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  1. I disassemble, clean and lube mine about every 1000 rounds. In between I just wipe off the gunk (Titegroup, nuff said) and keep it lubed.
  2. Huh. I found the Shooter's Connection belt to be too stiff and prefer the CR Speed belt. Just comes down to personal preference I guess.
  3. Haven't updated this in a while but still practicing. I've gotten more serious about taking videos. So here's some from today's practice: 1.87s Bill Drill 29 points 2.20s Blake Drill. Need to knock .10s off my transitions to get these under 2.00s. Moving Blake Mini Course
  4. I don't shoot as much as I'd like or need to. Once a week whether it's practice or a match. Didn't make any matches this month because of family obligations. I really need a place in the country with my own range.
  5. Definitely. His videos taught me how to tune mags too. Good stuff.
  6. A little more tension on the left leaf of the sear spring fixed it. Get a nice "click" now at 1/4 and full cock. Looks like I had hammer follow going on too. Thanks for the help.
  7. I'm aware few parts are "drop in" for a 1911. I'd rather start with a new spring (they're cheap) to eliminate a variable. I don't mind doing some tuning.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Got a new sear spring on order and will start there.
  9. I'm new to the 2011. Bought a used Brazos Pro in January. Trigger is pretty light, I'd say under 2.5 lbs with very little over travel. A few weeks ago it started doubling. Or I started doubling it. Today it would double then only go to quarter cock. I could very well be bump firing it since it's sporadic and seems to happen when I try to run the trigger fast but the quarter cock thing is new. Is it user error or gun related? Should I try adjusting the over travel screw out a little?
  10. The 2011 I picked up in January had a *thumb rest [generic]*. First time I'd ever tried one. Love it.
  11. I did pull the gun over with my weak hand. Old habit from shooting Glocks I need to train out of. Rears it's ugly head under pressure.
  12. Currently Limited C class. 2 misses on the steel cost me some time.
  13. You ain't the only one brother. Went from a Glock 35 in a kydex holster to a 2011 in a DAA Racemaster back in January. Still not as fast. But that's a bunch of big changes all at once. If I didn't love the thumb rest so much I'd probably go back to kydex.
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