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  1. open17

    9mm cratering steel

    That steel is NOT AR500. Heck--even AR400 shouldn't dimple from pistol or PCC. Where did the steel come from?
  2. The regular Guga Ribas C-More "Scope Protector Kit" won't fit any of my 90 deg C-Mores. It adds enough width to drag the slide. If you have enough room it should work as a sun shield, but the separate blast shield will be turned the wrong way, and will probably not be very effective. They showed me a 3d printed prototype of a shield for 90 deg C-Mores a couple of years ago at Area 1---but AFAIK it has not yet come to market. The sample I saw didn't have a blast shield.
  3. open17

    How should this penalty have applied?

    Guessing a bit at the WSB--but if it said "object must be put in whatever prior to engaging last target" then there was no obligation to carry it while shooting, therefore no penalty for NOT carrying it. Per shot advantage on the procedural? Nope. For what? The shooter failed to comply with the procedure in the WSB. One Procedural. Design the stage so the prop is required to activate a couple of targets---that will at least get it down to the far end.
  4. open17

    Main spring compressed length?

    Kuhnhausen volume 2, page 166 has: Mainspring (hammer spring) specifications: Coil O.D. .273 Free length 2.156 Load at compressed length of 1.062 (this is what you are looking for?) Solid length .968
  5. open17

    Shielded Thumb Safety

    Had a PT on my open gun--liked it OK, but it had issues. Went to a Double Tap. Great fit and finish, easy to fit to gun. Liking it so far.
  6. You may be correct--I'm not sure. I guess I have never seen a club match where the tablets were on the stages before the match started. Around here the tablets get to the stages after the squads are put in, just before the shooting starts. That's at least an hour after people start checking out the stages. Maybe the question should be--"When does the match start"? The WSB's need to be on the stages before that.
  7. Given the current rules, I would say no. On the tablet would satisfy 3.2.2 thru 3.2.5, but I suspect it would not satisfy 3.2.1. . Written Stage Briefings: 3.2.1 A written stage briefing approved by the Range Master must be posted at each course of fire prior to commencement of the match. This brief ing will take precedence over any course of fire information published or otherwise communicated to competitors in advance of the match, and it must provide the following minimum information: — Scoring Method: — Targets (type & number): — Minimum number of rounds: — The handgun ready condition: — Start position: — Time starts: audible or visual signal: — Procedure: 3.2.2 The Range Official in charge of a course of fire must read out the writ ten stage briefing verbatim to each squad. 3.2.3 The Range Master may modify a written stage briefing at any time for reasons of cl arity, consistency or safety (see Section 2.3). 3.2.4 After the written stage briefing has been read to competitors , and any questions about the course of fire have been answ ered, competitors should be per mitted to conduct an orderly inspection (“walkthrough”) of the course of fire. The duration of time for the inspection must be stipulated by the Range Officer, and it should be the same for all competitors. If the course of fire includes moving targets or similar items, these should be demonstra ted to all competitors for the same duration and frequency. 3.2.5 A written stage briefing must comply with the current USPSA rules.
  8. open17

    Admitting guilt to an AD

    She didn't break any rules. Heck--she didn't even miss the target with the "slightly ahead of its time" shot. Re-shoot.
  9. open17

    thumb rest or not

    Tried *thumb rest [generic]*---didn't like. Tried Nitro-Fin---just a wee bit too far/flat for my stubby thumbs. Tried Phoenix Trinity----Yes. The PT is just a little farther back and more vertical than the Nitro-Fin. Little patch of grip tape, good to go. YMMV
  10. open17

    Extended Magazine Release

    I've got Wilson on my single stack guns, and STI on most of the 2011's. Trying a Double Tap---liking it so far.
  11. open17

    Shoes for competition

    Wide feet here. Have a pair of Speedcross 4 Wide's coming from Zappos---worth a try. Regular Solomons are too narrow. Was out shopping yesterday and bought a pair of Altra Lonepeak 3.5's. Off road mudder/trail shoe. Decent cleats, weird foot shaped toe box. COMFORTABLE. I'll give them a try in a match soon.
  12. Take it to your friendly local FFL and have them mail it.
  13. open17

    Atlanta Arms .355 Super.

    OK---I'll bring this back from the dead. Since this thread went into hibernation there have been a few new powders on the market. Are any of them the elusive "Winchester 248"?? I've still got about 3 boxes of the AA 355 super, and it is STILL softer, flatter and more consistent than anything I've tried.
  14. open17

    Cracked comp

    No warranty--it's a couple years old, gets some serious abuse, and there was no defect in manufacture. However------He did cut me a screamin' deal on a replacement. Didn't have to, MUCH more than I expected. Thanks Dan.
  15. open17

    Cracked comp

    I've got a replacement coming. I think I'll give stainless a try this time. I cut back the old one, and am playing with some asymetrical side ports. I'll toss the old one when the new one gets here---but in the meantime I'm going to see if I can get rid of that annoying little up-and-right jiggle in the dot track when using HS6. Bottom line is that if I'm gonna play with big boy toys stuff is going to break. I've broken motorcycles, boats and turned a couple of race guns into oddly attractive paperweights, so a cracked comp is minor.