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  1. I’ve been thinking about switching to a backpack style bag, ordered the Safariland. It is a good bargain at $108 delivered.
  2. Congratulations! Keep up the good work.
  3. JJM7288

    My Shadow 2

    I shoot in the cold about half the year, you ain’t kidding about them being cold! I may try Lok grips sometime.
  4. I agree with Jaques, Volquartsen is the way to go. Mine run 100%, no tuning of magazines only install their follower buttons.
  5. JJM7288

    My Shadow 2

    I’m a fan of Henning grips, they’re on every CZ I have.
  6. I have both polymer and aluminum C-more sights. They are great and the changeable diodes are a great option. I just mounted an RTS 2 on my centerfire pistol and love it.
  7. Are you interested in a Dan Wesson Valor 9mm?

    Thank you,



    1. Bigzeke


      Could be. Sending PM

  8. Dan Wesson, Les Baer and Alchemy 9mm all work well for me.
  9. I run a Volquartsen ultralite. It is a great rifle out of the box, reliable and will run with any ammo.
  10. I had a Springfield loaded .45, perhaps not a fair comparison to the RO? It was an okay pistol. Dan Wesson slide and bushing fit is much tighter. DW uses all machined internal parts and the trigger out of the box is very good. Comments on the RO (I see) always shooting it for a time than take it to a GS to have the parts installed the DW already has. I purchased the 9mm Valor and PM9 used, and I mean slightly used for $1000 each. They have been reliable, excluding sights they have everything I need and want out of the box. My ability to shoot them in USPSA is lacki
  11. Second JNW, my PM9 and Valors in both .45 and 9mm are 100% reliable out of the box. I added magwells to each, Dawson FO front sights, 10-8 rear on the Valors and milled the PM9 rear sight notch to .125" wide. Dan Wesson 1911's are a very good value pistol.
  12. Todd, I'm in on the 3/15 batch for sure. Thanks
  13. I had the opportunity to shoot my Shadow 2 with CGW pro kit installed, WOW! My problem before installing the pro kit was the first SA shot after the heavy DA first shot. No problem now.
  14. I just made C class in single stack after a year of D. My equipment is reliable and reloads work quite well. It helped getting my sights worked out, thank you CHE-LEE for the excellent article on sights! I'm not really dry firing yet, rather working on my draw and consistent grip. My stage planning is still still a work in progress. One year in and having a great time.
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