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  1. This looks awesome. I think I'm more interested in the compact version.
  2. I also run the hiperswitch with my eclipse. It works just fine and I like the 60° throw.
  3. I know it just went live on their site, but I was wondering if anyone has had hands on experience with Dissident's new PCC at any matches with Lan. Also curious what everyone thinks about PCCs in the AK platform. I have a GMR-15 and am seriously considering picking one of these up. http://dissidentarms.com/index.php/product/kr-9-elite-dissident-arms/
  4. Picture is from the Atlas Gunworks facebook page: From left to right: Holosun Optics 510C, Sig Sauer Romeo 3 Max, Sig Sauer Romeo 3 XL, Trijicon SRO, Leupold Deltapoint Pro, Vortex Razor, CMORE RTS2, and Vortex Venom
  5. I just bought a GMR-15 and missed the new charging handle by just a few months. I was very excited to see they came out with one for competition shooters. However, when I went to place an order I couldn't get past the price. I hate I didn't know this was coming down the pipe when I had them build mine.
  6. This is exactly why I'm shopping triggers too. I'm spoiled with my Timney Calin Elite in my 3 gun rifle. The reset on the JP drop-in in my GMR is too weak for me. I'd love to know what you land on.
  7. Before I sold my Atlas Titan for a Chaos I used one from Weber Tactical and loved it. The hood release was intuitive and almost as fast after dry fire. If I didn't have an open gun I'd still be using that holster.
  8. I chopped down my DAA belt and installed the carbon arms ratchet system. It's the only way I'll secure my belts from now on. I carry a boat anchor of an open gun, three 170mm mags, 45 round rifle ma, and multiple shotgun mags. I haven't had a single issue.
  9. Weber Tactical has many different mounting options including ELS. You definitely won't be disappointed in Adam's products.
  10. I have the exact same experience as you. The rounds that only slightly miss the gauge get relegated to practice and always seem to work. I am still too picky to use them in the match though.
  11. The DAA Alpha X does have a lock which was disengaged by the sling. If you go with a slide ride dot then you can use a hooded holster which seems to be the way to go.
  12. NERD makes the "URN" holster which is built around and for STI open pistols. I know a guy on YouTube modified one to work for an Atlas Chaos though. Their Coffin holster seems pretty great, but it just seems like you pay a little too much for the cool factor with their stuff. I didn't want to pay that much and then have to cut, heat, and mold it to fit my Chaos.
  13. The best answer in getting a kydex holster for an open gun seems to be finding someone local or sending the gun off to someone willing to do custom work.
  14. Anytime. I paid $120. If you already had a hanger you'd save some money. Also, if you wanted one I could get him to make another from my gun.
  15. I did too. It makes it easy to torque down on it or loosen.
  16. As an update I just had a guy local to me, FS Tactical, build a kydex holster for my Chaos. Haven't used it in a match, but I've done everything I would and it hasn't budged. Very happy with the results.
  17. As an update I just had a guy local to me, FS Tactical, build a kydex holster for my Chaos. Haven't used it in a match, but I've done everything I would and it hasn't budged. Very happy with the results.
  18. Here's one I just had a local guy, FS Tactical, make for my Chaos. It can be adjusted extremely tight. I'm not at all worried about retention.
  19. I finally got a local maker, FS Tactical, to create one for my Chaos. I haven't used it in a match yet, but I've run, jumped, and used a slung rifle. It has held tight with a full 170mm mag. I started with a DAA Alpha X and when my rifle sling unlocked it and sent my $6,000+ pistol bouncing on the gravel I began looking for a different solution.
  20. OP, Did you ever find what you were looking for?
  21. Straight from JP and get it built exactly how you want. A year from you won't care you waited 6 weeks.
  22. I have the Calvin Elite and love it over some 3lb+ triggers. The 1.5lb pull weight does sound uncomfortably light to some, but in using it I doubt you would ever light one off unintentionally. I can't say that it makes much difference at all in my performance though. Splits don't matter that much when compared with target transitions. Stance, technique, and knowing how to build a stable position on longer shots are more important than having a hair trigger. My advice would be the boring keep what you have and practice. I've since stopped chasing gear in favor of live fire practice and classes.
  23. I used the DAA Alpha X holster and it certainly was not holding me back in any way.
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