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  1. You have the decimal point in the wrong place. It belongs between the 7 and the 5.
  2. Ran a 6 for a couple of years. In bright sunlight I was cranked all the way up. Switched to an 8 before Area 1 this year. Now most bright stages are around the midpoint, with enough brightness adjust left for those "into the sun" stages. The only place i notice the difference in dot size is on the occasional 25 yd. headshot.
  3. Take a look at the Double Tap ambi with shields. A bit more money than some, but the fit and finish are outstanding. Easy to fit to the gun too.
  4. Local rules are covered in USPSA rule 3.3.
  5. 200 gr Bayou coated RN, 4.1 N320, 1.200 OAL. 171 pf out of a 5" with a KKM barrel.
  6. Try Simple Green. Full strength or 1:1. Works better warm. I had some carbon remover from brownells that worked OK--kind of milky with a strong citrus smell. Some of the Orange citrus cleaner (same isle as the Simple Green) might be worth a try.
  7. Emailed Bob at Brazos this morning re the source on their bald slides---here is the reply: "Contracted out to our specs – not STI or Caspian." Might have to give one a try!
  8. Are they making the slides in house or are they actually STI? It gets a bit confusing. Lots of slides out there, but who actually makes them. Phoenix Trinity and SV appear to be in-house. Assuming the Ed Brown/Les Baer/Nighthawk slides are STI or Caspian? CK is/was STI? How about Fusion? Looks like STI and Caspian are the available slides at present? A previous thread says that the JEM manufactured slides under whatever name are not availavble until they get their machinery fixed--a few more months? If the Brazos bald/classic is made by Brazos I'll give one a try----
  9. Care to elaborate? What is the proper way to lighten a slide? Always interested in learning new things----
  10. 9 Major open guns--eventually a side will crack. I've had a couple crack, and now I'm MAYBE seeing a crack starting on wifes gun. Time to get ahead of the process. What's the current wisdom on the best bald/classic 9/38 slide? I'm a little leery of STI---seen a pile of them crack in the past few years, but they are available. The slide on her gun is a CK--would buy another but no one has them in stock. Caspian QC seems a bit iffy at present. Brazos? Or is it actually a STI? How about Tripp? Suggestions?
  11. I use the Belt Keeper from Arredondo Accessories on all of my CR and DAA belts. Easy to manipulate, won't fall off, comes in several colors.
  12. N320 is by far the most common. N330 was specifically designed for 9mm. I've loaded it in the past with a 124 gr and it is a clean soft powder, but I can't say it's better than N320, and you use roughly 25% more.
  13. Had a cracked one recased in January. Total invoice including return shipping was $67.75. Turnaround was around a month.
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