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  1. Long loaded rounds feed more reliably in 2011's. Not necessary in a CZ.
  2. MBF here. Load 180 grain FP coated Blue Bullets and SNI with no issues. Love it. Solid investment.
  3. I can skip rope like a mofo from boxing training years ago. I don't see where it's made my shooting any better.
  4. Man, it's been so long I don't even remember.
  5. As stated above, recoil is a thing. After a lot of work my times are as fast or faster shooting major but still not as accurate.
  6. My thumb feels lost and alone when I shoot without one now.
  7. I'd say it depends on how much room you have. I just use the 1/3 scale targets because I can simulate out to 25 yards in my garage. 25 feet is roughly equal to 25 yards with 1/3 scale targets.
  8. I disassemble, clean and lube mine about every 1000 rounds. In between I just wipe off the gunk (Titegroup, nuff said) and keep it lubed.
  9. Huh. I found the Shooter's Connection belt to be too stiff and prefer the CR Speed belt. Just comes down to personal preference I guess.
  10. I don't shoot as much as I'd like or need to. Once a week whether it's practice or a match. Didn't make any matches this month because of family obligations. I really need a place in the country with my own range.
  11. very interested and will take them off your hands just confirming these are the same and will work in my .40 edge



    1. superluckycat


      Those are the ones.  The first option.  Note: these are for 140mm or 170mm mags.

  12. I have 3 TTI extensions on my .40 mags with no issues so far. And I bought them used. No issues with the Dawsons either. Turn: You giving .40 another shot? It does get better if you keep at it. It's taken me a few months but my times are finally getting down where they were when I was shooting 9mm. It's been frustrating though. Damn gun seems to fly all over the place.
  13. You may find that what worked 5 years ago is over-training now if you're middle aged. I've had to go to three day a week weight workouts for the main body parts and cardio, forearms (tennis elbow), abs on the remaining days.
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