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  1. I used o teach Hunter’s Education with a Department of Fish and Wildlife Biologist. He always told us about the Hunter who came into the check station with an antler-less deer tag and insisted that the burro was a doe black tail deer. None of the personnel had the heart to tell him anything different.
  2. Sounds like the old Coot shoots and dinners that they used to have where I grew up. Marinate the coots in cheap red wine and the Participants too. By the time that the mud hens are. Cooked, you can feed the crowd anything.
  3. Modoc

    Which one?

    I’m bringing this one back! Drift Boat or Wade? or Guided or DYI? Z?
  4. Highway Man by the Waylon, Willie, Cash and Kris Well, we laid it in a hollows and we laid it in the flatAnd if it doesn't last forever, sure I swear, I'll eat me hatWell, I've wandered up and down the world and sure I never feltAny surface that was equal to the hot asphalt
  5. Ma Boggs, She knocked the snot outa the Black Widows. Her language could be considered a little rough, but I’ve known Old Ladies just like her
  6. Dwight Yoakam - Guitars Cadillacs You’ve been stepping out a line Messin with my mind if you had any sense you’d quit
  7. Dranoel, you haven’t yet......... Norah Jones - Be My Somebody And I think I'm a rastaMy hair looks like pastaI think I'm a rasta
  8. Tonight has been an eclectic mix (usual) mix for me. ACDC The Dead South Five Finger Death Punch Drop Kick Murphys Brooks and Dunn Cruxshadows Liliac Chris LeDoux The Hu The B52s Jackyl
  9. I don’t know. I have 4 x .50’s. of course two are Hawkens, one Kentucky and a Wolf. All muzzle stuffers and a kick to shoot.
  10. Lonnie Mack channel on Amazon music. Just finished Memphis and now on to Memphis Slim’s “Four Years of Torment” Sarge, I’ll see your Clem Kadiddlehopper an raise you San Fernando Slim
  11. 27* F and SNOWING! Tonight in Redding, CA. Even more fun is the only route that is open is Southbound I-5 all the other directions are either closed or full of accidents. Welcome to the land of boneheaded drivers
  12. We have outdoor ranges. Special events need to provide their own RSOs and range masters, if the club provides them it is an extra fee. One club has 3 large shooting areas while the other has 7 bays and a 15 bench rifle line.
  13. My home clubs have a set fee for outside entities to use the facilities. IE a pistol bay or the rifle range is $50/day with a $50 deposit and proof of insurance with the club as an also covered. Events are to be scheduled in September when we set the next year’s calendar, but can be added throughout the year subject to facility availability. We do have a couple instructors on site too that give a discount to club members when doing a class since we have a Non-member use fee in place too. The big thing is minimizing the impact on the rest of the membership.
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