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  1. Reading your entry and watching your video there is a quite a bit to unpack. You are asking for feedback. On what areas would you like that feedback?
  2. Personally, I have found that thinking about speed at all during a stage can be a bit of a mistake if I am truly focused on stage performance. Unless you are pushing for speed and using it for training. Sounds like that was not your goal here though. That being the case I just shoot the acceptable sight picture. I find that I naturally will go "fast" if I think about nothing else other than sight picture and executing the stage plan. I did and still believe that target focus with irons is the proper thing to do even at 25 yard head-boxes. You have to train your eyes to
  3. When shooting did you see the mikes (hardcover or otherwise) and decide to leave them or did you call them good hits only to see the M later during scoring?
  4. Adventures in IDPA I started out in practical shooting shooting IDPA. At the time it was still cover calls, no reloading in the open, and lots of tribal rules that didn't really adhere to the rule book. I got into it pretty heavily. I even went to IDPA Nationals in 2016. I was in good contention to get a top 3 spot for SSP EX. Except I caved to the mental pressure I mentioned that had plaugued me and I tanked the whole match. Both days. Like a rock star. After that the rule changes came with fault lines and 1 point = 1 second penaties etc. Without going in
  5. While they don't outline a specific rule they do call it a concealment garment. A towel is not a garment but a tear-away shirt cpuld be. Probably still slower than just a stiff fishing vest though. Realistically this is defined by someone's "common sense" so that is open to some interpretation. As stated in the rulebook below: 1.2 Principles of Shooting IDPA 1.2.1 Equipment Principles Allowed equipment will meet the following criteria: A. Concealable: All equipment (except flashlights) will be placed so that it is not visible while wearing a conce
  6. Sounds like a plan. I hopefully will never run into this issue in particular but I would rather know about a corner case than be dumbfounded and leave time on the table. Thanks!
  7. Good to know. I didn't see anything about it in the 2017 Rules (latest I could find) but I wasn't sure. Okay. I found that 5.4 "Disqualifications" Section E: Intentionally discharging the firearm at anything other than a target or an activator. Okay it's the Fault Lines/POC rules that are a bit fuzzy to me. 3.6.3 "When Fault Lines are used to delineate cover" Section C : A shooter who engages a target while faulting the line (which is defined as the shooter touching the ground or other objects on the non-cover side of the fault line) shall
  8. Shot this (in Carry Optics) a couple months back and hundo'd it. 12.68s A:12 C:3 D:1 HF:5.5205
  9. Okay I am fairly out of date on the rules at this point so somebody who is more current and can point out where in the rulebook this is or isn't covered would be helpful. Here is the scenario I am trying to clarify (this didn't happen just a thought experiment): Shooting from a position of cover (POC 1) and you successfully engage all the targets. You then are moving, in the open, to a new POC (POC 2). While on the move and in the open to POC 2 you turn and shoot at the already engaged targets (assuming no 180 or muzzle safe point break). Is that legal? Extension of
  10. Got my Gen5 G17 back from being milled. I'm having a hard time putting it down. I have been working on a ton on speeding up my transitions as well as speeding up my one-step reloads. I started out working transitions without worrying about trigger presses. Seeing the dot move from point to point. I was pushing speed and shifting between freestyle/strong/weak as I did this. Regardless of grip/hand I noticed that I was slowing myself down by "floating" into the point of aim at the end. I focused on just stopping at the point of aim. That ended up being a two step process.
  11. Fair enough. Everyone is a bit different. I'm just fascinated by the differences and the reasons behind them. Why a 2.5moa?
  12. That is similar to Tony's grip too. Interesting. I have a clamp grip with my support hand. Most people miss it because the grip doesn't appear much different from a traditional grip. I wonder what causes you the fatigue with a different grip. Also: the lack of an optic on that gun makes me sad.
  13. As long as you don't yeet a $120 STI mag over a berm you are ahead of the game.
  14. The yeet of disappointment. It's an art. Lol. Also, I understand 100%
  15. Match video from action steel today special for the Enos Forums: Falling Steel For Enos Forums General Notes: Irons are hard. I haven't been practicing them and it showed today. Also, it helps to check your sight in. My one big take away was that my grip isn't as stable as I would like. I kept seeing the front sight drift left or right (depending on the direction of the transition) in the rear sight notch. Locking out my shooting wrist more solved that issue and there was a drastic improvement in transition efficacy. Otherwise I left my feelings and notes in the video. Here is the go
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