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  1. superluckycat


    Huh. I found the Shooter's Connection belt to be too stiff and prefer the CR Speed belt. Just comes down to personal preference I guess.
  2. Owned and shot both in matches. The difference is negligible.
  3. superluckycat

    Decapping before you clean brass

    I'm way too lazy.
  4. superluckycat

    On my way to A...

    Haven't updated this in a while but still practicing. I've gotten more serious about taking videos. So here's some from today's practice: 1.87s Bill Drill 29 points 2.20s Blake Drill. Need to knock .10s off my transitions to get these under 2.00s. Moving Blake Mini Course
  5. superluckycat

    How do you find time to shoot?

    I don't shoot as much as I'd like or need to. Once a week whether it's practice or a match. Didn't make any matches this month because of family obligations. I really need a place in the country with my own range.
  6. superluckycat

    2011 is Doubling

    Definitely. His videos taught me how to tune mags too. Good stuff.
  7. superluckycat

    2011 is Doubling

    A little more tension on the left leaf of the sear spring fixed it. Get a nice "click" now at 1/4 and full cock. Looks like I had hammer follow going on too. Thanks for the help.
  8. superluckycat

    2011 is Doubling

    I'm aware few parts are "drop in" for a 1911. I'd rather start with a new spring (they're cheap) to eliminate a variable. I don't mind doing some tuning.
  9. superluckycat

    2011 is Doubling

    Thanks for the replies. Got a new sear spring on order and will start there.
  10. superluckycat

    2011 is Doubling

    I'm new to the 2011. Bought a used Brazos Pro in January. Trigger is pretty light, I'd say under 2.5 lbs with very little over travel. A few weeks ago it started doubling. Or I started doubling it. Today it would double then only go to quarter cock. I could very well be bump firing it since it's sporadic and seems to happen when I try to run the trigger fast but the quarter cock thing is new. Is it user error or gun related? Should I try adjusting the over travel screw out a little?
  11. superluckycat

    thumb rest or not

    The 2011 I picked up in January had a *thumb rest [generic]*. First time I'd ever tried one. Love it.
  12. superluckycat

    Critique My Run....

    I did pull the gun over with my weak hand. Old habit from shooting Glocks I need to train out of. Rears it's ugly head under pressure.
  13. superluckycat

    Critique My Run....

    Currently Limited C class. 2 misses on the steel cost me some time.
  14. superluckycat

    Slower with a “race holster”?

    You ain't the only one brother. Went from a Glock 35 in a kydex holster to a 2011 in a DAA Racemaster back in January. Still not as fast. But that's a bunch of big changes all at once. If I didn't love the thumb rest so much I'd probably go back to kydex.
  15. very interested and will take them off your hands just confirming these are the same and will work in my .40 edge



    1. superluckycat


      Those are the ones.  The first option.  Note: these are for 140mm or 170mm mags.