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  1. Interesting choice of words. Are they talking about when the bullet is made and then stored?
  2. I just started running a Triarc 14.5” barrel and the accuracy has been stellar with the short time I have ran it. About 800 rounds and hitting 6” plates at 200yds without much effort. It’s not in a Triarc gun. I put the Triarc barrel in Wilson Combat receiver set. It’s currently my favorite AR. My buddy runs a Ballistic advantage 13.9” and smokes most of us with it. He and others I have talked to, love that barrel, especially for the price point. Mind you, our matches do not require us to go past 200yds for the most part. I will I’ll say I have not had the time to measure groups at 100 yds with the Triarc but will be here soon. Also I have zero experience shooting the bullet weights you are interested in. I have been only running 55gr Bullets through mine. Something to know about Triarc barrels is they are ported for suppressed and non suppressed operation. I do not feel my current 14.5” is over gassed and I run a normal gas block. I run a Surefire Warcomp and the gun runs as flat as I need it to. As far as Triarc handguns, you could not give me one. They have a lot of work to make that platform right from what I have read from numerous sources.
  3. Unless you are absolutely set on using one and only one optic, MOS. If you are a dude that chases the next hotness definitely MOS. If you are someone that likes to tinker then MOS. If you are not the type that keeps guns for very long, then MOS. See the pattern.
  4. For certain. Also if there is a breeze or not. Cool mornings in a temperature inversion when the air is really still, the smoke lingers worse. Even with Sport Pistol, it is noticeable. I do note the difference watching shooters using TiteGroup versus Sport Pistol. More smoke with TiteGroup.
  5. I understand the concern. I would not attend matches in New Jersey or New York if I had to fly in. They actually haul you off to jail. We assess risk in everything we do every day. Colorado USPSA competitors are trying to help others understand the lay of the landscape here. You do not have to believe us. You have to take all of the information you obtain including current laws to assess the risks and to make your own decisions. Something to keep in mind if you research how people are charged in possession in Colorado of possessing High capacity magazines as a result of being charged with another crime. Much like drug possession if you are pulled over for speeding. Many laws are written and are enforced to varying degrees all over the world. Several laws are broken by people everyday due to the fact they know there is no enforcement. Again asses your own risk. There is always the choice of shipping your mags with your ammo. This way they end up at the range the competition is going to be held. Then ship them out before you fly out if you have concerns. Then there is the option of not going at all. There is always a wait list for these events. Like I said before, match attendance will tell the story.
  6. Played around with that Ambi mag release on a buddies MPX. It was super stiff. I also don’t think I saw many guys use it on the MPX. It seemed like they held the PPC with their strong hand up against the mag well and used the strong side thumb to activate the normal mag release when shooting with their weak hand. At least for right handed shooters.
  7. Luc Cao DQ'd with an AD as well. Not sure what stage. It can happen to everyone.
  8. Something I am going to play around with for certain. I shot carry optics so I thought it was easier than what PCCs had to do. I didn't even have to use a special mag pouch in that I just set the mag in the correct orientation on a magnet. Not going to spend a lot of time on this, but at least have an idea in place I am comfortable with that I can then practice if this sort of stage comes up again.
  9. Trigger Tech Diamond AR Trigger. Set to just under 2 pounds. You can adjust the trigger from 1.5 to 5 pounds with the turn of a set screw. I have this in my AR and PCC and love them. If you are looking for a super positive reset this trigger like the AR Gold trigger is not the trigger you are looking for. I do have a CMC 3.5# Flat trigger for sale (new in box), if you have any interest in that trigger. The CMCs are great triggers, I was just looking for something a bit lighter.
  10. Sent one over the berm on a reload from what I understand. Weak hand reload was not required per the written stage brief but for a competitive time you should have had a method to where you didn’t have to switch hands to reload and switch hands again to complete the last 6 shots. The best method we observed PCC wise was maintain your strong hand on the rail and remove your weak hand from the grip and reload the PCC using your normal hand to do so. Not conventional but it seemed the safest way. Not sure which method Froelich tried to complete the reload weak hand.
  11. We access risk every day in everything we do. We understand you risk assessment of the situation. Thank you for your input.
  12. ^^^^^^^^^ THIS Bringing magazines in and out of Colorado is not an Issue. I would not forward any information of what you have when you fly out. To my knowledge they are not checking you luggage when you arrive with checked firearms. When you approach the counter indicate that you are checking a firearm with your luggage. That is it. Many of the local USPA members fly in and out of DIA without issue. The airline and the TSA does not care. They only care that the firearm is checked properly. I carry a printed copy of the TSA and the airline I am flying on guideline's if the TSA and/or baggage check personnel do not know their own rules and regulations. TSA and airline bag check personnel are not versed in what the magazines laws are, and do not seem to care. Hunters come in and out of the state all of the time by air. Checking in your firearm is pretty common place for most airlines and the TSA at DIA. With that said do not do something dumb and bring loaded magazines in your luggage. Also, when you are flying out give yourself an extra 30-45 minutes to check the firearm(s). You have to accompany it to the X-Ray machine, and they may need the keys to open the case if the X-Ray machine comes up with something they need to look at. Colorado is not New Jersey. (At least for now) Also, I understand for some getting to Grand Junction, Colorado may not be ideal, but that facility will blow any National event you have ever attended out of the water. The facility is amazing and the staff there puts on a first rate match.
  13. I thought they should have switch the last two Nationals location wise. Put the Alabama Nationals in October and the Colorado Nationals in September. Now that I gave this a little more thought. The are shooting in September in Alabama because of the 9:00 am start time. In both of our PM starts we were shooting when the sun was down.
  14. Only because CO was shot with PCC. Next year they will have 350-400 CO shooter only at CO Nationals at CMP.
  15. After attending CO Nationals, I think due to the wait list that was probably so long USPSA felt the could fill CO Nationals with 400 shooters. I also believe that USPSA had a multi year deal with CMP so they may be keeping CO Nationals there until the contract with CMP is completed.
  16. First I will preface this was my first pistol nationals so I do not know what the norm would be, or have much to compare it to. To me there was a lot of long stuff, about a half dozen (possibly a few more) with open targets out at 23-36 yds. The open targets gave you the impression you could possibly shoot them a little faster. Also some Gimmick stages, (carrying a 20 pound ammo can) to shoot I believe 12 targets one handed. One stage where first string you shot 6 rounds reload 6 strong hand, second string you shot 6 rounds reload 6 weak hand (Virginia count). One stage was shoot last three targets weak hand with targets at about 5 yds., 10 yds., and 18 yds. (is the target range most shot that stage with their week hand). A few timing stages where if you missed steel, it would throw your stage plan off. A stage had 2 swingers where the IPSC targets was essentially cut down to the top 1/3 of the target (lots of mikes on those targets). All in all I though it was a good test of a lot of myriad of different shooting skills. During the match, I did not know how I felt about the gimmick stages, but after discussing with other shooters on my squad I felt the same way they did as I have had time to reflect, it was a good test. I will say there was a few competitors there that weighed under 100 pounds or just over 100 pounds, so to asking them to carry a 20# ammo can seem to throw off competitive balance a bit. At least it did in my eyes. The ammo can stage also compelled the PCC shooters to shoot their rifle one handed. Not sure how I feel about that when there is a specific rule about not making PCC shooters shoot one handed. Yes I understand you are not making them shoot one handed but to be competitive for PCC on that stage you pretty much had to shoot one handed. Section C is where all of the gimmick stages seem to be so you shot them all on one day. That section seem to eat a lot people's lunch. Overall I liked the stages, and felt they were pretty diverse. I thought the stage designs allowed the shooters to essentially get themselves in trouble by not respecting certain targets, or giving the shooter a false sense of their shooting ability on certain target presentations. Learned a lot, and at least what to work on for the next one.
  17. Mason Lane won Limited Nationals in 2020 with a plastic gun.
  18. Not sure exactly in what way they fell behind when so many are trying to copy them. As far as a self defense dot I choose an RMR. They have been the most robust optic for years now after the release of the Gen 2 units. Until an ACRO can come up with a reasonable battery life for an optic I would not be choosing one of those. I do think Holosun are good optic but I do not rank them with an RMR. Many people chase the flavor of the week so it does not surprise me that people have moved off RMRs. But it most likely had zero to do with the performance of the optic. While I do see the benefits of a closed RDS, I have yet to see one that makes sense for a pistol. Most fall short in way or another of the RMR. Until one comes along that checks all the boxes I will keep my RMR. For competition is use a mix of SROs and Romeo 3 optics for the large glass size. If I felt I needed a more durable optic they would all be RMRs.
  19. 124 gr and 135 gr work well in my X5s 124 gr Precision Delta JHP has the following PF using N320 4.1 gr > 133 PF 4.2 gr > 135 PF If you are running coated bullets 4.1 gr would probably get you close to 135 PF I like my PF around 135. I think the gun runs better with the 14 lb recoil spring and 135 PF, plus I never have to worry about chrono.
  20. Thanks, I now understand why I can sometimes load 22 vs 23 rounds and feel comfortable about the operation of the mag in my Carry Optics mags. I have just just started using the 140 mm mags in my Athena and have yet to have any sort of malfunction. This is with only a couple of hundred rounds through the gun, but it’s hard to beat $100/$120 for a complete 2011 magazine.
  21. I double up inside. I don’t even use them. Foam plugs with over the ear. If if I were to use the OTTOs which I have I turn them off. It’s almost the passive does not work at all indoors. When OTTOs are off I believe the have the same decimal reduction that foam ear plugs have just over 20 I believe.
  22. Nothing you can do. Hopefully he uses it as a learning experience and works on his reloads/loading pistols from right to left. This has been an issue for me in the past including a DQ on the first stage of a Level II type match (a novelty match where there is 50-60 rounds per stage expelled from the gun) last year this time of year. I went home and immediately started working on this. It has gotten much better, but I do find if I become distracted by something else happening unexpected before the reload, I tend to loose shoulder angle discipline in regards to the back berm coming close to breaking 180 when reloading from right to left. I think we all have things to work on, and for some of those things it require remedial training to stay up to snuff. Expensive lessons indeed.
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