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  1. This a Super 1050 I’m thinking about trying this on. I wasn’t sure if anyone has ever tried this before with let’s say a 1/8” bushing
  2. So I know this might be a far fetched question, but I was wondering if anyone has ever taken reloading press frame that was worn out of spec and had it bored and a new bushing installed to bring the bore to ram clearance back into proper spec?
  3. Gomar83

    Open gun cases

    I have both the CED and Shooters Connecton bags for my 6” Eagles with Brazos BMBH magwell’s with plenty of room
  4. Gomar83

    Trigger Job Question

    Solder now that is interesting! GrumpyOne so are you going for a hot solder joint or a colder one?
  5. Gomar83

    Trigger Job Question

    For dry fire purposes will snap caps hold up to extended firing pin or is there something that will hold up better?
  6. Gomar83

    Trigger Job Question

    So my question is if a few of you gentlemen have tried extended firing pins and then removed them so what was the desired results that you were looking for upon installation and then the reason for removal? Are the extended firing pins supposed to be a fix all for a light strike problem?
  7. Gomar83

    Trigger Job Question

    Is there any notable difference between the Apex hammer and the TK skeleton hammer as far as quality, fitting, or any pros or cons?
  8. Gomar83

    SVI Trigger Insert

    Many thanks D-Man and everyone else that posted on this topic. It just made this job a WHOLE lot easier for a newbie. So thank you everyone!
  9. Gomar83

    S&W 625JM

    Have you ever tried Unique before?
  10. Gomar83

    S&W 625JM

    BHBret wow I love that idea on the carriers it looks pretty straight forward. I never gave it a thought on the SWC’s because that’s all I load for my 1911’s sounds like I better give Dennis a call at Bayou and get some 200 gr RD nose or 230’s. Any preferences on powder?
  11. Gomar83

    S&W 625JM

    What would the lightest yet reliable DAO trigger pull weight attainable be, and parts combinations be?
  12. Gomar83

    S&W 625JM

    Right now I have a fair amount of 200 gr SWS’s and wasn’t sure which powder to try first for softer recoil.
  13. Gomar83

    S&W 625JM

    I’m trying to remember if it was a 625 pc or a 625 jm that I looked at in a indoor range recently that wasn’t cut for moon clips. I apologize for my poor memory.
  14. Gomar83

    S&W 625JM

    I have a several more questions: who do you guys recommend to cut the cylinder for moon clips, what brand and thickness of moons, and how light can you load the .45’s?
  15. Gomar83

    S&W 625JM

    The intended purpose at this time would be for at home on the range, plinking, and to help teach my son and get him into the sport. That and I already load .45acp and .40, so I wanna stick with what I’m already loading.