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  1. Get it all from immortobot, great service, great prices, no BS.
  2. Try standing brass primer side down and lightly lube top inside of brass, end of sticking. Using shaking in a Tupperware tub will get most standing on end.
  3. jstagn

    Next Level GM

    When I raced dirt bikes the GM equivalent was A class, then they put the upper As factory guys in double a, AA class.
  4. Thanks. Left out USA part.
  5. Lost original web site, current doesn’t have shirts?
  6. What ever someone has or is selling is always the best, just ask any car dealer.
  7. Have not had the test yet, doc said most likely carpel tunnel. Anyone had cortisone shot as a temporary measure?
  8. Tom what primers are you using? Thanks Joe
  9. Big boy, like your mag release, where can I get one? Thanks
  10. .micro mascara brushes on Amazon. Bfha
  11. Don’t shoot in real dusty conditions but wondering how DAA dust cover works. Easy on/off etc. Or is it not needed at all? Thanks
  12. Using 10gr. 3n38 in 38sc Pd 124 gr JHP. Ideas on what equivalent load with lovex d037 ?
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