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  1. Gomar83

    Round count question

    How long do trigger jobs last? Do lighter trigger jobs last the life of the gun? What is the lightest double action trigger pull that can be obtained and yet be reliable?
  2. One thing I will add is i am fairly new and have a lot to learn so I do more reading then posting and I admit I check the classified’s on a regular basic and respect the rules. At times though I find it hard to not post a comment in the effort to not sound like a idiot.
  3. Gomar83

    Round count question

    What would the routine maintenance / parts replacement be? Do you have to replace the springs after x amount of rds?
  4. Gomar83

    Round count question

    There is one thing that is consistent in ruin life is that Mr. Murphy show up at anytime and with make you or break you. At least with a revolver you have to worry about bending feed lips or a mag going out of spec.
  5. Gomar83

    Round count question

    How common is gas cutting and is it a big problem with shooting competition?
  6. Gomar83

    Round count question

    Dumb question what do you mean bad/rough handling of a revolver?
  7. Gomar83

    Round count question

    Do you recommend a good tech book to learn the ins and outs on S&W revolvers?
  8. Gomar83

    Those dillon dies

    I myself have already gone through 4 e-clips and one decapping pin. The crimped primmer pockets on the federal 40 brass has been giving me fits.
  9. Gomar83

    PT Evo and Safariland 014

    I’m glad to read this because I’m contemplating doing the same thing switching to the Evo. I agree the 014 is my favorite holster.
  10. Gomar83

    Round count question

    Let’s say for a S&W 625/ 625JM. At what point do you have to start worrying about end shake and cyl gap/ gas cutting? Are there more things to watch for and to worry about?
  11. Gomar83

    Round count question

    I was wondering what is the average life expectancy (as in how many rds shot) will a Competion revolver shooting major PF go before have problems?
  12. Gomar83

    EGW 2011 magwell won’t fit any grips

    I have 3 Dawson Ice magwells 2 large hand and one regular and two Brazos large hand big mouth magwells and they all fit correctly in place with no modifications.
  13. Gomar83

    S&W 686 question on possible conversion?

    Info greatly appreciated. I’ve tried to sell the gun on Enos. Being it seems to not be of anyone’s interest and I haven’t been able to trade it for a 625JM I’m toying with the idea of changing things to try something different.
  14. Gomar83

    S&W 686 question on possible conversion?

    How costly would it be do you think to switch it to a 6 shot? Dumb question why can’t it be switched to a 8 shot? Not a big enough frame?
  15. I was wondering if it would be possible to convert my 7 shot to a 6 or 8 shot? I’m not sure if it is possible and what all is entailed to do the job correctly and what the possible cost would be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s a S&W 686 performance center 7 shot