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  1. Does anyone know if you need a light bearing holster for the night match?
  2. I got a 9mm SVI used that built in 2016 with the signature skate grip AET tin finish barrel sight tracker 5.4 in their pvd finish with stainless controls and 5 tuned sv mags. I wanted the Atlas after handling one at a match before finding SVI. I happened to find this SVI and negotiated a deal I couldn't pass up. First world problems.?
  3. I bought an SVI for a bit less than a new Nemesis that came with 5 mags. I'd end up paying nearly 2 grand more plus waiting a couple of months to buy Atlas with mags. I'd be crazy if I were to unload a SVI for an Atlas.
  4. The AET barrel is known to strip the plating off of plated bullets due to the rifling of the barrel causing accuracy issues. Brandon at SVI recommended using jacketed bullets with it. I've read mixed opinions on coated bullets like Blue bullets and Bayou. The non AET Infinity/Schuemann barrels don't seem to have this issue for what I've read. I just bought it and have a few thousand Berry's and Xtreme bullets already. I ordered RMR and Precision Delta bullets for it but I'm seeing if there are more options since I won't be able to used plated bullets with this gun.
  5. Has anyone shot both guns in 9mm and noticed any advantage of one over the other. Understandably their will be brand bias. Which one does a better job of returning to zero?
  6. I bought a SVI 9mm sight tracker 5.4 with AET Schuemann tin barrel. Can I get away with running coated bullets? Or am I married to jacketed bullets only? I understand plated is no go.
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