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  1. Unless the calibration shooter gets an edge hit . . . . .
  2. I agree with you 100%, the rules don't tell you if a popper should always fall with a hit in the scoring zone and legal ammo. 'Taking a position' if you prefer.
  3. Maybe it is more correct to say that you are defending your opinion of how the rules are supposed to be interpreted. Again, if it says anywhere official that a hit in the calibration zone with match legal ammo should not drop poppers 100% of the time then that is great. Else, if we are going by opinions there will never be consistency.
  4. Not trolling. I just think that IMHO does not matter - regardless of whose opinion it is. "Rules, without them we live as animals"
  5. If the rules clearly state that a hit in the calibration zone with match legal ammunition should not drop a popper 100% of the time, I just flat can't find it.
  6. I guess I am not part of 'everyone'. In my opinion if you hit the target anywhere in the calibration zone with legal ammo then you have done your job and should always get your 5 points. I have no problem at all with your opinion of how things should be, if they ever make it clear in the rules that your opinion (or mine) is the right one I think the dispute would die.
  7. Failed to activate, or pushed too hard and bound the mag? It can be hard to tell exactly what happened after the fact. With match adrenaline I had issues with the latter, bending the spring so you can only push the release so far was the fix for me.
  8. Side issue, just a curiosity. The person who wrote the referenced article was the instructor when I took the r.o. class. When I came into the class I brought a couple questions with me that did not have a clear answer from my reading of the rules (dremeling maxwells on production guns prior to the production rules being revised was one of the questions, forgot the other one). The instructor/author read the book the way I did and gave the answers I would have come to on my own. Later on Troy got involved and the instructors answers were said to be wrong. So, what I am wondering, are these "insights" articles to be taken as the gospel when they are not written by the head cheese? Perhaps they are approved by him prior to publishing?
  9. Unfair is when wind gusts are blowing the other way . . . . .
  10. Not sure that question is being addressed. When I have the timer my opinion/philosophy/etc does not mean dee diddly squat - any call needs to be justifiable by opening the rule book. Even in the shooting sports we use common sense when we have to
  11. My first XD is a 40 cal 4", it might be the last pistol I would sell. That gun came with a test target in the box just like CZ's do. I was so happy with the 4" that I ended up getting a later manufacture 5" in 40 and 9 and eventually an Xdm 9 when the 5" XDs disappointed. Only the first XD came with the test target and only the first XD was anything special or what I would consider accurate enough to make me happy for IDPA and USPSA (40 loaded to 145 pf is just fun), so I've wondered if manufacturing tolerances or other aspects of quality control have cheapened over time. My Xdm 9 still shows up at matches in another shooters hands (he is either production M or GM now) and he beats me like a red headed step child. Great gun, if I was smarter I would have never moved on from it. IDPA changed their rules making the 4" XD illegal for CCP division (0.25" too tall - Glock was where the money was), so I quit paying IDPA dues.
  12. That it doesn't take a $1500 TSO or the like for a shooter to make it to GM or belong on the super squad (ref. Bob Vogel for example) . Some of the everyday shooter priced plastic fantastics are flat out great guns.
  13. Good point. The person with me when I had mine has had a lot of fun with it since she figured out that I didn't remember squat about what I did afterwards. They really could insert an alien anal probe and you would not know the difference.
  14. Agreed, but the Glock and XDM crowd might see the CZ as overkill if all you want to do is win matches.
  15. I really like Tanfo's when they are right, but I have purchased 2 that do not shoot worth a darn and they are notorious (ask Patriot Defense or any outfit that makes parts for them) for lack of quality control. When that happens do not expect much from IFG. Where I have gotten is to look for a used one that works well from a trusted seller.
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