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  1. Only if you are using magnum primers ,they run about 20 FPS faster than pistol or rifle primers in my load of 10.2 3n38 1.245 with federal. Other brands may be different, only testing will tell.
  2. Not a problem my 38sc does the same thing with almost any primer, use federal if you have them. Tried fed rifle no noticeable difference. Also tried cci rifle about same, not really noticeable. Now if you were shooting 9 major it MAY be an issue depending on load.
  3. Thanks bigboy, do you just keep it on, or just when you think you need it? Also how much front overlap? Any rear overlap?
  4. Noticed while shooting in semi-direct sun some glare off lens. Put my hand on top to shade lens big difference. Does someone make some type of shade to prevent the glare? Thanks, Joe
  5. Get a tuned extractor from Brazos and all your problems will disappear, happened to a friend of mine.
  6. Anyone have or tested difference between racing red and multi laser red lenses? Thanks
  7. Thanks slide stop pin is rubbing on barrel foot. Checked with dye, now what to do about it??
  8. Pin does seem to rub against lug, lug is shiny and some finish is worn off.
  9. Thanks, link and pin look new, no cracks etc. moves freely tried lots of oil.
  10. Friend bought used edge with approximately 5k rounds. Shot and shoots great 40 major. After about 500 rounds it started not to go into full battery (lockup). Also it is difficult to initially rack slide even with trigger manually cocked. Once you pull slide about half inch or less, it’s smooth as butter. If you let slide go it goes into full battery and shoots great. Gun have been maintained and cleaned regularly. Seems to be a lockup and unlock problem, recoil spring 12 with 2-3 k rounds. Thought it might be bent slide stop pin, switch with an very old one that I had, racked perfect no problem, then a put in a new one with the same pin diameter that he had, no good same problem. Go me baffled, any thoughts? Thanks...
  11. Anyone tried plain silicone spray from Wally world?
  12. Running 8 pound recoil spring open major , how many rounds is the suggested change interval? Thanks
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