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  1. Add more trigger overtravel, same happened to me...
  2. Anyone use the pasters from actiontarget ? How do they compare with target barn (out of stock) ?
  3. Chased this very “push feed” problem on a limited gun . The space between the extractor and the breech face needed to be increased, even if is in spec. I got a tuned extractor from Brazos, problem solved.
  4. Looking for a tripod mounted 360 degree camera that interacts with my iPhone. Friend has Samsung that works with his Samsung galaxy.
  5. Looked on Amazon, Saucony peregrine iso $120. Anywhere get them cheaper.?
  6. Price difference between mg and Pd? Less than 1 cent.
  7. UFO how much to put his lenses in your frames? Thanks
  8. Since that was very tight (try drawing and unloading with an open gun), I think stepping outside to show clear would have been a requirement rather than a penalty, but he did announce at the shooters meeting. It would have made more sense to have that on stage 4 so shooters would be forced to shoot around the no shoot instead of leaning and falling out of the box to shoot the last target.
  9. Call Casey at infinity and he may suggest a load for that particular gun .
  10. Take it all apart and clean, use light silicone spray on outside linkage only not on powder bar.
  11. jstagn

    New rts2b-v5

    Leave it on whole match and all of practice.
  12. Have an old style holster similar to the new Everglades that has roller magnets. Anyone know where I can get replacement magnets? Thanks
  13. Wonder how they would hold up in practice.
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