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  1. What caliber were those shells?
  2. And after you load and tumble use a toothpick to get the media out of your hollow points !
  3. Load new starline in 38 sc, lube with your favorite. Never had any problems, new or old. Never cleaned new brass. Put about 300-400 in a Tupperware tub and shake, most of the brass will stand up, mouth side up, lube then shake. As far as set back and primer contamination. I primed several cases and filled up the case with Walmart silicone spray and some with Dillion lube. Let sit for a day, then dump out any remaining liquid. Let dry for another day then load. No setback no ignition problems, shot like normal. Did not try with one shot, yet. 171pf.
  4. #2 on my Mark7 with 1050. Using an M die to flare brass then powder funnel only needs to drop powder. No popping or sticking of any kind. Dry tumble with one shot or Dillon lube. 38 sc. need non- Dillon tool head for extra die or maybe Dillon can be threaded?
  5. Thanks to all who replied. A ricochet off a barrel, not a shoot thru, gets scored no matter where it lands?
  6. Thanks Bill, my confusion comes from the wording, hide and obscure. At the matches (level 1), lots of blue barrels are used. Some at the end of a wall, some in front of poppers, some in front of swingers. Never saw paint or pasters used to cover holes or scrapes. So are any of these barrels soft cover? Wsb does not specify. Thanks
  7. Could someone please clarify this rule for me? Thanks
  8. Use an oil, had similar problems even in normal temperatures. Listen to ChuckS.
  9. Buy 1lb of each of the top recommendation, maybe top 3 and try each. You could always use the rest for practice.
  10. Thanks to all, will get lotion.
  11. Do you prefer spray or lotion?
  12. Pro grip Spray or lotion? Best place to buy ? Thanks
  13. Went to Walmart bought big wall mirror mounted on ceiling can see bullet and case feeder. Happy turkey day.
  14. Ok was the answer I received on using spp verses spp magnum primers with 9 mm Major and 38 sc major loads. However wondering if the same would be ok if using Minor loads such as used in Carry Optics or even 40 minor?? Thanks
  15. A case or by the thousands?
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