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  1. That wasn’t in the cards last night, it was a loaded CAS load. Family movie night usually involves sorting brass, or case gauging and boxing cartridges.
  2. When you and/or your spouse can identify a cartridge caliber and if it’s loaded or not by the sound it makes hitting the floor. She did this last night when a 38 Special fell out of a pants pocket.
  3. Modoc

    Fun with guns

    Isn't Lesters Ammunition a regular at the local Gun Shows?
  4. I’ve gotten to hate those who push you in any lane, and you end up right behind them at your exit. Why push and rush when you are going to the same place. FWIW, I live in a semi-rural area and encounter it every time I go out.
  5. Johnny got a boom boom by Imelda May Every time we disagree she was always asking meAre you a man or a mouse?Now that she's gone she probably thinks that I'm home just a moping around the house
  6. Sounds like Northern California, this morning it’s the furnace and by 2:00 PM it will be the AC. on a Musical note, I just finished David Allen Coe’s “Blue Grass Morning”
  7. A big part of them not clueing the greenhorn in was at thatthe area was overrun with feral burros. This as back before the adopt a horse/burro program started to help manage the populations.
  8. I used o teach Hunter’s Education with a Department of Fish and Wildlife Biologist. He always told us about the Hunter who came into the check station with an antler-less deer tag and insisted that the burro was a doe black tail deer. None of the personnel had the heart to tell him anything different.
  9. Sounds like the old Coot shoots and dinners that they used to have where I grew up. Marinate the coots in cheap red wine and the Participants too. By the time that the mud hens are. Cooked, you can feed the crowd anything.
  10. Modoc

    Which one?

    I’m bringing this one back! Drift Boat or Wade? or Guided or DYI? Z?
  11. Highway Man by the Waylon, Willie, Cash and Kris Well, we laid it in a hollows and we laid it in the flatAnd if it doesn't last forever, sure I swear, I'll eat me hatWell, I've wandered up and down the world and sure I never feltAny surface that was equal to the hot asphalt
  12. Ma Boggs, She knocked the snot outa the Black Widows. Her language could be considered a little rough, but I’ve known Old Ladies just like her
  13. Dwight Yoakam - Guitars Cadillacs You’ve been stepping out a line Messin with my mind if you had any sense you’d quit
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