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  1. Thanks again! You’ve made my choice much easier.
  2. I used to load it for 147’s and it works fine.
  3. Did they recommend the .750 diameter too or was that just what you went with?
  4. Much appreciated! I can imagine getting it turned down a bit really saves some weight too!
  5. Thanks for the reply. Do you reload or do you shoot factory ammo?
  6. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Compass Lake Engineering’s proprietary chamber? From their website... “The CLE match chamber is basically the same as a .223 SAAMI spec chamber with a modified lead angle in the throat. The CLE chamber hasa 1.5 degree lead angle per side where the .223 is over 3 degrees. This allows for less bullet jump with out of the magazine ammo yet still providing an advantageous lead angle for modern high ballistic coefficient bullets. The Wylde chamber is .002 bigger in the cartridge case area and has a longer throat. On the average t
  7. Keep an eye out. Powder is still popping up pretty often.
  8. Looks like a nice rifle bag. How long is it?
  9. My Titan came from the factory with an 11lb spring and a shock buff. It has not skipped a beat and is the softest shooting limited gun I have shot.
  10. I do assuming I keep my head together. If I try to push it to keep pace, meaning above my skill level, it’s an absolute s@&t show. I do love seeing how different people break down stages and seeing the little things adding up to huge gains in time and points.
  11. I’m on seems like every hour...Seems so crazy seeing it in print
  12. I’ve seen it pop up at powder valley and graf and son's in the last few days but it didn’t last long.
  13. That’s a good way to explain it. Thank you! It’s a technical aspect I just haven’t gotten down yet.
  14. RH39


    Okay I gotcha. I don’t need correction for distance fortunately so I may try a few different combinations and just see what works. Thanks again for the help.
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