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  1. Hey guys, I couldn't find enough information online on shotgun caddies to make a confident purchase decision when I started multi-gun about 3 month ago. So I basically bought one of each. I made a video review on different aspect of shotgun caddy and hopefully it can help you. Please comment on the video if you have any other questions!
  2. I am a USPSA shooter who recently started shooting multi-gun. My USPSA holsters are all pretty loose, I wouldn't be confident running with them even I tighten the retention screw all the way. I currently use BOSS hanger. So I am wondering: 1. Do people normally use retention holster? 2. Already a lot of money on belt, holster and caddy etc, not looking to break the bank. Is there is relatively budget solution for this problem? All the retention holster I checked for P320 X5 is like in $130 dollar range. My backup solution if I can't find a better one is just a bungee co
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