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  1. I decided to take the plunge and aggressively bobb (or faux carmonize) my hammer. I though that if I mess it up I could use it as an excuse to have the gun worked over by TK Custom. I'll need another excuse though because it turned out great. It's not as pretty as some I've seen here, but it's allowed me to lighten the action significantly and still pop well seated federal primers
  2. Adamj

    Limcats new Magwell

    I have also heard numerous guests on the 3 Gun Show podcast mention how this magwell will correct a poorly inserted magazine.
  3. Adamj

    Started Wet Tumbling

    I started wet tumbling recently after years of using ground walnut as media and I'm not sure what took me so long to convert. Even though I know there isn't any performance difference I love my like new shiny brass. Giving my old friends a new look. No more dust or walnut pieces everywhere. Now I'm just chasing metal pins all over the house. Walnut on the left wet tumbled on the right.
  4. Adamj

    Hodgdon Titegroup vs VV N320 for 9mm

    I started with Titegroup and switched to N320. I will not be going back.
  5. Adamj

    Revo holster

    DAA and Speed Beez for me.
  6. Adamj

    WCC Headstamp

    Don't trash it just decrimp it. If you don't want a 1050 just get the dillon super swage 600.
  7. Adamj

    Aluminum carriers

    There is some slight wear on the bcg where it rides the hammer, but no noticeable wear on the upper.
  8. Adamj

    Aluminum carriers

    I have the JP ULMOS. Up to 500 rounds and no issues so far.
  9. Welcome to the cult. It becomes addicting and will completely ruin buying ammo from now on. I am also curious where in the world you got two 1050s for auch a low price.
  10. Adamj

    Mission - soft and flat shooting AR15

    I'm switching to open and have been thinking of using the tank break, but came to the same conclusion that surely it can't enough difference to justify $100.
  11. Adamj

    Mission - soft and flat shooting AR15

    I started out with a rifle length tube, but JPs silent caoture spring system is carbine length so I had a delrin spacer. I have since switched to an XLR carbine length tube and simply took the spacer out.
  12. Adamj

    Mission - soft and flat shooting AR15

    I have a full JP build 18" rifle length gas system, adjustable gas block, lightweight bcg, and their silent caoture spring system. All that combined makes it the absolute softest ahooting rifle I've ever fired.
  13. Adamj

    STI mags

    You can also call and he will walk you through what to get if you are still uncertain.
  14. Adamj

    Shockbottle case checker

    The rounds I load to that oal work fine in my hundo.
  15. I think for me it doesn't matter how shiny my brass is. I don't care if I can see my reflection in it or if it's clean enough to do shots with (pun intended). My goal is perfect function and pursuing the shortest possible path to reach that goal. I don't think it's necessary for pistol cases and I haven't noticed any decline in function since stopping the use of pins. It saves a little time, avoids some headache chasing pins, and still leaves me with functioning brass.
  16. Adamj

    Brass tumbling recommendations

    I usually dry mine at 175°. In 30 minutes pistol brass is dry and a little bit longer for rifle brass.
  17. This is what I would do as well. I would much rather have a searchable PDF copy on my phone than a printed book.
  18. Adamj

    Posting pics

    For android I use an app called Photo & Picture Resizer". I have compressed many photos for posting here and other sites. It has the abikity to compress videos though I have never used that function.
  19. Adamj

    Buying a Dillon advice

    I own a 650 and have used a friend's 1050. I now realize that I should have started there in the first place. Which is now all the more reason to have both a 650 and a 1050.
  20. Exactly. I used to scrape the power factor floor and try to get is as light as possible like that would give me some advantage. I have since realized that such a small change doesn't affect my shooting. My bullets just get to the C zone a little faster now.
  21. Completely agree^^^ I liked to keep mine at 135 even with a tight SD to avoid any irregualrites in chrono equipment.
  22. Adamj

    Halo Neuroscience?

    It really just feels like they have a lot of money poured intongetting influencers to push their product. I would be shocked if there was an actual tangible improvement. I know in the shooting sports we are gear crazy and some people would do anything to be "sponsored", but this product really soured my opinion of those who shilled it.
  23. Adamj


    That is a strange one. Hopefully no one has been granted a reshoot for sonething like that. Sounds like a millennial request.
  24. I'm not so much worried about a fast draw as I am my ability to get a grip I don't need to adjust. I also used to take too much time trying to get a perfect sight picture on the draw and this drill taught me what I needed to see to get a shot on target quicker.
  25. Adamj

    problem adjusting to red dot

    I had a very similar struggle until I realized I needed to shoot target focus which is the opposite of how I learned to shoot. Also, taking advice from this forum I dry fired like a mad man including many different positions to learn how to find the dot in a situation other than the draw.