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Recomendation for a 3gun rifle + scope - no budget


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If your going to buy I would go JP rifle with a Vortex Razor or Swaro optic.  You could go 10x on the Razor and a 18" barrel on the rifle if you shoot in an area with extended ranges frequently.  I personally think the 6x optic is fine for 3 gun.

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If Budget is truly unlimited JPs are awesome.  Something to consider is Radian.  They have ambi controls and I always change my charging handle and safety (45 degree safety) to the Radian versions on all of my rifles.


If you go with JP go with their new M-Lok rail.   They are a bit lighter than their MK III series hand rails.  I also have noted the MK III rail sucks on some props you may need to prop the gun on.   


As for an optic Bang for the buck, although I know budget is unlimited, the Vortex eye box/ eye relief is amazing and very forgiving.  Vortex Razor 1-6 is all the optic you most likely will need.  If you have matches you know of that may make you go out to 500 the 1-10 could be an option.  


If you choose to shoot open, there are many new scope mounts that have incorporated off set red dot mounts which attach to the main scope mount.  Pretty slick system.  

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JP SCI-20 w/ C-more C3.  Atlas bi-pod and RTS2 off-set.  The C3 isn't the most expensive scope, but it might just be the best for you.  It's got a few extra things going for it.



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On 8/24/2022 at 12:40 AM, nadurra said:

I've been out of the game for some time.  Would like to just go all out and buy something really Cadillac. 


No budget just the best of the best.


Make some recommendations please?

What distance does your local match go out to? 

What major matches, if any, do you plan on shooting? 

What is your experience level? 

Do you have any physical limitations? 

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I have JPs. 
My main is a CTR with a Swaro 1.7-10x SFP. 
The clarity of the Swaro is awesome especially in the early mornings or shaded targets. 
Hate the SFP. I didn’t make dope cards for the other powers. My bad. I’m not that smart. 
Going to a FFP as soon as my new scope arrives. 
LaRue mounts!

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