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  1. They had "Dawson tuned" trojans on the site for a while. I finally had enough coin to buy one, and they aren't offered (but a stock trojan is). I asked if they would tune one and they said "no."
  2. IDPA scores differently for minor and major power factors?
  3. That's not the question, e.g., what division should i start? The question is between minor and major SS starting from step one (and while you didn't say it, without regard to penis size, "manliness," "45ACP, because they don't make a 46!," or "9mm is for 'insert slur here....'")
  4. i don't think anyone is stressing out here. ultimately, while different than the original question, if one decided to start from the beginning without owning a 1911 for single stack, is it better to go major or minor? once the selection is made, then the competitor can go practice and not stress about guns.
  5. I've read many a thread on here that the "SS Nationals" biased stage design to elimination any (real or perceived) advantage a SS minor shooter would have by designing stages to favor 8 rounders. My question is this--I'm assuming the "SS Nationals" was run by the the now-defunct Single Stack Society (or 1911 society or whatever it was called). Is that correct? If so, or not, is there a disadvantage (by stage design bias) to SS Minor in the USPSA Lo-Cap Nationals where L10 and Production shooters will be participating on the same stages, versus an all-SS match such as the SS Nationals? Ultimately, the question comes down to this--were you to go to the Lo-Cap Nationals match, would you go minor or major in SS? Or, if any of these assumptions are wrong, please let me know (am I confusing "SS Nationals" with "SS Classic....")
  6. this is what he said--who knows, maybe they're the same, but it appears the 512c will be an upgraded 510c instead of the larger 512T, which seems to look more like a Vortex UH-1
  7. Do you buy ALL of your shooting supplies at local gun stores? All your food at small markets?
  8. That's a 512T. The FB post said 512C
  9. Max Leograndis said on facebook last night that there's a new Holosun--the 512c--coming out soon. Supposedly weatherproof and purged.
  10. The time from order to acknowledgment to shipping is where Amazon pounds virtually all others. We all have to put up with shipping delays or issues from time to time, but sitting on an order for days generally means i'm not buying from that dealer again
  11. very similar to the 21,386th time you've been an ass on this forum
  12. to keep crap from getting on the inside of the slide?
  13. good deal--forgot about that. what's the enos code?
  14. Shooters Connection's price isn't any different than optics planet, Brownell's, etc.
  15. Why would you even consider this could be a mistake?
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