pictures).
  6. What are the circumstances that allow you to see the target move before it becomes visible to shoot? Not important, just curious, can not remember ever seeing that scenario.
  7. According to Max Michelle it takes humans 0.2 second to process a stimulus, he can draw to a sight picture in 0.7 seconds and he said that was 0.5 for the action + 0.2 for reaction to the beep. The best split time I have even heard of was 0.11 seconds (Brian Enos's book, personal best). So. To get 3 shots off you'd need a target presentation of 0.2 + 0.11 + 0.11 seconds + 0.15 seconds for the last bullet to get there in time for a delta. Would be interesting to know what the presentation time was.
  8. With 147 SNS coated flat point I had intermittent ftf issues when loading too short. 1.15 worked very well. None of my CZ barrels were throated.
  9. Found the older thread I was thinking of. Will likely try the fix noted on the last post, haven't figured out how he shaped the drill bit so nicely. Perhaps just Dremel and stationary stone & patience. Seems most are tending to blame letting the yoke screw get loose rather than entirely technique.
  10. I get that. Seems to be an issue more with the folks who weak hand reload and I don't doubt that many or all could learn to baby the crane in the heat of battle or perhaps be more diligent at keeping the cylinder clean. Still, I am interested in the original two questions.
  11. I am too fussy I suppose. To get the Shadow 2 where I was happy with it I ended up doing all the same stuff that I had done to my Sp01 and CZ75 variants (fp, springs, disco, sear, hammer), certainly do not have to have that good of a trigger and out of the box the Shadow 2 is certainly a lot closer to right than an Sp01. If I didn't already have cheaper CZ's with better triggers when the Shadow 2 came out then I might not have felt the urge to go the full monty. Tanfo's are fiddly, but with resources like the excellent Memphis Mechanic video I would not scare somebody away from the trigger work. I also would not deter anybody from just having PD or equivalent make it right for them, depends on whether you enjoy the work I think. I run mine at an honest and reliable 4 1/2 lb double action pull, but that requires deep seated federals and refreshing the hammer spring about every 5000 rounds.
  12. 3 of them on gun broker right now.
  13. Or switch to Ruger. Regardless, am curious about the design history and the solution some have found to make it more rugged.
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