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  1. Anyone have any idea when these two matches will open for registration? I don't see anything on the Rio Salado page to ask, nor are there links on their calendar. I didn't put this is "match announcements" like some other posts because, well, these aren't announcements.
  2. your practiscore link doesn't work for me--it just routes back to this page for some reason
  3. So, to be clear--you can shoot all day Thurs (one day match), or all day Friday (one day match) or Saturday/Sunday (two day match)?
  4. did you see the part where the OP said his shotgun was 55"?
  5. so, the charitable answer is--wherever you read that is full of hooey
  6. Thanks--I was leaning towards TacSol originally, but am really interested in the Bergara. I'll check out the switchbolt, too
  7. All, Looking to set up a 10/22 for Steel Challenge. Wondering if users here have any experience comparing the Ruger Competition, the TacSol X-Ring, and the new Bergara BXR Carbon Fiber. I can't find a Bergara anywhere--but the weight and cost are great features. I've got a couple of 10/22s--i could also just hot rod one of those, too. Weigh in if you're in the know
  8. This is a facebook video, but you should be able to see it without an account. Fire at the TTI/Taran Butler range where all the videos are made: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10214634690530660&id=1524523765&sfnsn=mo&d=n&vh=i
  9. a rare Weber code re: their new website. I assume this will only last through the weekend. 10% off and free shipping over $100 code: labordaylaunch
  10. what advantages does Weber offer? (not trying to bag on either manufacturer, and you're someone that has handled them both). I like the idea of the RHT with the lower ejection port cut, where Weber does not seem to have that feature.
  11. They had "Dawson tuned" trojans on the site for a while. I finally had enough coin to buy one, and they aren't offered (but a stock trojan is). I asked if they would tune one and they said "no."
  12. IDPA scores differently for minor and major power factors?
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