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  1. jstagn

    SVI loading help

    Where can I find online coupons for precision delta?
  2. jstagn

    SVI loading help

    80k .40 blue bullets in aets. No worries.
  3. jstagn

    Montana gold PD coupon

    Anyone have discount code for Montana gold or precision delta 9mm JHP ?
  4. jstagn

    38 super comp brass

    How many times can you reload 38 sc before cracks, etc.
  5. jstagn

    38 super comp brass

    Yeah Tony, forget the 6k for the gun, match fees gas and mileage on you vehicle. I forgot targets, pasters ,holster, mags and all the assorted accessories crap we all buy. PS and your spouse nagging you about missing kids birthdays and your anniversary. All in fun.
  6. jstagn

    38 super comp brass

    Any harm in using udie as first step in reloading ?
  7. jstagn

    38 super comp brass

    How many times can you reload the new starline brass?
  8. jstagn

    38 super comp brass

    Best place to buy new, once fired?
  9. jstagn

    Newest holsters for open.

    Would be interested in hearing pros and cons of the latest available holster for 2011 open guns.
  10. jstagn

    WSF in a 40

    Alliant E3.
  11. jstagn

    Akai open 38sc

    Thanks shadyscott999 how much with tungsten with a mid length weigh in total, no mag ? Also what is the life expectancy versus a regular barrel?
  12. jstagn

    Akai open 38sc

    Thanks and more thanks Exactly the kind of analysis I was looking for. Have to ask, how many Glocks do you own?
  13. jstagn

    Akai open 38sc

    Poor choice of words, meant 38sc is more difficult, expensive than 9mm to obtain. No disrespect to either.
  14. jstagn

    Akai open 38sc

    Know all about the brass issues. Has anyone shot the tungsten sleeve Akai and they’re non-tungsten sleeve? Weight according to akai is only about 3-4 oz. more but centered over the trigger area, rather than hanging out in front. I think limecat also has a similar setup.
  15. jstagn

    Open gun lengths

    Thanks for all the good information, learned a lot. My next post will be about a specific brand. Thanks again.