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  1. Friend just received his new open gun with zero rounds and proceed to sighted in . No problems. After about 300 rounds gun lost zero by about 2 inches right and 1 inch high. Checked all screws especially red dot and mount. Also cmore lock was tight. Is this normal? Does gun need more break in? Thanks.
  2. Do any of you use a coating like rainex on your lens before shooting in the rain? Thanks
  3. Get Brazos tuned mags, can’t go wrong.
  4. Cuz, glue some small pieces of wood or other materials to the sides to raise up.
  5. Intend to load a few rounds to test. Looks like 3n37, but as you stated, no way to really tell. Do you have Capstone contact info? Thanks
  6. Went to my stash of Vit 3n37 and picked up 2 4lb. Jugs. One felt heavier than the other. Put on a scale one weighed approximately 4 1/2 lb. other weighed 6 1/2 lb. BOTH containers were factory sealed, different lot numbers. Unscrewed both containers and both smelled the same, very little odor. Tapped both containers to try to level out powder then looked inside one had more powder. Put a piece of pvc to measure level and one had approximately 50% more powder. Never heard of this, both were kept inside of house, not garage or basement ? ? Anyone ever heard of this? Factory error? Thanks
  7. NETim, have you used this on a red dot? Thanks
  8. Thanks Sarge, that’s what I was thinking, but don’t want to snag on anything inside. May try a cleaning patch or two, soak in alcohol and insert and pull out gently?
  9. How would I clean the battery contacts inside of my cmore rts2 ? Thanks
  10. Just need the lips closed up a bit, they are about 55 in the middle. Thanks
  11. Can anyone recommend someone who can tune 2nd gen sti 170 mm mags?
  12. What are the symptoms of worn out mag springs? Thanks
  13. Want to shoot some steel matches, currently using 8 lb. recoil spring for 170 PF. Want to download to about 130? How much lower spring weight? Thanks
  14. Thanks Bene, was told that by another that was having hammer follow, backed off overtravel quite of bit, no more hammer follow so far, he is going to do more testing.
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