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  1. I'm pretty sure...it was marked as a .40 barrel and .40 Sight Block. I ended up sending both back to Lone Wolf to see if they can figure it out.
  2. For anyone that's installed one of the newer sight blocks on a Lone Wolf threaded G35 barrel, did it go on easily? I was trying to put mine on it went about one turn and stopped. I'm not sure if it's designed to be a super tight fit that needs a lot of force to put on, or if something is wrong with either my barrel or sight block.
  3. Is there a way to use the housing to create an adjustable 2-stage trigger? If so, I think it could be popular in the bullseye world.
  4. If the top end is basically like a Glock, I wonder if a G35 or G24 top end would fit?
  5. Sure, but if I can take it out of the slide (reciprocating mass) and add it to non-reciprocating mass (grip/frame) and keep the total weight within the limit, I'd think it might still be advantageous.
  6. Okay, so suppose I have grips made out of solid pewter or brass; they look pretty. They're not like screwing on an SJC frame weight to my Glock, but they're are heavier than your average wood panels. Legal or not? If they're illegal, if I have grips with steel inserts in them (ala Pachmyars) or are checkered steel and weigh more than wood, what then? What would be the weight limit on grips?
  7. In Limited, I think scoring major is a pretty clear advantage. I've still just Limited minor for fun. In Singlestack, I think the advantage is less clear. Has anyone won a Singlestack Nationals shooting minor? I seemed to recall there were definitely some top shooters choosing to shoot minor at the Nationals.
  8. Eric Grauffel seems to do okay with hinged trigger guns. I think it's mostly something to get used to.
  9. He might have been asking to make sure your front sight height was correct.
  10. I am very lucky. My FFL doesn't charge for outbound shipments; I just pay him the cost of shipping. He charges me $25 for receiving guns. If you need a guy in Northern Virginia, let me know.
  11. Anyone else see this announcement from Safariland? Sad news.
  12. I like NRA bullseye or ISSF events like 10m air pistol. By drastically increasing the standards for an acceptable sight picture and trigger control, I think it helps to improve fundamentals. I'd also say Steel Challenge for the work on transitions and accuracy at varying distances.
  13. Could be, I was assuming the frame was PT too (since they make the frame piece also). Or how about looking at the bigger picture, since IIRC, gunsmiths now frequently having to have FFL manufacturers licenses. If a gunsmith is considered to be manufacturing a new gun that doesn't include a functioning grip safety, should a competitor be expected to alter the gun from how it came from the manufacturer/gunsmith and add a safety feature? I wonder what would happen if someone showed up with a 1911 with one of Bruce Gray's one piece backstraps (mainspring housing and beavertail grip s
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