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  1. jstagn

    New akai open 38sc mags

    Which brand mags do you recommend? STI new gen2, SVI, or MBX, assuming cost is NOT a factor. Thanks
  2. jstagn

    Backup camera for 1050

    Awhile ago someone used a automobile backup camera on their 1050 to monitor powder drop. Cannot find post, anyone can direct me to it. Thanks
  3. jstagn

    Sight in distance

    What distance do you sight in at? Open major red dot.
  4. jstagn

    Thumb safety

    Thanks, could you elaborate on what problems a wide on weak side would cause
  5. jstagn

    Thumb safety

    For those shooters that are using a wide or extra wide thumb safety for their strong side thumb, are you using the same size for the weak hand thumb, how does this affect when shooting weak hand only?
  6. jstagn

    Shooting Glasses Faq

    Has anyone used transitions lenses. Open gun with red dot.
  7. jstagn

    Pact timer buttons

    When pressing the GO button it doesn’t stick but sometimes it show #1 in the shot box before any shots are fired. If you shoot 6 shot #7 shows up and no first shot time? Any explanation does that about half the time.
  8. jstagn

    Seriously flat primers HS-6 9 major

    Did you chrono both fed spp and fed srp? Was told rifle primers were faster?
  9. jstagn

    SVI loading help

    Where can I find online coupons for precision delta?
  10. jstagn

    SVI loading help

    80k .40 blue bullets in aets. No worries.
  11. jstagn

    Montana gold PD coupon

    Anyone have discount code for Montana gold or precision delta 9mm JHP ?
  12. jstagn

    38 super comp brass

    How many times can you reload 38 sc before cracks, etc.
  13. jstagn

    38 super comp brass

    Yeah Tony, forget the 6k for the gun, match fees gas and mileage on you vehicle. I forgot targets, pasters ,holster, mags and all the assorted accessories crap we all buy. PS and your spouse nagging you about missing kids birthdays and your anniversary. All in fun.
  14. jstagn

    38 super comp brass

    Any harm in using udie as first step in reloading ?
  15. jstagn

    38 super comp brass

    How many times can you reload the new starline brass?