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  1. Orakel thank you this is very helpful I will see if I can get in contact with them!
  2. The round I’m looking at loading on the 550 is 450-400 Nitro Express 3” (400 Jeffery). So trying to find a off the shelf shell plate isn’t necessarily Going to be the easiest with a rim dia of .6248”.
  3. I was wondering if anyone offers or makes custom shell plates for the 550B? I am toying with the idea of having the option to covert one of my 550’s to a single stage for loading one of my bigger rifle rounds. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. The caliber conversion does not include the dies, toolhead, or powder measure. The avg. cost for Dillon dies are $72.
  5. The 1050 is great but you have to look at the average cost for caliber conversion on a 750 is $82 and $129 for the 1050. The choice is yours. I run two 550’s for my smaller batches and my 1050 for my 49 competition rds. The 1050 is awesome.
  6. Man I sure hope revolver division isn’t dead because I’m gearing up for this. There is just something completely different about shooting revo that is not like shooting any other division and I wish others would experience it for them selves.
  7. What kind of problems were you having with the mixed and matched setup on the does? If you don’t mind me asking.
  8. Gomar83

    929 Info

    Alecmc what mount and C-more model of red dot is that?
  9. I strongly agree with you 100% especially when doing R&D for different loads.
  10. You know I have been loading on my 550 for 5 yrs and it has been completely 100% reliable. The only problems I have had were self induced. Now I have a second 550 and a Super 1050. I mainly load all of my 40’s on the 1050, revolver rds on both 550’s. One press is for small primers and the other is for large primers. The 550 is a excellent press for R&D and small batches. The jump to the 1050 was a breeze and so worth it for my high usage rds. Just my opinion.
  11. The problem I have is the school board and the superintendent are arguing about the bullying problem and the board president doesn’t think we have a problem! So far the only person that is working to help is the schools Liaison officer. It’s a ever growing problem that no one wants to try and change. Especially with cyber bullying out of control!
  12. How true how true! Nowadays most parents would rather pass the buck then take responsibility for there kids actions and then correct them. The real B.S. part is if your kid stands up for them self’s they are the ones that get in trouble usually. It’s a shame people are more worried about there image and not doing what’s right.
  13. Are you sure the screws weren’t over tightened and puckered the aluminum out? Because on my 550’s if you over tighten the two screws it will stick the primer bar all the way out. If so take it apart and use a file to remove the bulges and then reassemble but don’t over tighten the screws.
  14. As the title says. I hate the fact that my 9yr old son has to deal with bully’s and the fact that kids today are so mean and ruthless. It’s pretty sad that a good kid has to go to school with no friends and kids being just plain asses and their parents can see no wrong doing. What is a parent supposed to do?
  15. How do the primer pockets look with using the Brass Juice? Will the pockets come clean with the primer in?
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