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  1. Very interesting! Will the spring kit from the 5.56 work? Or do you need to use the 308?
  2. I think it'd be fine but the RM will be the one to satisfy. I was shooting a Glock 35 Limited gun in a major once and started having issues so I asked if I could use my 2011 Limited gun to finish the match. The RM concluded that if the 2011 were an advantage then why would I have started with the Glock instead. Just my experience. Don't forget to go back and chrono the backup gun!
  3. Like Grumpy, it really depends on what you're shooting and your goal for a load. I've found several factory loads that were similar in pf to what I've used in 9, 40 and 45. They were a little hotter but not terrible. Rifle is a different story, I only trust my reloads for long range. I can control consistency and I don't have to worry about small differences box to box like factory ammo. It's definitely very time consuming but including the price of presses and components I'm coming out cheaper, if my time is considered free anyway.
  4. I know Troy personally and what I discussed here came straight from his mouth as an MD at an Area match. Read my posts and cite our errors to what rule I quoted
  5. That rule is speaking to a sight picture, correct? A sight picture is still when we hold a weapon in our hand right? I guess I need to reread the question and see where these guys are walking around with a weapon in their hand between the make ready and beep. Damn, reading really is tough here. Here's your bag, now eat some lol
  6. Sarge, I don't know what your issue is with me and frankly don't give a damn but these are the same guidelines we use at Level III's. The average beep to beep average is close to 3 min. at every major I've worked. Every now and then you have shooters that have a longer prep time than others, that's why it's an average. Feel like I have to speak slow around you for you to get it.
  7. That's what your 5 minutes is for. If the shooter isn't ready when it's his time to perform I skip them and move on. I've always been under the practice of giving a shooter up to 2 minutes once the make ready has been issued and I've also never had a shooter take more than a couple steps from the start position to do his final prep. We have to keep the match on schedule for everyone's sake
  8. I didn't ADD anything, I'm trying my best to spell out what the rule means. If it were two thoughts it would be And now we are in the habit of sweeping people? I give up, do what you want. Common sense and a little reading comprehension goes a long way
  9. By the way, a rifle in a cart 100% within the rules in USPSA and 3GN, "sweeps" just as much as a slung rifle would
  10. That's just it, what you have interpreted is NOT in the rule book and I don't know how to make it any clearer. What you are discussing is sweeping, which is an action. The rules discuss sweeping, just as it does for pistols. Once the pistol is holstered it is theoretically sweeping your leg, your foot, other people's legs and feet that may be close to you but it's not considered the action of sweeping, correct? A slung rifle is treated the same as a holstered pistol as the guidelines state. While the rifle is slung it's only supported by the sling and nothing else and in accordance with the rules. PCC Failing to point the muzzle at a side berm or back stop during casing or uncasing, or sweeping any person with the muzzle of a PCC, whether loaded or not, even if a chamber flag is inserted. How can you interpret this to mean that a slung rifle sweeping someone's feet or legs while being slung is DQ'able??? Doesn't the rule speak to the uncasing/casing or unslinging/slinging said rifle and in doing so failing to point the muzzle at a side berm or backstop OR sweeping someone in that process EVEN if you are pointing at the side berm or backstop? If anyone has a hard time thinking how this came about, think of the stage being reset, towards the backstop OR a bystander, by the side berm and the PCC shooter uncases, unslings, and sweeps one of those people. Thats what we're discussing here in the rule. Not a slung rifle sweeping yourself or anyone else, if that were the case you wouldn't be able to walk with the slung rifle as your feet are swept on each step. Man, if you still think the shooter was sweeping in accordance to our rules then I can't help you but you're going to not only be embarrassed when you're overruled but also ruin a shooters day over what you thought was a rule.
  11. sorry double post. Also for the most part, the guys shooting PCC have been existing members like the rest of us
  12. I don't think anyone's asking for anything special or to be changed. Just a lot of crying over nothing. If we get rid of the ability to use slings then case closed. Well sort of, then we'll have to address the guns being transported in carts "sweeping" people too.... If only we had a piece of kydex covering the trigger that magically made it safe....
  13. While we're doing this, how would you interpret and in relation to muzzle orientation and "sweeping"?
  14. This is the OP and his statement of what happened. We're smarter than this! The "exception of sweeping rules" is speaking to the chamber flag and the unslinging or slinging of the PCC. Simply saying that even though the PCC has a chamber flag, if you sweep yourself or anyone else while unslinging or slinging. I can't understand how anyone could make an argument otherwise. The real issue is PCC is not being accepted by some members and they're doing whatever possible to cause grief. With it being clarified what the real situation is and still saying this is a DQ, I have to assume that you just have a problem with PCC in general.
  15. The rule is speaking to the action of sweeping, the unslinging and slinging just as they speak of holstering a pistol. While you carry your pistol in your holster do you not sweep yourself and others if they stand close to you? This is what we're talking about. The guy standing there with his PCC slung behind him and the person next to him is saying that the gun is sweeping him because it's not 100% vertical and is at an angle that it can sweep anyone closer than 5 ft. If he were unslinging or slinging then I'd agree with you as that is the rule, and a good one!
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