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  1. My 929 shoots the 160 Bayou (or SNS) 0.358 just fine with no leading and as good of a group as I can shoot with a pistol. For 9mm (tapered) brass I am going to switch to a lighter bullet though as I see the rare bullet that has walked forward now and then and I have it in my head that this might be reduced shooting something closer to 130 grain than 160. In my gun 0.356 coated leads up nasty and I start throwing knuckle balls after about 100 rounds.
  2. Not at all, "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is I think a very accurate old saying, although a bit harsh or overstated in this context. I also don't see that there is a right and a wrong value system when talking about luxuries within your means, just different.
  3. All of the above input, and any forthcoming input, is appreciated. Will post if/when I get things working, life is getting in the way of gun fiddling at the moment.
  4. Pardon my terminology. The thingy that comes up to mate with the slots in the cylinder was not dropping back down soon enough on one chamber, so the cylinder could not rotate. Again with the 8 shot, getting the star just right for all 8, plus getting the cylinder slots just right for all 8, plus getting the pawl timing at a happy neutral, plus getting the thingy timing at a happy neutral, might be a challenge for the design. You may have noticed by this point that I am not a revolver smith.
  5. Thanks. Will look. It does seem a weird problem. This gun has been sent back to Ruger already to have a new pawl installed to fix a timing issue (not relevant likely, just for what it is worth). My gut makes me think they pushed the design/precision limits a bit too close to the edge when they went to 8 shots.
  6. If I put in a reduced power trigger return spring (McCarbo) the following happens: During dry fire all is good. With live rounds the trigger sticks fully back about 1 time in 5, a combination of pushing forward on the trigger and twisting the cylinder one way and the other eventually allows the trigger to return forward. Would greatly prefer to run the reduced power return spring. Any ideas?
  7. The ground is not level, fault lines are prone to being warped by the weather, the ground looks a bit damp meaning the stake may or may not work up as folks stomp about, and everybody else had to negotiate the same field of battle. I think we just need to learn to lift our feet. From the video it looks like the shooter might have face planted harder if the fault line had not moved. No snark intended, just sayin it ain't intended to be like astroturf.
  8. At this point I'm not sure if it would be more fun to try and fix it or to take it to gun shows - "yep, this right here is what your $900.00 gets you if you aren't lucky, apparently the factory q.c. check is to turn the gun upside down and if the slide doesn't fall off it is good to go". Will probably just put it away until my petulance wains.
  9. This is not meant to be snarky, I honestly admire your desire to know the rules. The first rule of being an r.o. is don't be a dick. If you see something that you are certain is not unsafe and you sort of have to work to find a reason to dq - i.e. it is not clearly spelled out to be a dq but things could be interpreted that way - then you might be in violation of the first rule.
  10. Sounds like a great thing for me to learn more about. I think I've got an old 1911 gun smithing book laying around somewhere. No implying that I would do it myself but I would like to understand methods and drawbacks. Makes me wonder about GrumpyOne's thought that this could be another avenue of business for somebody with the skills and equipment, you don't need a bullseye gun for IDPA/USPSA but everyone likes an accurate gun.
  11. Agreed. Great thing about my love life, I've learned to get used to rejection.
  12. Thank you. Doesn't appear that for Tanfo's it is an option, but it might be worth a call and ask to make sure depending on how things develop.
  13. Seems like I remember there was something people did for worn out slides on 1911's - and maybe it was "The Glock in competition" where I read about getting the hammer out as you mentioned.
  14. Just FYI stuff, heard back from IFG. Figured I was hosed on any warranty since I bought the gun second hand off of gunbroker, but some of the manufacturers are so good about that stuff it seemed worth asking. Was surprised that any stock 1 with the new style frame would be considered old, didn't think they had been around more than a few years and I was surprised that grips and new sights (sights are not press fit on this gun, loosen screws and they slide out with finger pressure only) would be a violation of any warranty, regardless I have nothing to complain about (except for the gun itself)
  15. A very good friend is an open GM, he was born blind in 1 eye.
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