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  1. If I did not have a 10 round mag hole I trusted then I would measure and drill.
  2. I hate it that the rule change made 6 shot revolvers completely non competitive. It is a fun game to play at and it was fun to have one or two good 6 shot people on your squad. With the advent of computer based scoring we could make major/minor competitive with wheel guns as well as open and limited. We won't, but I think it would be fun.
  3. That is my reaction to the folks that want to go high limits on production. A lot of the fun is the challenge, stage planning, hitting slick reloads, making the shots count, completely different game if you make production the same as limited minor.
  4. Last time I bought at a similar website my email address was compromised and I got a lot of junk email that I couldn't get rid of until I changed my address.
  5. Will be interested to see how they do as far as the screw staying tight without being torqued down enough to damage the grips.
  6. Paper GM. Never. Some folks hero-zero-attend classifier matches to hose, other folks just seem to pick up their classifier score with their overall skill development. Either route is ok, and I don't know of anyone who tries to hide it.
  7. Completely different grip & feel. The SP01 variants fit me well, the shadow 2's do not, your milage may vary . Both are very accurate guns. With a call to CGW, triggers on both can be brought up to the exact same level, I ended up doing all the things to my S2 that I had done to my SP01 but I'm a trigger snob and many are happy pretty much out of the box.
  8. If the footing is bad going in one direction I think it will be bad going in every direction.
  9. A custom 2011 took me about 1000 rounds before I could run the slide spring I wanted. A Les Baer 1911 took 300+ . Usually were are lucky with our Tanfos, they are fit so sloppy that no break in is needed . I personally leave a gun stock for a few hundred rounds, if there is some sort of failure I do not want any debate about whether or not it was due to a modification.
  10. Been about a year since the last post. Any new information about reliability out there ?
  11. Good info. Do you know if there is any data that says they are less prone to break or is this a perception? Would like to find most reliable if there is such a thing, seems like what I find is threads saying all of them break.
  12. Didn't know the answer to that question when I was working a level 2 match so I called in the head cheese & he verified that it is aok.
  13. 5K is about the point where I have a ftf and then pull the extractor and clean it. Maybe there is a way to stretch the interval. I was surprised that changing from a dirty powder (titegroup) to a clean powder (sport pistol) did not seem to change the interval. Is there any reason to choose a trijicon over a Leopold ? My assumption is the latter wouldn't hang so far forward.
  14. I have owned 3 STI 2011's and 1 TSO, I would buy another TSO (or TS) if going back to limited.
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