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  1. I started out with a 550 and ended up reloading 6 different calibers on that one machine. 4 years later all within the same year I ended up getting a good deal on a used Super 1050 and I reload all of f my 40’s for competition on that. I also ended up with another 550. I now I have a 550 for small primers and the other for large primers. It is nice to be able to run my smaller batches on the 550’s and to not have to change the priming system from one to the other. If it’s paid for it doesn’t owe you any money!
  2. I’m guessing your shooting double action. How’s it shoot in single action? Is it possible your trigger finger is going in to far while shooting double action?
  3. Any luck on getting your 610 fixed?
  4. Check the Mac and Snapon tool trucks you would be amazed as to what gets traded in. I have gotten quite a few Snapon tools off of the Mac truck.
  5. I should have been more specific. I was shooting a array of targets from within a shooting box with no movement outside of the shooting box. So as I meant moving from one target to the next from a fixed position and trying to “prep the trigger”.
  6. To heavy! Pushing 8 lbs I’m guessing. I was just over 7 lbs then I turned the strain screw in a half round.
  7. As I found out yesterday having a round not gun off is extremely detrimental and costly when trying to shoot a stage. I’m glad I’m about out of the rds I already had loaded and I am looking forward to switching to federal primers. I did find it to be a challenge to keep the trigger moving and not stopping while in transitions.
  8. Trigger control is hard. I definitely need to switch to federal primers. I will try to find the Anderson drills. Shooting revolver I believe does make you a better shooter all around. After running a revolver for awhile then going back to limited does make sight accusation much easier and faster on the bottom feeder.
  9. Okay today was the first day I have been able to set up a stage at home and take a stab at running my new 625JM with alpha X and a moonclip server. Man I am rusty and am in need of some help on either setting up some stages here at home or setting up some classifiers that will really help me improve my skills. It was definitely humbling to go from shooting a 6” STI Eagle and running the stage as I would for limited vs trying to run a 4” 6 shot. Wow! It definitely takes a lot of skill and practice. So help/advise would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Zoomie517 I hear yah I took a shooting class and fell in love with a STI Eagle Dawson Fast Six and a little over a year later ended up owning it. Somehow it is a addiction because I ended up with a total of three Eagles within a one year timeline. Two 6” guns and a 5”.
  11. I would be interested in see some photos and to get a little better understanding on the advantages.
  12. Wow I love the blue is it painted on or is it coated that color? It is a very nice looking gun and you should be very proud. Out of Curiosity what weight did you set the trigger pull at? I have toyed with the idea of doing a PT kit.
  13. Alaskan454 how has the DAA holster held you back and which holster are you referring to?
  14. That looks beautiful I thought long and hard about purchasing and doing the same thing, but I was looking for a one holster fitting three different guns. A 625 4”, 627 5”, and a 610 6.5”.
  15. CompTec informed me that they make most of the holsters for them!
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