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  1. I can shoot most any stock but if it does not have QD attachment points its usually out of the running.
  2. I have 18" and 16" barrels. I do like both and seem to shoot them equally well though the 18" rifle gas barrel seems softer shooting long range targets. I have 5 Odin works barrels now and Odin Works has a sub moa guarantee. All my barrels shoot sub moa. I have never met an unhappy Criterion barrel owner either and I have wanted to get one for a long time. 2 moa is something I would not be happy with. I shot 68's for a while but find that 75 and 77 grain bullets shoot better. There are other barrels that are awesome but that is my experience. The main reason I kept buying more Odin barrels is because I would get them on sale at Primary Arms for about $200. That probably won't happen at this particular moment. I watched the Criterion barrel youtube series on accurizing the AR and I am 100% convinced it makes a difference. That is how I assemble now. After you do a few of these you will get more comfortable. https://criterionbarrels.com/media/accurizing-the-ar-15-video-series/
  3. I would bet somebody with less than stellar skills did that during assembly or disassembly. I would just order another pin, and perhaps a locking block, and run it.
  4. I have a 1-6 Razor that has been on various carbines being thrown in barrels since 2015 without a hiccup. I have looked through the Viper and they are nice. I think the Razors are built tougher. I have shot in several matches out to 500. I happened to go to a 700 yard range Sunday and was hitting steel pretty easily on 6x. I thought I could see the targets well. I have to admit I would like a 1-10. I am only doing three gun so 1-6 is fine. If there is an inordinate amount of profit in the Razor 1-6 then maybe a price cut. I don't think that is the case with the competition that is out there. I bought a used Razor off here used and now I want another. There is the VIP warranty and you do not have to be the original purchaser. If money is an issue, get a Viper.
  5. I screwed up the hood on one of our WRS holsters the other day trying to make it easier to deactivate. I called Blade-tech for parts and they don't sell them. I was able to buy a new hood kit for $29 from a vendor. When I was talking to the customer service girl, she said they no longer do anything custom either. As an example, the last couple holsters I ordered, I requested no threadlocker. I told her the competative shooter is a DIY kind of person and we would like to just order parts from a website, like Dillon precision. She said she would pass it along but they are not doing that at this time. I did not know they moved to Ohio either. I am not sure I will be going with Blade Tech anymore in the future. I think I will look at Red Hill Tactical for the next holster. They have holsters with hoods.
  6. My 3 gun setup> Dawson Precision sights, Jager SS guide rod, IMSI 13# spring, TTI grandmaster trigger kit. Nothing wrong with tungsten if you want it that I know of.. The Gen 5 guide rods are different dimensionally. The stock gen 5 RSA did not run 130 PF ammo well on 2 Gen 5 34's that we have. I can run a IMSI 11# spring (prefer a 13#) in the Gen 3 guns (34's) but not in the Gen 5's, they won't go into battery well.
  7. Sometimes the overall lengths of slugs is different than shotshells. I would run the Fiocci.
  8. I used to use it for 9 and 40 before switching to N320 or Sport Pistol. It is loud and quite accurate. There are published +P recipes for 9 and 45 and maybe 38 as I recall. It will be fine for all the calibers you listed.
  9. I have a bunch of the 21 round magpul mags that I paid around $12 for. I have left them loaded for 2 years or more and they are running great, so good in fact, I just bought a dozen more for roughly the cost of an MBX. Maybe if I was a top 5% shooter in a big match...
  10. I use and like N320 but have worked up Sport Pistol loads for 9mm and 40 major. SP is half the price and just as good. When my N320 is gone it won't be replaced, and I am stockpiling SP in the interim.
  11. I am all Crossbreed Supertuck or minituck myself and I am very happy with the products. I am using the Crossbreed belts now too (they have sales). The biggest I carry is a Glock 17.
  12. Definitely try the TTI striker spring first!
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