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  1. Take it all apart and clean, use light silicone spray on outside linkage only not on powder bar.
  2. jstagn

    New rts2b-v5

    Leave it on whole match and all of practice.
  3. Have an old style holster similar to the new Everglades that has roller magnets. Anyone know where I can get replacement magnets? Thanks
  4. Wonder how they would hold up in practice.
  5. Seems like a scam to me. Sunglassesoas.com. ?
  6. Cmore coming out with a made in the USA model, will be announced at the shot show in January. Don’t know anything else about it.
  7. Got my cmore changed to an 8. Looks very large, old 6 was bad. Thought it would be too big, but shooting indoors seems fine, will test outdoors with far head shoots and see how it compares.
  8. Greg, get a cmore they’re just down the road from you. Service is OUTSTANDING, they have a new version 5 with additional auto shutoff. Newer version coming out at shot show this January. Don’t know all the details yet.
  9. What is the procedure for remounting my cmore. There was oil underneath the sight and no locktite on the screws. Can’t find anything on cmore web site. It didn’t come loose in over 8 k rounds. Thanks
  10. Thanks rishii, going to compare my current 6 to a friends 6. Don’t think module is bad since it’s super bright indoors. Guess it’s not as bright as slideride. My concern with the 8 or larger is tight far shots, however an 8 at 25 yards is only 1/2 inch larger than a 6, and 25 yard headshots around here are rare, but 15 are common. As usual there is no perfect solution for everyone.
  11. Rishii, is your 8 moa any brighter than your 6 outdoors in bright sun?
  12. Rts2, might be module, however it does ‘bloom’ indoors anything past halfway up.
  13. Tried sunshade no difference. New batteries not the problem. Cranked all the way up. Fades to a lite red, pinkish color. Eyeglass color does not matter but racing red give the best ‘pop’. Might try an 8. Sight is clean. Indoors super red color with clear glasses. Thanks
  14. Loudgp, does yours fade outdoors?
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