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  1. I think jacketed bullets are the least problematic in general. Ours take 23 and work. I would leave them loaded for a week and try it. Maybe change to a different mag body and try that. I have had good luck with ours in Gen 3 and Gen 5 Glock 34's running the same recoil spring about 130 PF 147 gr PD's. Is the gun brand new? Does it run flawless with factory mags?
  2. https://www.amazon.com/JW-Systems-Dillon-Primer-Bearing/dp/B01L9Q2TX4
  3. If your 650 breaks before a match and your not well ahead that could be an issue. That's why I have two 650's now, plus it's easier. I have my 550 set up for large primer stuff. Yours could be your back up for your 650. But if your not a match shooter, maybe you don't need it.
  4. They are local to me and have sponsored some matches I have shot. I will give that a look thanks!
  5. I have questions about this as well. I watched the Atlas Gun Works youtube video? Is that what it is like? I don't know the right dimensions for the feed lips either. Perhaps this is varied based on the actions of the gun.
  6. Thanks to all for their contributions! Mama and I are weighing the options...
  7. The port work on the factory Benelli 3 gun models was not as good as Aaron Hayes or TTI work that I have seen though that could have changed. I want my port recut by Hayes Custom Guns, those are the best I have seen. I am sure there are others. If I were doing it all over again I would just buy a turn key gun from one of the big names and be done with it. It's a bitter financial pill to swallow but worth it.
  8. My wife and I both shoot 3 gun. My son wants to shoot 3 gun but he is an 84 pound 12 year old. We thought we could get him a PCC to shoot for a year or two until he gets bigger and can manage a 12 gauge without getting beat up. I can build an AR no problem but really don't want to build a PCC. I would rather buy one, foolish maybe, I don't know? I would love to get a JP, but again it's for a 12 year old to use for a couple of years. Here would be what I am looking for: Less than $1000, runs like a Glock, has the capability to change the trigger or a good trigger from the factory, full length forend or capability to change. I know Sig makes one or two, Ruger has one. Also I just won a Hyperfire Competition Hypertouch, will this work in a PCC? Any other suggestions are appreciated!
  9. One of our rifles with a Odin Work ultra-lightweight barrel that shot sub moa, went to pieces when I put a tighter handguard on there. I switched back to a roomier Samson Evolution handguard and it shot sub moa again. That same handguard works fine on a different rifle with a heavier barrel profile. I figure that lightweight barrel whipped too much and the gas block was hitting the handguard. If you shoot a 60 or 70 round stage in a match those slimmer handguards get to hot also (or more properly are closer to the heat), like getting a burn hot, FWIW. I agree with the other poster, process of elimination.
  10. I have two of the metal inserts. I did not know there was another, I may try it next. I would say the metal inserts are not perfect but adequate.
  11. I assume your talking Dillon Super Swage 600? I adjust mine by screwing the swaging rod in until it's tight on something like a Winchester case, then swage and see how the primers seat. I will do fine adjustments from there. If your having a problem just call Dillon. I have made a few mistakes with Dillon reloading equipment and they walked me through it.
  12. Spartanburg Practical Shooters Association has bimonthly matches that are very good. https://www.facebook.com/shootspsa.org/ The Clinton House Plantation (at the Clinton exit) has very good 3 gun matches. They have a website with a match schedule I believe as well.
  13. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Jager-Captured-Steel-Guide-Rod-for-Gen5-P5051.aspx I use this with a IMSI 13# Glock spring. 11# is to light for the Gen 5 34's in my experience, the guide rod is longer, slide has more mass on the 34's etc. Don't know about the 17's. I have never used the rod for Wolff Springs and I sure it would be fine too. Maybe not the solution you're looking for but a solution...
  14. I am pretty generous with the One Shot Case Lube when loading pistol on a 650. It says it dries in one minute approximately. When I check powder charges you can see sometimes a little powder wants to stick to the case wall, I assume from the waxy nature of the lube. Now I guess your real question is: does it affect combustion of the propellant? Hornady says it does not. My chronograph says it does not affect combustion. I also tumble my lubed LOADED rounds for 5 minutes and the chronograph says there is no change there either. I think it is good to be objective and question your reloading practices, or else you can not improve. I think your good using the case lube. I suppose you could spray an extreme amount of case lube on the cases and test that as a stress test but it seems like we would have heard something about One Shot affecting propellant combustion in the last couple of decades. I personally have not. Maybe this thread will elucidate that. On a tangent I buy the Dillon Case Lubricant in bulk for trimming brass with my Dillon power trimmer (for rifle). I do not believe it makes the same claims as One Shot about not affecting the propellant so I only use that for brass trimming. I will have to go read the label on that product...
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