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  1. Running 8 pound recoil spring open major , how many rounds is the suggested change interval? Thanks
  2. Any temperature sensitivity shooting 38sc and lovex and 3n38? Thanks
  3. looking for a soft case to carry 2 open guns only, with a little handle , do not need a range bag or one that carries mags/ammo. Thanks
  4. Anyone use lovex in 38sc? How flat does it shoot compared to 3n38?
  5. Any easy way to separate 38sc from 9 mm other than picking thru ? Thanks
  6. Is there any time limit once make ready command is given to go thru your pre stage routine?
  7. Thanks which shoots better ?
  8. Loading 10.2 gr. 3n38 in 38sc, what would be equivalent for lovex major pistol? Thanks
  9. What about not engaging a popper. Mike plus procedural?
  10. See a doctor that specializes in hands/ arms.
  11. Thought I would update you on cortisone shot. Knocked pain down by 75+%, tingling almost gone. If pain comes back I will try to make it till end of season, then have test and/or surgery. Thanks
  12. Just get a tuned extractor from Bob at Brazos.
  13. Get it all from immortobot, great service, great prices, no BS.
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