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  1. I have the Calvin Elite and love it over some 3lb+ triggers. The 1.5lb pull weight does sound uncomfortably light to some, but in using it I doubt you would ever light one off unintentionally. I can't say that it makes much difference at all in my performance though. Splits don't matter that much when compared with target transitions. Stance, technique, and knowing how to build a stable position on longer shots are more important than having a hair trigger. My advice would be the boring keep what you have and practice. I've since stopped chasing gear in favor of live fire practice and classes.
  2. I used the DAA Alpha X holster and it certainly was not holding me back in any way.
  3. I have had both stainless and blue. I personally liked the tighter fit of the stainless better. It loaded easier and more consistently.
  4. JP's 18" light contour barrel meets your criteria. Mine shoots more accurately than I could ever need. As mentioned before each barrel comes with a head spaced bolt that lowers the price of the barrel. Also JP team members on the forum have codes to help you out.
  5. Any idea what the trigger pull weight range is?
  6. I can't say enough good things about my Vortex Razor Gen 2 1-6. My matches don't often go past 200 but the clarity, eye box, and field of view at 1 power is awesome.
  7. I think a 510C would be a great PCC optic. It certainly seems to work well for Max Leograndis.
  8. I feel like this thread got away from me a little bit. Does anyone with a GMR-15 have opinions on how to configure them? Does felt recoil or handling play into your decision? -Heavy vs. Light Overall Build -Short Barrel vs. Longer -Heavy Tungsten SCS vs. Steel Inserts
  9. Speedbeez is a good option. The DAA locks nicely and was my favored option.
  10. DAA racemasters are really slick and highly adjustable. I mainly shoot 3 gun so I switched over to a kydex set from Weber Tactical. Love them both, but each has its particular application.
  11. I mainly shoot 3 gun and am looking into getting a GMR 15 because it seems like a good time and to get a little more long gun experience in under the clock. Shooting open my KL12 and 18" JP are heavy guns. For eveyone that has been shooting PCC for a while: Should I set up my GMR 15 to be heavy like my other guns and use it as a semi-training tool? Or abandon that idea in favor of treating it as a totally separate activity and go light?
  12. I really like my JP flat top mount. My Razor has maintained zero after being speared into multiple barrels.
  13. It seems like most use a harris 6-9 or 9-13 depending on what fit their body the best.
  14. Another vote for the KL12. Just skip the quad load learning curve all together.
  15. Another vote for Weber Tactical
  16. I think you will need to send the pistol in anywhere to get the kind of holster we are looking for. Don't neglect looking for something local. I was surprised to find a company in my backyard. If I was looking at spending the money on a race holster I would just bite the bullet on the wait time and send the pistol off.
  17. I have been searching for the same thing and called both RHT and Weber Tactical. RHT used to make them, but got out of the open holster game. Weber was developing an open holster for the Atlas Chaos, but hasn't yet brought that to market. Adam Weber recommended Windfall Defense for a custom kydex option. I'm going to have someone local to me give it a try and use a DAA Alpha X until then. No one seems to mass produce a kydex open holster other than NERD.
  18. I also use the Timney Calvin Elite. It is definitely the best AR trigger I have ever used. Its highly adjustable with multiple trigger shoes.
  19. +1. I just bought this grip looking for a more vertical slimmer grip and it's perfect for me.
  20. I have also heard numerous guests on the 3 Gun Show podcast mention how this magwell will correct a poorly inserted magazine.
  21. I started with Titegroup and switched to N320. I will not be going back.
  22. Adamj

    Revo holster

    DAA and Speed Beez for me.
  23. Don't trash it just decrimp it. If you don't want a 1050 just get the dillon super swage 600.
  24. There is some slight wear on the bcg where it rides the hammer, but no noticeable wear on the upper.
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