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  1. Who makes the grips for that Radical?
  2. Carmoney I have done a little searching for the USPSA model of this holster and am striking out, but it appears to be the same as what Speed Beez is selling. Any thoughts?
  3. This definitely looks like it would be a great addition to any 550 I can’t wait till they come out and there is feed back on function and quality of this case feeder.
  4. PatJones Sir what do you use for a holster if you don’t mind me asking?
  5. What are your guys thoughts on the moon clip server as I am thinking very seriously about purchasing one as I am starting to build a rig for my 625
  6. If I were to look for a hammer for my 625 to modify for DAO where should I go and is there anything specific I should hunt for other then a N frame hammer?
  7. I have a Swenson shielded on one and Double Tap shielded on two others. Double tap are easier to install and fit very nicely.
  8. Gomar83


    I found with some really light loads with federal primers and a light bullseye powder charge that the primer go off and would push the bullet half out of the case and not burn the powder and lock the gun up(if I tipped the revolver back before I fired the rd it would go off, but not if the powder was against the bullet).I switched to Winchester and CCI and the problem went away, and it didn’t matter if the powder was up against the Bullet.
  9. It’s all in who you know and how much they like you in order for them to sell a gun at cost?
  10. Not that I know off. Last I knew Blackhawk dropped IDPA last year due to little to no participation.
  11. I’m doing this to have fun. I’m not the best shot and nor will I ever claim to be. So as long as I can have fun, shoot with fun people, and meet new competitors. That and my son can learn on it at my range at home. In time I will get a 627 and a 610. It’s all fun.
  12. I know I have at least $2k in each of my 6” Eagles, so why I’m getting at is I just bought a new S&W 625JM for $750. So if I take the $750 plus a $650 for T&K auction package equals $1400. I would say this revolver is cheaper to do then my STI’s. To a degree cost of a gun to compete with is what you make it, and I don’t see it as a reason to not shoot a division. I will soon take on learning the skill set to shoot revolver, and I see this as a hurdle to hold some people back and away from this division. Just my thoughts
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