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  1. I have a sample pack coming today from Brazos Precision. They actually sell by the pound. Hi-Tek coated 9mm 124gn will cost you $186 shipped for 3,360 bullets. I'm hoping they're good!
  2. I got that far too. But when I scroll down to buy it I get this.
  3. Do you know if it's the one for the 9L?
  4. All I'm finding in the Safariland GLS is a M&P 9L. Has anyone used a 9 Pro in this holster?
  5. You might want to message member bmiller. He made me one for my MK9. Outstanding work.
  6. I finally swapped mine into my PCC. I'm hoping to play with it a bit this weekend. The weather is finally looking cooperative around here!
  7. That's where I got mine. Support those who support us. 2 day FedEx was like $11.
  8. A member here, bmiller made me one for my CMMG lower. Maybe message him & see if he makes one for the FM lower? EDIT: I just checked his Instagram page, he does make one for the FM lower. Hit him up!
  9. Thanks man. I have one in my 3 gun rifle, but I actually prefer my SSA-E for 3 gun. I just built a PCC and wanted to get some feedback before I swapped triggers around.
  10. I did a search and saw a few of you guys were using Triggertechs in your PCC's. How are they working out in the long run?
  11. Thanks. I'm almost done with my Colt lower PCC. I need to figure out extensions myself. Please keep us posted.
  12. Have you gotten this figured out?
  13. I just picked up a 510c from Shooters Connection for $256
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