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  1. Yes, gen 5. I have also been much less than a Glock fanboy with previous generations.
  2. Shadow 2 is a good gun, I sold mine because a shadow 1 fits me better and points more naturally for me. I'd recommend handling every gun on your list before deciding. The new Glocks aren't on your list, but I'd recommend you give one of those a going over as well. With the choice of backstraps they just work for me, particularly in getting a straight back trigger pull that doesn't disturb the aim much.
  3. I hate seeing an entry fee wasted but I hate being miserable to salvage my entry fee worse, it is supposed to be fun.
  4. Or a layer or three of teflon tape under the sight? Just a thought and perhaps something not workable but it does seem like there has to be something going on similar to what you mention.
  5. Might be a local thing, have been using SNS casting for years and been happy with them. Pricing is better in lots of 10,000 and better still when you meet them at a USPSA match. https://www.snscasting.com/new-9mm-147-grain-round-nose-red-coated-case-of-3-100/
  6. Not sure there is any way to film it that would be interesting to watch. As an r.o. when you are right with these folks that is fun to see but even when seeing it live as a spectator at the match it is pretty much just all the same until you check targets & the timer.
  7. Compared to a well tuned smith (5.5 lb trigger pull & less notchy) there is a significant disadvantage for me. A really dialed in revolver guy could likely overcome the trigger with training but for me it is a problem.
  8. https://fastandfriendlybrass.com/product/ffb-40-sw-casefeed-plunger-for-the-dillon-1050-1100-2000/
  9. Couldn't agree more. I like the sordins for shooting outdoors with relatively quiet guns, for indoors or matches with open guns and some long guns, no way.
  10. 9mm? I never found a way to get failure rates down to where I thought they should be until I bought a roll sizer. Have not compared roll sized to not with straight walled cases.
  11. When production was still 10 rounds and men were men, Alex Gutt used to cherry pick at nearby level 2 matches. He beat a lot of good open shooters, it can be done with equipment disadvantages.
  12. I was not offended, it was polite of you to apologize though. No worries. I don’t always limit my self expression to correct use of the English language
  13. It would have been easier to comprehend if I wouldn't have written mag when I should have written slide, sorry about that chief. I've bought 3 STI's new, 9mm eagle was a good gun but not until after I bought the Dawson mag tuning kit and got the mags like they should have come from the factory, 40 Edge had the weird guide rod/spring set up they marketed for a while - that bound up tight and I had to send the gun back - that was a good gun after converting to a traditional guide rod, and the Trojan with the mag/slide/thingy release issue which was also a good gun after I sent it back in for repair.
  14. That is what I thought. Anyone interested can probably find the history of the low point in STI quality issues, I think they brought in Dave Dawson to straighten things out. One shooter got so frustrated that he had a custom license plate made "DVCFTF" as I recall.
  15. Quality control on STI's is dicey. My 9mm Trojan broke mag releases about every 4-5K rounds but was otherwise a nice gun. I don't know where STI quality is at on the new guns but they went through a bad phase where it seemed like sop to expect to have problems and have to send the guns back in. To their credit they did eventually get guns right under warranty.
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