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  1. Just need the lips closed up a bit, they are about 55 in the middle. Thanks
  2. Can anyone recommend someone who can tune 2nd gen sti 170 mm mags?
  3. What are the symptoms of worn out mag springs? Thanks
  4. Want to shoot some steel matches, currently using 8 lb. recoil spring for 170 PF. Want to download to about 130? How much lower spring weight? Thanks
  5. Thanks Bene, was told that by another that was having hammer follow, backed off overtravel quite of bit, no more hammer follow so far, he is going to do more testing.
  6. Friend asked me this question did not know answer. What is the effect of too much overtravel on a 2011 open gun with a sub 2 lb. trigger? Any mechanical issues? Thanks
  7. Thanks to all who replied, all possible problems. Solution, Eric and others solved problem. Slide stop was ground from builder, mag followers were not (grams). After 20+ k rounds things loosen up enough where the bullets (same for all 20k rounds), were in fact occasionally hitting slide stop. Ground back of slide stop as much as I dare. No problems with 140 rounds fired. Will do more. Also going to grind the corner of the grams followers down to make sure this never happens again, particularly since it is my match gun. Again thanks to all, you guys are a big help!
  8. Thanks Eric, will check everything you suggested!
  9. Open gun with thumbrest. Thanks
  10. Mags do not and have not EVER locked back , grams inners and this just started after 20 k. .thanks
  11. Recently after about 20 k rounds the slide started locking back while shooting. I quick rack and back to normal. Once every 50 or so rounds. Happens on different mags same loads 38 sc. Maybe using too much oil and it’s migrating onto pin and dimple on slide stop. Pin seems to have lots of tension. Solutions? Thanks
  12. Who has them in stock? Or where best place to back order? Thanks
  13. Thanks to all, UV protection would be a plus. Who makes compression light weight with SPF ?
  14. Have several long sleeve shirts to wear under shooting short sleeve shirt, however don’t feel comfortable on draw and just roll up sleeves to elbows, back down when stage finishes. Noticed several competitors very tight fitting sleeves. Appreciate recommendations for cooler NOT cold weather. Thanks
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