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  1. New Jersey, unfortunately.
  2. So far, great. She's running like a dream and all 6 magazines have been very reliable so far. Snagged a Guga Ribas holster for it and shot my first match with it at the beginning of the month. Didn't have much live fire practice with it, but got some dry fire in every afternoon. Still need to get used to disengaging a safety on the draw coming from the Glock world. Here's a link to an album of photos because I can't get the hang of the photo uploader on the forum. --> https://imgur.com/gallery/Zw6fa45 And here's a link of some clips from that match. Hopefully this month's match will bring some increased confidence in the manipulations of the gun. --> https://imgur.com/gallery/1AP0EyJ As far as loads, I'm shooting a 9Major load of 6.8gr VV N340 124gr RN at 1.165" OAL. I've also ran several different 9 Minor loads through it just to see how it handled it and it's been 100% reliable for firing, extracting and feeding. Can't express how impressed I am with the gun thus far. I'm going to run it with the CMore for the year and most likely switch to an SRO next year to lighten the gun a bit and to avoid having to worry about batteries all the time.
  3. Alright, great info, switching to JHPs for future loads
  4. There's zero felt shift in recoil, sound, flash. Is there a better recommendation for bullets for the comp'ed guns? I knew to steer clear of coated bullets and bullets with exposed lead at the rear, so I assumed copper plated was the way to go. And perhaps I should just dive in and purchase a Labradar.
  5. I chrono'ed two minor power factor loads from the same press, using the same powder and brass. One of which was also the copper plated bullets, one was coated bullets. The coated bullets got single digit SD readings, which leads me to believe that maybe the chronograph wasn't picking up the copper plated bullets accurately.
  6. Starting to develop my first 9major load. Currently using 124gr Extreme Copper Plated RN bullets, CCI500, mixed brass, VV N340 6.8gr, OAL 1.160. Runs reliably and good return to zero, but when I chronographed it the other night, i was getting huge jumps from 1375fps (which was my goal velocity) down to 1050ish with nothing in between. My gut reaction was that the chrono wasn’t reading accurately, but is it common to have such a huge deviation? I could understand something like 50fps but 300fps? Gun is a Dan Wesson Havok open pistol.
  7. DJI Osmo Pocket 2. It’ll allow you to drag a box on your phone around a subject and it will track that subject very accurately. Super tiny, great quality, and it’s an actual gimbal.
  8. Cool, thank you. I’ll definitely keep an eye on how the disconnector is functioning during reloads in training.
  9. For all those who were waiting on photos, here’s the link: https://imgur.com/gallery/Zw6fa45 I can never figure out how to get the photos to host well on this forum, so if someone else knows how and wants to toss them up, feel free.
  10. Do you have any footage of your previous load for comparison?
  11. I have! And I was able to test it out with some 9mm minor ammo, which it’s chewed through with zero malfunctions and I loaded up some 9mm major loads and they’re running great as well. Just got my Guga Ribas holster last night, so time to get dry firing. I’ll post up photos in a day or two.
  12. Handsome gun. Something you can use for work and play?
  13. Not "Custom" per se, but here is my Toor Field 2.0.
  14. Thank you, much appreciated.
  15. You only live once, right? I’m excited to give it a serious go.
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