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  1. I burnt the engine in my 1050 Case Feeder. My bad. Talked with Tony on Thursday, dropped it off on Friday. Tuesday morning I get a call to come pick it up. WOW- It is like a brand new one. Awesome.
  2. I stopped by the home of Nelson guns. I had a very nice chat with them. I would rate their customer service attitude as excellent to superior. I have had a couple of conversion units--Marvel; I did not like . Tactical solutions does not make theirs anymore. But it runs like a champ for me. It does require 1250+ fps to run. I would buy a Nelson before anything else.
  3. Plus 1 on the pistolsmith guild. I have several pistols by their members. Worth ever penny.
  4. Nice comment. Sometimes it’s call “Customer Service”
  5. I signed up for LoCap very late. Wait listed and then approved within days. But THAT was LoCap. Open is more popular. I heard lots of discussions about round count and ammo costs. Many did not like wasting the ammo. The primer shortage was a major concern for not going.
  6. Last Thursday it happened to two of us in a PCC match.
  7. I have cancer. I went through Chemo then years later immunotherapy. I am a CRO. I just shot with 7 people; 4 CROs and a couple of ROs. I am the youngest. We have more matches than most states. So that might be important. The majority of our shooters are experienced in RO-ing regardless if certified by USPSA. Apparently we don’t follow your logic.
  8. I agree with Sarge’s assertion noted in the first sentences. It is certainly true around here.
  9. I have an extended firing pin with the assorted TKC upgrades. Previously I was getting 98% reliability on factory ammo. Now I am getting 50% with light primer strikes. My federal primers SR are also having light primer strikes. An experienced 929 shooter told me he replaced the extended firing with the stock and he has not problems. What your y'alls thoughts? Replace the extended with factory? Thanks in advance.
  10. What a BS attitude. Seriously, are you just looking to DQ people. SHO/WHO is allowed. Shooting from the hip is allowed. Point shooting is allowed. In the OK Nationals series there was a stage with a low port. Several GMs just lowered their gun to the port and shot the targets with out a sight/eyes alignment.
  11. He is in the UK! you have issues. there are many posts here to review.
  12. I shot aBrowning Superposed for decades-S/S. Inherited a B 682 Sporting Clays. I could hit the side of the barn! I had the stock cut and put in an adjustable comb; skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays all get their preferred sight picture. Happy Camper now. Get your gun fitted to your sport/style.
  13. Your apology does not cut. You are temporary suspended from TNS for three weeks for being not only funny but truthful. I suspect you have witness- that was no mike, I nicked the edge —-see.
  14. Sounds like every GM I ever met in a match. That was just one tool in their tool box.
  15. I like your first sentence! I think they have good intentions. The rest will be me banned.
  16. Mike Voigt too?
  17. The first sentence is correct. The second sentence is at first wrong. In a vacuum all things fall at 9.8m/sec2 ( squared). It has everything to do with falling objects. You are correct that aerodynamics has an effect. Back to Newton’s Laws. It is physics, math is the tool of physics. Fluid dynamics is usually in engineering and physics classes but that is old school. I am not an engineer (RPE), although my course work and experience qualified to become a registered professional engineer (my dad). I did spend six years doing high energy physics research- think rail gun. sorry I was being anal about this.
  18. Our club has LabRadar. Easy to set up and use for the most part. It has a lot of features that are nice. Reading the setup manual is recommended to understand all the features. Buy an extra battery storage device if you plan on using it for a match, otherwise take the batteries out when storing--someone didn't. The other day I set up the LabRadar and compared the results with two other brands: Chrony (2) and CED M2. One Chrony was spot on with the LabRadar. The second Chrony was slightly faster. My CED was statistically different -- Faster. So going to Nationals this year I erred on the side of slower velocities and bumped up the VV320 from 3.8 to 4.1 grs to achieve a 131 PF.
  19. Gravity is the same regardless of the weight of the mag. Sort of like Newton's laws. :-) SV Tungsten guides have lasted for years for me. Two STI Tungsten guides broke rather quickly-like within the first few months.
  20. +1. We have several SA sponsored shooters here. They say the same thing. RO is a great base gun. Of course there are recommendations for SA Custom Shop. I think at one time there were 3-4 members of the Pistolsmith Guild in that shop. But this place is home to some great pistol smiths. DW is a great base gun too.
  21. pjb45


    I got an email from HQ saying the matchbook has not been published —- ?
  22. I know Eric. Great machinist. Solid guy. NO troll.
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