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  1. You loading for IPSC Open 160 Major? Take a look at VihtaVuori published data for 9x21. They list a major 147 gr load with N105 that can be duplicated easily in 9x19. Welcome to the forum!
  2. Wife and I shot the Crazy Croc last year with minor 147/320 loads. They ran fine in our guns (full size, Bedell comp, 3 popple holes) with 8 lb variable springs. 147 Bayou TC coated over 3.4 N320, 1.145 OAL. They mucked up the comps a bit, and the guns had more muzzle flip compared to shooting major. She has since switched to minor open (hand problems) and I'm doing a load with HS-6 and a 95 gr JHP for her that works the comp and is really soft in the hand.
  3. If you are looking for a large quantity give American Target Company in Denver a call. When I was buying a thousand at a time they were the cheapest per target delivered.
  4. 603 works well. Last couple I've done I used 680. Regular red just doesn't seem to hold up. Even with the loctite a single 6-32 is required for peace of mind.
  5. +1 on American Mountain Supply. Great people to work with. Had a bag made for the wife's open gun. Purple with her name embroidered on it. 5 years ago, still in great shape.
  6. What? Please explain how this would not violate 10.5.13 10.5.13 Having a loaded firearm other than when specifically ordered to by the Range Officer. Loaded firearm A firearm having a live round, empty case or dummy round in the chamber or cylinder or having a live or dummy round in a magazine inserted in the firearm.
  7. We have 2 9mm 1911's . One Colt, One Springfield. Both 5" guns, used in USPSA Single Stack so mags need to be 10 rd. Neither will run Wilson mags. The Colt runs 100% with Tripp Cobra Mags. Springfield likes Dawson. 99% of the ammo used is a RN or TC poly coated 147 gr over enough N320 to make 132 PF with an OAL of 1.145.
  8. Interesting. That's the only major part on my 550B that has ever broken. Friend of mine also broke his. Neither press had ever loaded anything but pistol ammo. 20+ years of grinding out ammo, new part in 2 days----no complaints!
  9. Manual here: http://www.competitionelectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/pocketPro2_10-09.pdf Only mention of any reset is on page 9. Was not aware and can find no reference of it storing any previous strings.
  10. Springer Precision https://shop.springerprecision.com/SP-MP-9-40-Extended-Magazine-Release-Paddle-RH-SP0435.htm
  11. Sounds a bit goofy---but carefully eject one you have thumb bumped into battery and see if it has a scrape mark on the bullet on the side that was at the top of the chamber. I've had truncated cone 9mm bullets scrape on the sharp edge of the step the case mouth headspaces against. Chambering cutter leaves a tiny burr, bullet scrapes across it just enough to slow the slide. Frustrated the heck out of me until I figured it out. I polished the edge with a fine Cratex cone from 10-2 o'clock and the problem went away.
  12. If you have steel targets a fault line/barrier to comply with 2.1.3 would be appropriate. Other than that there really isn't much need of fault lines in a jungle run.
  13. Columbia Cascade section match here in Oregon used to be split between two clubs roughly 15 miles apart. That was back in the day that each club had roughly 6 bays. Worked OK. Split into two groups of squads. Shoot one range Saturday, one range Sunday then everybody gathered for awards etc at one range.
  14. No idea on the 650, but I do have a 550B. How is it "not a problem" on the 550B?
  15. If you are cutting back a 5" slide nothing changes on your recoil system. The front end of the reverse plug just sticks out under the comp 1/2" or so. Should work fine. Lighten the heck out of the slide, work up some light bullet loads and shoot steel.
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