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  1. Where do I find one? Thanks
  2. Looking to add weight to an mp pro, tungsten rod etc ?
  3. Check your barrel especially the link and also check slide for any damage/cracks etc.
  4. Can only find these 2 reasonably price. Vortex viper 6 moa and Burris 3 in 8 moa. Which would be brighter in full sunlight? Thanks
  5. jstagn

    My pro optic

    Hard to get red dots. Can get vortex viper 6 moa and Burris3 in 8 moa. Best in bright sun? Other comments? Thanks
  6. jstagn

    My pro optic

    Thanks, appreciate the response. Where is the best place to buy a Burris ?
  7. Wanted to mount an optic on my m&p pro 9 mm. Is there a mount that replaces the rear sight ( dovetail) ? Also want an inexpensive optic. Thanks
  8. Ordered 9 124 JHP from PD on 4/12/20. Anyone have any idea how long before ship. Fortunately not in immediate need. Thanks
  9. So 20 times before it splits?
  10. How many times can you reload starline 38 sc major?
  11. When you get your dies correct, put witness marks with red or orange paint will let you know quickly if things aren’t correct.
  12. Zzt is correct, E3 or Claydot. I used 200 gr. Blue bullet , soft shooting, reasonably clean
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