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  1. moonshoxx

    Install help taccom carbon fiber handguard

    Looked at my wheeler again and it is only two pins. May not be worth the risk.
  2. moonshoxx

    Install help taccom carbon fiber handguard

    Yahtzee. Thx folks. Ill post pics when done
  3. Folks just received the above and wondering what wrench i need for the barrel nut. I have a wheeler free float nut wrench. I see thst site says it is installable woth standard wrench. Will the free float wrench woth three pins still work. Thanks
  4. moonshoxx

    How to tell buffer size

    Thanks guys
  5. Probably a dumb question but i dont know the answer soooo how can you tell if your pcc has a carbine or rifle buffer tube
  6. Grabbed a Hiperfire from pre-black Friday. Does anyone have any knowledge of issues with Lone Wolf G9 and this trigger
  7. Its seems like I am down to 3 handguard choices for my PCC upgrade project. My understanding is below and would like yall's help / insight. I am most worried about installation and OD of handguard as i have smaller hands.. 1. Nordic Components NC-1; round guard and has od of about 2 inches. seems to be about 12 to 13 ounces 2. Double Star Match Handguard; round guard with knurled midsection; outside diameter seems little less than 2 inches. Weight about same as nordic. ONe review i read talked about barrel nut problems. 3. Taccom Carbon Fiber; round guard with OD of about 1.5 and very light. seems to be easy to install. At these price points, cost is not an issue. Any help is much appreciated. It appears the .22 version of the Nordic is discontinued.
  8. moonshoxx

    Grams springs for sti 140mm

    Too easy lol
  9. moonshoxx

    Grams springs for sti 140mm

    Noob question. I have a grams 13 coil spring with grams follower. I realize i meed to cut some coils to use with my 140mm magazine. However where do i cut and do i need to bend the bottom to shape like original. Thanks
  10. For the guys still using a lone wolf g9 which trigger groups have yall had luck with
  11. moonshoxx

    Load for wst 180 plated at 1.175

    So for plated its looking like 5.0 and around 4.5 for moly although ill be a little shorter than the 1.2
  12. moonshoxx

    Load for wst 180 plated at 1.175

    I assume wst is working out fine
  13. moonshoxx

    Load for wst 180 plated at 1.175

    Thanks guys. I may middle yall
  14. Title says it all. Find myself woth big jug of wst. Have titegroup that i normally load with but would like to use the wst for 40
  15. moonshoxx

    Pcc handguard recommendations taccom

    Stick. How difficult was install. Any torque or flex issues