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  1. https://cobaltkinetics.com/product/cobalt-kinetics-pro-buffer-system-rifle/ These are pretty nice.
  2. I have found that plain old Federal SRP are softer and will work in Glocks. Anything harder and you will have those issues.
  3. 147 Blues over 3.8 Autocomp CCI SRP @1.160 runs it smooth!
  4. Go with the Romeo Max. I swapped all of my guns to those, and they have been flawless.
  5. nope. either cover and or a bag. microfiber cloth before im up to dry it off.
  6. blues for years, and are very accurate. no leading
  7. I had an issue with CZ shadow not liking blues, or any other longer OAL bullet. Had the barrel reamed and it worked perfect up to 1.165.
  8. It sounds like you have hammer follow issues. It may be time to get a new sear spring or adjust the one you have. I believe its the left leaf. https://youtu.be/J_UAQ4SzQUI
  9. Blues changed their profile to where its pointier instead of rounder at the tip of the bullet. Maybe give them a look.
  10. Look at the headstamps of the brass you are having issues with, and see if it has a date or the military symbol. Those primers are crimped and tend to be much harder to deprime. I tend to set those casings aside for later.
  11. They work fine with my bullet feeder, just adjusted the tilt a little. I seem to find the pointiness to be better for feeding.
  12. When did Blue Bullets change their bullet profile for the 147s? It is much better I think, but was wondering when that change happened and why.
  13. I use 147 blues over 4.2grn PowerPistol. Soft and flat. I do happen to have a Sig X5 comp on mine tho. It loves the gas.
  14. I use 7.2 of WAC with 124 grn JHP Runs about 174 PF from my gun.
  15. ..Update.. So I grabbed a Lee Universal Case Expanding die and it worked perfect. Next issue is now I am forced to seat the Gallant bullets deeper than Id like to because of the bullet profile. They will be subs, so I feel shorter seating depth will be fine. They are sitting at 2.215 instead of 2.250.
  16. What about a Lee Universal Case Expanding die??
  17. I will keep looking for one. Thx!
  18. No. Noone seems to have em in stock for .300blk.
  19. So I waited 7 months for an order of .308 bullets from Gallant. They were supposed to be 217 grn, and I planned on using them for .300 Blk subs. Sadly, when I recieved them, they were 225 grn, which was fine, but they would shave lead off onto the brass case as I was seating them. I measured them to be .310 in diameter. I then used a Lee .308 lead sizer die and still had the same issue. I am figuring it is the coating they used. Anyone else have this issue with these, or did I just get a bad batch???
  20. I just saw Kittery Trading Post in Kittery Maine has em. 200 per person per day limit, but they do exist!
  21. Started in Open, went to Limited, then went to PCC, got bored and ended up back to Open and wont ever look back.
  22. Ive noticed the RMR JHP have a wider profile towards the nose. You may have that same issue with the FMJ. I run the JHPs at 1.165 in my open guns, but have to go back to 1.140 in anything else.
  23. I prefer SRP, but SPP work just as well. Have heard some SPP can cause breach face erosion, but have not experienced it personally.
  24. If you are going to go open, save the money and make sure you get what you want the first time. I started with 2 different open guns, just to end up with a set of Limcats.
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