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  1. This one from Amazon.
  2. Built one similar to the commercial designs. Tried the cheap electronic scale, nope. Went to a spring scale with a sliding max indicator. Better. Ended up machining a vertical compression tester that uses a electronic platform scale. Mark on the rod at 1.625". Not perfect, but it will repeat within 2 oz. Amazing how far off some recoil springs are from the label.
  3. Anybody tried one of these? Specs look interesting--fits Sig Romeo 1 footprint. Comes in 6 moa, just under $200.
  4. Another to consider, Double Tap. A bit smaller than some, but the side shield helps prevent bite.
  5. Nah. That's a perfectly suitable Open division gun. They just need to add another Category. Junior-Senior-Lady etc, and Masochist.
  6. I ran 8,000 or so Bayou 147 TC, then switched to their 145 gr RN. I've ran maybe 3,000 so far. Same 132ish PF, same 1.145 OAL, N320 powder. Both ran fine several Glocks, a couple of Cz's and half a dozen 1911/2011's with no noticeable change in accuracy.
  7. Upright on rifle. 90º on pistol I run my USPSA Open guns 90º, primarily because of consistent ejection with range brass 9mm. Built my 22/45 steel guns later, and went 90º to stay consistent.
  8. Did manage a case of MG 115 JHP last month, but nothing on the 95 gr JHP. I called and asked if they were making any, they said yes, keep watching the website. Wife uses them for a USPSA open minor load, might have to go to FMJ and deal with the comp cleaning issues. Little concerned about pushing a coated/plated at 1400 through a barrel with holes.
  9. Wife wanted to go minor with her Major 9 2011 open gun. Arthritis in her hands, major was getting painful. 5.4", 3x.156 poppels, Bedell comp. I found this load online. 8.1 HS6, 95 gr jhp, OAL 1.130. Not a lot of bullet in the case, use a U die sizer. Chrono's in the mid 130's. Recoil spring is 6.5 lbs. on my spring tester. Runs very flat and very soft. She gets a little dot bounce. It doesn't move for me, and hulk types get a little dip.
  10. Just checked--the rulebook HAS been updated. Says it was updated March 5, 2021. Should be interesting. I suspect that there will be some Production shooters, and maybe some Single Stack that see "You can have a light" that don't get to the "must fit the box" part.
  11. X-treme JHP is not a jacketed bullet--it's plated. You could be over crimping. Any barrel holes? MG is making bullets. They put what they have on the website daily. At different times. Until they sell out---which is maybe 5 minutes. I got a case of 115 gr JHP's a week ago.
  12. If you want to have lots of competition, CO, Limited and PCC are all on the rise. Closest to your current Single Stack is Limited. Personally I'm shooting Single Stack for a while to conserve my dwindling JHP supply for major matches. If I ever win the F5 race at MG or PD I'll be back to Open.
  13. 115 Precision Delta JHP at 1.175. I've gone to 1.185 with 3N38, no problem. U die sizer, MBX mags.
  14. I've had those little rings before, and it was on a fresh build. Chambering reamer left a little burr on the step the case mouth seats against. I fixed it with a Cratex tip in a Dremel, just enough to remove the burr.
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