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  1. 4.1 N320 under a 200 Bayou RN coated at 1.200. 171 PF out of a 5" KKM barrel.
  2. I grab it in my cordless drill. Hit it a touch on the belt sander to round the corner, then to a soft polishing wheel while spinning it with the drill.
  3. Explain? All I see is the donate box that's been there forever.
  4. What powder? Really fine powders make the powder slide hard to move. AA7 and SP2 come to mind.
  5. Yes----it is a DQ. 10.5.13 Having a loaded firearm other than when specifically ordered to by the Range Officer. Loaded firearm A firearm having a live round, empty case or dummy round in the chamber or cylinder or having a live or dummy round in a magazine inserted in the firearm.
  6. Been playing around with loads a bit lately---goal was to come up with a minor load that would be soft and light and still work the comp on our 9 major open guns without making any changes to the guns. Getting close to that goal with a 124 and a fair bit of Shooters World 037.02-- But in the process I loaded some 147's with VV N105. Currently at 155 pf running 6.5 N105 under a RMR 147 plated at 1.165 OAL S-O-F-T, starting to work the comp. Gun does not feel sluggish. Going up to 7+ and see what happens. Interesting that VV load data publishes a major PF load. It's under the 9x21 data, but OAL is 1.160. 147 bullet, N105 powder 167 pf. It's the only published bullet/powder combo that makes major that I am aware of. Not +P or +P+----standard pressure. Standard for 9x21 is 34,080. 9x19 is actually higher at 35,000.
  7. Short thumbs here. Wilson on my Single Stack guns. Still have a couple of STI paddles---but my current favorite is the Double Tap.
  8. Yes. Just started using one the past year after I noticed some questionable results when tuning a couple of open guns. Was REALLY surprised by how far off some springs are. Worst was probably a new spring marked 9 lbs that was actually 6.5 lbs.
  9. Contacted customer service a couple of weeks ago asking about the full size core 2.0. Below is the reply. Pretty much the same reply I got when I asked the same question shortly after the Shot Show. "Thank you for your e-mail and your suggestion regarding Smith & Wesson or Thompson Center products. For over 167 years, Smith & Wesson has manufactured high-quality, innovative, firearms for professionals and consumers alike. At this time we don't have any further info on what products are coming in the near future but we consider customer input a valuable resource from which to draw on during the decision making process. Please watch our website and Facebook pages for new product announcements. Your comments are being forwarded to the Marketing Department and appropriate Management Team for review and consideration for future production. Thank You for choosing Smith & Wesson / Thompson Center products. Have a great day."
  10. Well heck. REALLY wanted to print off a copy before we hit the road.
  11. But it's a dry heat? 70's might be a little optimistic. It doesn't hit the high heat until mid afternoon. I'm shooting AM/PM/AM to avoid the heat and wind as much as possible.
  12. Long term weather forecast looks nice. 70ºish, no rain. That said I've seen it rain HARD at the range for no reason--be prepared. One thing you can almost be sure of is afternoon wind. If you are shooting PM, be prepared for wind. I've seen it flatten a stage, and I've seen it suck one up into an impressive whirlwind with targets hundreds of feet in the air. It's right at 3,000 ft elevation and desert---stay hydrated and don't forget the sunscreen.
  13. Under the old rulebook, if not otherwise stated the default start position was facing downrange hands at sides. New rulebook----if hand position is not stated it can be whatever you want, as long as you are not touching the gun or an ammunition holding device (magazine/moonclip). One other change to the 2019 rules---"facing downrange" is now anywhere within the 180. "Facing downrange Not facing uprange. Any position facing side berms or backstop within 90 degrees of the median intercept of the backstop."
  14. My load is the same 115 PD and HS6. I run a OAL of 1.173. EGW U die, mixed brass. What works for me with MBX mags--YMMV. Set the feed lips around .342 at the back, .350 at the front. I set mine so the bullet contacts the feedramp about 2/3 of the way up. Whack the loaded 170 mag base on a flat surface. Shake and listen. If it rattles at all it will do a nose dive malfunction about halfway empty. Weird. No problem with 140's, no experience with 155's. Looke at the front of the mag and see if the feedramp is hitting it. KKM barrels will hit. Schuemann does not. Trim feedramp as needed.
  15. You have the decimal point in the wrong place. It belongs between the 7 and the 5.
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