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    Stock 3 holster for Shadow 2

    Wasting a perfectly good excuse to buy a new holster.
  2. Could be semantics is getting the the way here. Controlling recoil characteristics, with compensators, by developing grip strength & technique, by choice of springs & load, etc, is a big deal .
  3. Depends, you can work to raise the threshold that triggers involuntary reactions but I think how high you can get is a bit of a personal physiology thing. Read an interesting article about shooting some of the revolver hand cannon cartridges, author stated that he was a long time 44 magnum shooter but with the hotter cartridge he was testing he was good for about 10 shots and then would start flinching. For me, anything much over 175 power factor and I will start to flinch after a while.

    Lowest riding holster for Prod/Ltd

    Without knowing details that are non of my business. Physical therapy was pretty fast for me (frozen shoulder syndrome) and my boss (surgery).
  5. Then you are good, as long as you stop at 10,000. No worries, to me I almost never catch on the ratchet and it is just a quick flip back if there is a problem, I feel safer with it but maybe that is not real, not a big deal either way.
  6. Patriot shows them in stock for $915 .
  7. It takes just a second to release the ratchet when there is a problem, I would never remove one. I like Lee resizing dies (or EGW) the decaping pins seem to last longer. Have some of these but have not broke my original spares yet https://www.amazon.com/Squirrel-Daddy-Hardened-Decapping-Upgrade/dp/B018V7L3C2?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-osx-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B018V7L3C2 With the swage in place you will feel it if a primer pulls back in the case & you can prevent things getting wadded up at the priming station, I'd never remove that either. Lee's factory crimp die is to me just a better design. Reddings competition seating die is pricey and I'd call it a luxury instead of a need, but the micrometer adjustment is really nice if you play around any with different oal's. One of these shining on the powder in the case below the bullet feeder works well , https://inlinefabrication.com/collections/lighting/products/skylight-for-the-dillon-1050 , last week I had trash get into my powder hopper (paper from the seal around the rim of the powder container) causing light loads so looking in every case paid off once again.

    So 1911 9mm Single Stacks...

    You can talk, or you can buy something. The techwell grips rock.
  9. I've never heard of any powder being position insensitive, not sure how that could be possible. Maybe I am wrong.
  10. 135 sns rn, 1.12 oal, 3.5 sport pistol was 128 pf in my stock 2. Allowing for friction and Kentucky windage, my guess is that something like 3.3 titegroup will be in the right ballpark. I've shot a lot of 147 sns rn , 1.12 oal, 3.0 titegroup at about 130 pf. No issues except I need to clean the extractor area about every 5,000 rounds.

    Brass tumbling recommendations

    Makes my right shoulder hurt just thinking about that . I'm sure you have your reasons but it sure makes things easier if you do not have a motor driven press and it seems like it might help with sticky cases on hot days. Does take some of the shine off of the brass surface though. The rapid polish (I use a bit of "Nu Finish" paste car wax, cheaper) does not seem likely to be an issue just based on the gobs of people that use it.

    Brass tumbling recommendations

    Do you lube the brass before reloading? My brass, and case feeder assembly and whatever else the brass comes in contact with always has residue from either top shot or home made lanolin plus alcohol lube. If there is a meaningful effect on hot days I suspect it would be to reduce friction.


    Anybody ever looked at how much weight variance there is in "identical" stock guns or how weight has changed in the old limited pro/stock 2 frames versus the newer style? Maybe weight variance it is not a thing, but with Tanfo's I expect a relatively large variance in most things, a little more after folks have hogged out the mag opening to suit.

    Am I too old?

    Either you have it in you to go out and have fun and not worry about getting totally clobbered by folks who have better physical ability and much more practice & experience, or else you do not. It ain't a question of age, it is maturity .