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  1. Thanks Kamber, that’s very helpful.
  2. Have been using federal spp and smp for years in 38 sc. Magnum primers give 15-20 FPS faster, also single digit SD and ES compared to spp. Same exact load except for primer. No breech face problems. Since this shortage wondering if anyone using magnum primers in 9 mm major? Heard from someone who had problems in 40. Thanks
  3. Move to 12 feet, and like above post, sunlight and shadows.
  4. My 38sc super stroke came with 8 lb. cut approximately 2-3 coils to avoid coil bind.
  5. Extractors cause many issues you wouldn’t think was an extractor problem, but when it happens with different mags and different loads AND when it’s intermittent, always check the tension and measurements between the hook and breech face. I prefer to set my tension looser than recommend, but each gun, ammo, mags are different. Always test with a clean gun, including extractor tunnel, and good/ new springs.
  6. Now if can find something to help with sciatica and plantar fasciitis besides one on utube.
  7. Thanks to all. Ordered 2k from starline.
  8. Someone posted where to buy new 38 sc besids starline, Can’t find post, help. Thanks
  9. Did you loosen or tighten extractor when you retuned? Thanks
  10. Cleaned tunnel every couple thousand rounds, even with clean running vit powder.
  11. jstagn

    170mm mags

    Thanks to all especially Eric with his analysis, must be a fellow engineer.
  12. Is it possible for an extractor to increase tension after about 15k rounds? Thought they lost tension. 2011 open 38 sc. Thanks
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