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  1. Mine will be here Friday. Thanks for the update!
  2. I'll bet you'll be able to load those 125's out as long as you like. I can go to 1.15 no problem in my unthroated CZ's.
  3. http://www.brazosprecision.com/SAMPLES-5lbs-of-any-profile_p_42.html
  4. Both of my orders took less than a week. But I think I was very early on.
  5. Just an FYI I just installed the Hiperfire Competition trigger today. It works just fine with the SI safety in the 60° position. CMMG MK-9 lower.
  6. I ordered a Hipertouch Competition trigger today for my PCC. It has a Strike Industries flip switch safety. I'm reading conflicting reports of compatibility between the two. Has anyone successfully ran this combo?
  7. Brownells. FFL discount + 20 off 200.
  8. I can get the Competition for $180.57 shipped. Should I even look at any other trigger for my PCC?
  9. I have that lower, I like it. At $99 I'll form 1 one too!
  10. They have been pretty quick to reply in my experience with them.
  11. I forgot to add that they all weighed very consistently too. Good even coating and no stink either. It's good to have options!
  12. Sorry guys, life got busy here. I was able to get out with the range with the ones I loaded up. First off, these (the 125 gn) bullets can be loaded LONG. I loaded them at 1.15 and they plunk tested in every 9mm I own. Even my untouched CZ barrels that I have to load to 1.10 max. I loaded 125 each @ 1.15 using 3.2 & 3.7 grains of Titegroup. I then chronoed 10 strings with each load. The 3.2's were shot through my SP-01, the 3.7's were through my 16" Foxtrot Mike PCC. Here is the best string from each. Description: FM 9 125 3.2 1.15Distance to Chrono (FT): 10.00Bullet Weight (gr): 125.000Altitude (FT): 1382.0Shots# FPS FT-LBS PF10 1083 325.60 135.38 9 1101 336.51 137.63 8 1082 325.00 135.25 7 1086 327.40 135.75 6 1074 320.21 134.25 5 1085 326.80 135.63 4 1072 319.02 134.00 3 1090 329.82 136.25 2 1059 311.33 132.38 1 1096 333.46 137.00 Average: 1082.80StdDev: 12.17Min: 1059Max: 1101Spread: 42True MV: 1084.03Shots/sec: 0.27Group Size (IN): 0.00 Description: CZ 125 3.7 1.15Distance to Chrono (FT): 10.00Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000Bullet Weight (gr): 125.000Altitude (FT): 1382.0Shots# FPS FT-LBS PF10 1052 307.23 131.50 9 1050 306.06 131.25 8 1027 292.80 128.38 7 1058 310.74 132.25 6 1043 301.99 130.38 5 1033 296.23 129.13 4 1051 306.64 131.38 3 1036 297.95 129.50 2 1047 304.31 130.88 1 1039 299.68 129.88 Average: 1043.60StdDev: 9.73Min: 1027Max: 1058Spread: 31True MV: 1044.78Shots/sec: 0.53Group Size (IN): 0.00 Both of these loads put me right at the expected PF. I've only been competing for a few years, so I'm way behind most all of you guys. I've been using 147's since I started, but the 125's seem to get back on target faster with my pistol. Through my PCC with a Holosun 510c using my range bag for a rest, they pretty much shoot one hole at 25 yards. I was impressed with the accuracy. No keyholing either. Through my pistol they shoot as good as I do, which isn't saying much lol. I wanted to put them on paper at 50 yards, but the range was packed the day I went. I did lob off a few at some dirt clods on the berm and they all shot to point of aim. All in all, I'm sold on them.
  13. They really are. I was very happy with the sample pack I got from them. I received an order of 3,360 yesterday. I made up a few hundred test loads last night, and I'm heading to the range here shortly. I'll post up results later on.
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