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  1. I am interested in this as well. Anyone taken a file or dremel to it. Really don’t feel like drifting whole sight out of dovetail
  2. Folks i am seeking a little input on where to mount my primary arms dot on my 15-22. I started with it all the way to the front but am actually liking it all the way back. It seems to make the tube disappear and the dot seem bigger. Thoughts?
  3. Guys. Just received a taccom compensator. They provided a washer which seems to be just a boiler plate washer not a crush or jam nut. When I put it on and hand tighten. The “top” port is like at 1:00. Should I just leave it, bear down on it some to get straight at 12 or get actual crush washer. I shoot left handed FYI. I say that as some folks claim comp may work base either at 11 or 1 o’clock.
  4. Well damn I have been using it for years pushing a 147. I was thinking 4.0 and call it a day
  5. Anyone have a good load for 135 moly with wst at 1.135 oal. Thx. Using 16” G9
  6. Does anyone have information for a good starting point with moly 135s and WST at 1.135 or so
  7. Can anyone give me a load for a 135 moly with WST. I am loading at 1.135 in 16inch G9. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the info folks. I have some thinking to do.
  9. I have to agree that $1500 is a little south. I have an sti executive that was around $2200 with four tuned magazines
  10. Hopefully this is not too dumb of a question but ...... when looking to change buffers on pcc is their a go to buffer system that will surely work assuming minimum power factor is met or is it always trial and error. Thx
  11. I was thinking the circle dot would help my old eyes pick it up but then others say for USPSA the circle dot is distracting. So I was deciding between 6 moa single dot or circle dot
  12. Will do. I have a 6 moa venom on way and may just order the 510c too. Never have too many I guess lol
  13. Does anyone have any direct comparisons? Is the 510c too busy? What about the reliability of the Holosun?
  14. Guys sorry to dredge this back up but I am going back to Production from Carry Optics sooooooo i need to put the factory sight pin back in. Has anyone figured this out yet (as in tricks or anything to make it easier. Scott, when you said you used a 5/64 roll pin, did you just get one and hammer it in with a punch. Does the sight hold a zero well like this. Thanks and sorry for the ignorace.
  15. I am looking to tame recoil some in the above. Does anyone have a recommended load that is softer shooting but that will reliably cycle the stock springs
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