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  1. At a local match. There was a V shaped stage. I wasn’t on the stage when this happened, but the shooter was towards to the point of the V on the left side and the RO was at the point of the inner V and when the shooter crossed over to the other side of the V. The RO was now in front of the shooter. Lucky no one was hurt.
  2. I hate the fact that life can change without a notice and can kick the s#!t out of you and leave you with no choice but to get up and take it some more until one it’s past and gone. I hate the fact that I’m going through a divorce and I truly don’t know what the real reason is for this and that at this moment my 10 yr old son doesn’t realize what is truly going on. I know I have harder days ahead and I know they will pass, but f*#k at this moment it truly sucks.
  3. The Eagle on the right has a Extreme DVC grip.
  4. It’s a fair amount lighter then my heavy 6”.
  5. My heavy 6” just points so natural and effortlessly. I definitely like using it at matches where there are further shots and the Fast-Six for tight quarters.
  6. I’ve actually got a Dawson Fast-Six and a full length dust cover with a 6” bull barrel. I love both guns and they are a blast to shoot! I contacted Dawson a year ago and asked for info on the Fast-Six and they couldn’t offer up any info stating that everything was in archives.
  7. So what actually is the difference between the mixed and matched setup versus the correct Lee die set? I understand that the crimp die is different but what are the other differences?
  8. Wow! I wonder what direction they are trying to take the company. I wonder how many different models STI has discontinued in the last 5 yrs?
  9. UniqueTek I love the spent primer chute for the 550 is a excellent upgrade!
  10. I can honestly say that at first glance changing calibers on the 1050 was intimidating. until I took my time and I can honestly say it isn’t that hard just a few more steps and a few more minutes involved. I also have 2 550’s one for small primer and one for large primer. They do all of my short runs.
  11. Orakel thank you this is very helpful I will see if I can get in contact with them!
  12. The round I’m looking at loading on the 550 is 450-400 Nitro Express 3” (400 Jeffery). So trying to find a off the shelf shell plate isn’t necessarily Going to be the easiest with a rim dia of .6248”.
  13. I was wondering if anyone offers or makes custom shell plates for the 550B? I am toying with the idea of having the option to covert one of my 550’s to a single stage for loading one of my bigger rifle rounds. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. The caliber conversion does not include the dies, toolhead, or powder measure. The avg. cost for Dillon dies are $72.
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