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  1. Gomar83

    625 JM

    I’ve run 1k of Bayou my new 625JM and have zero problems or signs of any.
  2. Are you already set up and approved for the SI web sight? I find it best to call and chat with them. What model of glasses are you wanting lenses for?
  3. Have you looked at the prism Dark Golf? I just looked at a fair of flank 2.0 with them in there and I actually like the Dark Golf better then the TR22. The only way to get the Dark Golf is to order them online because they aren’t available in stores yet as replacement lenses.
  4. Would you have to Carmonize the hammer or does someone make a light weight hammer for the GP100?
  5. Has anyone ever tried a safariland 014 holster with a smith revolver before?
  6. What exactly are the NRA trigger weights, and their intended reason for it?
  7. Wow! What would possibly cause the hammer to break like that? How damaging is dry fire with out snap caps?
  8. There are some STRONG revolver shooters out there that you can learn ALOT from.
  9. I’m going to give USPSA a whirl with 4” 625. It sounds like a fun challenge for me but maybe pain for others to watch.
  10. I have recently bought a new 625JM and I love it. Fact is I plan on getting a new 610 in the near future.
  11. Thanks for the info I plan on adding a Mr. Bullets Feeder with in the next month or so
  12. I’ve added a super 1050 to my reloading operation and I wonder if it is Necessary to use the 1050 powder drop funnel or can I use my funnel from my 550B? This is a big change from my 550 and I am not used to the full tapered funnel of the super 1050 in comparison to the stepped that I’m used to.
  13. Gomar83

    hogue grips

    That a good way to put it. I was figuring that would be the consensus.
  14. Gomar83

    hogue grips

    How are the wood grips with felt recoil versus the rubber big butts?
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