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  1. I am very lucky. My FFL doesn't charge for outbound shipments; I just pay him the cost of shipping. He charges me $25 for receiving guns. If you need a guy in Northern Virginia, let me know.
  2. Anyone else see this announcement from Safariland? Sad news.
  3. I like NRA bullseye or ISSF events like 10m air pistol. By drastically increasing the standards for an acceptable sight picture and trigger control, I think it helps to improve fundamentals. I'd also say Steel Challenge for the work on transitions and accuracy at varying distances.
  4. Could be, I was assuming the frame was PT too (since they make the frame piece also). Or how about looking at the bigger picture, since IIRC, gunsmiths now frequently having to have FFL manufacturers licenses. If a gunsmith is considered to be manufacturing a new gun that doesn't include a functioning grip safety, should a competitor be expected to alter the gun from how it came from the manufacturer/gunsmith and add a safety feature? I wonder what would happen if someone showed up with a 1911 with one of Bruce Gray's one piece backstraps (mainspring housing and beavertail grip s
  5. The manufacturer, Phoenix Trinity, did not include a grip safety function. While it is based on a 1911 design, there are now so many variations from so many different manufacturers, some who choose incorporate or remove safety functions compared to the 1911 as produced by Colt. Does anyone else think it would be weird to interpret the rules in such a way that a competitor would be expected to modify his firearm by actually adding a safety function that was not included when the firearm left the factory? If so, by the same twisted logic, shouldn't anyone running a 1911 pattern gu
  6. Wait, looks like a couple of those are conflicting. Can anyone else confirm? Unfortunately, I don't have all the guns available (and I'm temporarily out of the country for a little while).
  7. Haha, if you think that's bad, you should try motorcycle racing. Between having to have a truck and/or trailer, tires, crash spares, travel and lodging expenses, etc, costs *dwarf* USPSA, then there's always the danger of crashing, and the most you're likely to win at the amateur level is a trophy and *maybe* some contingency money if you're using the right tires or bike...and I'm not sure if there's even much of that any more.
  8. Can someone tell me the widths (and if possible, the thicknesses) of the following dust covers? 1. STI 2011 Standard 2. STI 2011 Long Wide 3. Caspian Widebody 4. standard 1911 (Springfield Range Officer, STI Spartan, etc)
  9. I figured I'd bring this back from the dead as I just got to shoot one of these Masaki Dragon guns tonight! It's actually a pretty cool gun. In comparison to my more typical .45acp wadgun with a slide-mounted Ultradot, it felt very different. Recoil was noticeably less, with much less muzzle rise. In addition, it cycled extremely fast compared to my wad gun (which mentally I knew would be the case, but I didn't realize how different it would feel till I shot it.) The closest comparison I can think of would be an old single stack Steel Challenge open gun in .38 super with a comp and a real
  10. Might also depend who and where you're pulled over. Around 2005, I got a ticket in Itasca, TX along I-35 heading toward DFW. If you've got a minute, google their jurisdictional boundaries...it's a small town off the highway, but they claim two roads going out to I-35 and the section of I-35 between two overpasses (IIRC). I'm betting tickets are a substantial portion of their revenue.
  11. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/03/07/explosion-welded-framed-1911-pistols-ua-arms/ Maybe this frame?
  12. I just read the program. Wow, $300 entry fee, no more goodie bags for all the competitors, and only the select 40 get any sort of prize? Pass. Kind of a bummer, as I was thinking about maybe shooting it again.
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