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  1. RH39

    front sight

    Manny dot looks cool. Thanks everyone for the replies!
  2. The xs sights I've seen seem to work well but I'm not sure what model they were. Does anyone know the specific xs sight being used?
  3. RH39

    front sight

    Thanks ParaGunner for the info. Any others you may know of that make a finer blade?
  4. ^^^ that's about it. TAC optics for all matches I've been to, with the exception of Horner matches, restricts the amount of shells in the gun only at the beginning of a stage. After that load as many as your tube will hold. As far as Horner matches go your shotgun cannot hold more than 8 in the tube.
  5. Had a chance to look through one at Tarheel and it's great glass. The dot is bright and the stadia lines are fine. A big plus for me is the half value lines after 400 and windage lines.
  6. Short flat for me. As someone said earlier, no matter where I put my finger it has the same feel.
  7. I'm looking for a .075 wide by .180 tall fiber optic front sight for a 2011. Does anyone happen to know a company that makes them?
  8. I also have the old style quads. I sent Tim a message today and within a couple of hours he had called me back and offered to replace them. Customer service like that is hard to beat!
  9. Are there still openings for this match? I need one more for the semi-pro series and it appears this is my last shot...
  10. This was my first Ironman so I can't judge the previous years. The diagrams this year were a little hard for me to understand, well until I actually got there then they became very clear;). I think if some distances were included it may help but may make the diagrams a little "busy". There is really only so much detail that can be put into it so overall they were fine.
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