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  1. I knew and told the CS guy that it was the same as the RMR. Apparently S&W uses a number system.
  2. I picked up a used PC 9L. It didn't come with any optic mount plates. I called S&W but they couldn't tell me which plate I needed. Can anyone help me out on this? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a Sul_tac for my 9 Pro. I like it a lot. It came with the hanger for for around $110. I too am a M&P fan. I just bought my 6th one. https://sul-tac.com/product/owb-range-competition-doh-belt-attachment/
  4. Awesome. Thank you, I really appreciate it. Those look like they will be perfect.
  5. A picture would be great. I'll message you my cell #. Thanks man
  6. Does anyone here use them with the Rx insert? I have a pair of ESS Crossbows. With the insert they sit pretty far off my face. It looks like the Wileys sit the same with or without them. Just looking for a little feedback.
  7. I received this reply from DAA. HI, I hope this finds you well. I was told the 550 case feeder will be available in mid to late July. Regards, Josh Lentz Sales & Technical Support Alpha Dynamics USA 2908 Betz Court Orefield, PA 18069 Tel: (610) 366-9752
  8. I just sent them an email asking about this. I'll post up when I hear back.
  9. Mine will be here Friday. Thanks for the update!
  10. I'll bet you'll be able to load those 125's out as long as you like. I can go to 1.15 no problem in my unthroated CZ's.
  11. http://www.brazosprecision.com/SAMPLES-5lbs-of-any-profile_p_42.html
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