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  1. Thanks the infos, I like how big the window is and I was thinking of trying one for my other open gun. I'd stick with the 510c instead, also I live in Florida and the sun is quite bright all year long.
  2. Ive read everglades ammo makes some good one.
  3. Im right hand and left eye dominant, i turned my head with pistol. With rifle, i was shooting with one eye open. When ive decided to shoot pcc only, i trained to shoot both eyes opened and no problem atat all. After one year with pcc, im back shooting pistol and back to my left eye.
  4. As of now, they are still doing test on the mount.
  5. I have 510c on 2 of my pcc. I've been using them for about 6 months and they have been very good.
  6. Sorry forgot to answer, i doubt that he will sell it.
  7. A friend of mine bought a trojan pcc last year and boy it gave him lots of problems. Now he shoots JP pcc and he is very happy with it.
  8. Oh wow, thanks for the great advice! I'll check this weekend and make sure the jp buffer is set properly with the bcg.
  9. I removed the weight from the bcg and installed it with the jp buffer. There is some kind of noise when I move around with the pcc, sounds like it's the jp buffer. Will have to wait this weekend to see how it will perform. Thanks!
  10. I'm currently building a 2nd pcc as a back up. I have a taccom bolt and a JP 2nd gen buffer. Question is, will they work together with bolt weight removed? Have anyone tried this combination? TIA!
  11. This is what I've waiting for my back up pcc that I'm building.
  12. I just saw on FB taccom now have a 14.5 in barrel with pinned comp total to 16.25 in.
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