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  1. JP. GMR with 16" bbl. Haven't shot it much but it ran my test loads from 115 to 147 grain bullets (blue, sns, xtreme plated, MG and zero jhps) from 104 to 156 PF without a single failure. 5 shot group ~.4" at 25 yards with the load I settled on.
  2. I'm not sure there is a benefit to having it expanded and flared in two different stations. When set correctly, the tip of the expander keeps the case down in the shell plate while the swager pushes up. It would definitely help with the wear and tear on the shell plate from the swager pushing the case upwards and it might also help the case rims from being dented/deformed as well.
  3. I only have the 21 rounder but they work just as good as the glock mags in my GMR.
  4. They do have a smaller diameter than the competition. However, I've found them to be the most accurate in the majority of my 6 different limited pistols (both 9mm and .40) and .45 in my single stack. Other coated bullets I've tried: Eggleston (both .356, .357 and.401, .402) Precision SNS BBI Bear Creek Acme The Bear Creek and Precision bullets were on par with Blue bullets but they smoke a lot more.
  5. Bought some 147's a while back. Instead of an extra bump of lead at the base, many had voids and were under weight. I just shot them up in practice and went back to my go to brand. Didn't have any issues with the 180's, though.
  6. The 6.9 lbs was with the RC hand guard without the thermal dissipator. Not 100% sure that the light contour is the standard but that's the one you want. They make a medium contour as well. The medium might be good for shooting prone or off a bench, or for some heavy mag dumps but probably a little heavy for 3 gun, IMHO.
  7. I'm not an AR expert (or even close) but the big advantage in going 18" is: 1. the rifle length gas system (shoots a little softer) 2. more than adequate velocity without running too hot. 3. the extra weight of the the bbl will help you stay on target a little better. I'm not sure but I'd be willing to bet that the 14.5" and the 16" use the same (my guess would be a mid length) gas system so you might as well go with the shorter one for transitions and faster handling. I have 2 18" light contour bbl JP-15's. While they're expensive, they're defini
  8. The only currently available powders I consider for 9 major are: 3n38, SP2, AA7, and n105 (yes, you can make major with it.) I haven't tried the new Nobel Sports powders but would consider trying the slowest handgun powders. 3n38 and n105 are slow to load since they are compressed but you can use that to load them very long (almost to 38 Super length with a longer bullet) without worrying about setback. One other thing you can consider is to use the shortest bullet if you have to load on the shorter side. IE, MG 124JHP is longer than a Zero 125 JHP. Loa
  9. I've been shooting limited for a while but IIRC, it's not a compressed load at 10.2 grains at 1.2" with a 125 zero JHP.
  10. .5 per month (anywhere from 4 to 8 per year) on average. I don't get much sleep on the weekends so I try to go if I can get more than a couple hours of shut eye.
  11. Might have to buy a shaft as a spare as "several' makes me a little nervous v. 'a bunch.'
  12. Some of the items are discounted. Some are not. Every bit helps, though.
  13. Measure only the ones that are loaded when all the stations in the press are full. Put another way, if you have a 6 station press, don't measure the first 5 and don't measure the last 5. Also, check to make sure the primers are at least flush/counter sunk.
  14. I use the 9mm FCD without the guts set up in in a station on a 1050 and it gets the widest part of the base of the case only ~.001" larger than a new WWB round. I had a casepro but sold it when I found that out. The casepro didn't size the rim either. I don't have any experience with push through sizing.
  15. 13 for 170s 12 for 140s with 11mm basepads 11 for 140s in limited that have to fit the gauge Pat has the best advice, though.
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