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  1. 125 gr Blue Bullet 3.2 gr WST 1.145 OAL About 30 FPS extreme spread. 126 PF from 10" barrel.
  2. It's not a secret and on the Front Range we don't run our matches under any sort of cover. Open, Limited, PCC, CO divisions are alive and well running full capacity magazines.
  3. Could the Vltor A5 H4, H5 buffers work for 9mm? They are 6.08 and 6.83 oz respectively. Plus the extra length would eliminate the need for a spacer.
  4. The pin in my JP bolt (appx 3 years old) recently broke somewhere around 2k rounds with only a handful of dry fire sessions. I ordered a replacement plus a spare and later learned they redesigned the pin to reduce breakage. We shall see!
  5. Can the method of transporting carbines between stages be specified? For example if local range requires carbines be cased when not in use?
  6. They get torn down right after the arbitration period ends. Everything is taken down by the RO's at each stage and sorted and stacked at the stage and then a carts with trailers come that taken specific items back to storage. Usually finished before awards. Yep, I left range at 5pm and cruised by stages 3 & 4 and berms were bare. It was almost as sad as my performance.
  7. Hey! No one told me there was going to be a post-match PCC match!
  8. Based on, this sounds like an illegal stage. Was this never called? Appearing scoring targets must be designed and constructed to be obscured to the competitor (during the course of fire) prior to activation.
  9. "We the People" petition to remove tax stamp and registration requirements for SBRs. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-need-citizens-register-short-barreled-rifle-sbr-atf-paying-200-tax-stamp/h3YQxFCY
  10. How do these sight thingies work?

  11. Thinking of riding out on motorcycle from Colorado. Can anyone speak to road condition to range? Packed surface is fine, but heavily rutted or loose gravel will be a problem. Would hate to ride 700+ miles and have to hitchhike last couple miles in, heh.
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