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  1. Would it be helpful if we all wrote to Tapatalk to try to move the needle on an update?
  2. Thanks for all the feedback! Going to replace a few parts on the mags, follower, spring, button and base pad. I will also be checking for any burrs. And Ima buy one of those small ceramic pocket heaters to keep the mags and ammo warm. This might help getting my Steel Challenge rounds (which shoot fine indoors, but fail in cold weather) to work as well! Also going to try some lighter oil. Thanks again!
  3. Feed issues - Black Mamba Got a new Mamba a couple months ago. I probably have 400rds through it. Stock except has a RTS2 optic on it. Using the 2 Volquartsen mags that came with it and 4 standard Ruger Mark IV mags bought new. Ran it for 100rds before cleaning, did a take down, clean and oiled. Using Wilson Ultra lube 2 standard (not lite.) Typically run a bore snake a few times through it after every session and wipe it down. Gun ran flawlessly with CCI standard, mini mag hp and 40gn target and Rem thunderbolt. Had no feed issues before or after until
  4. Plunked the 150gr Fed Syntech. Plunks fine.
  5. mpmo

    Lok grip texture

    I just switched twice. stock to bogies to palm swell ridgebacks. I do like the ridgebacks a bit better than the bogies. I feel like there is less resistance on the initial grip from holster. Like my hand more easily slides into place rather than hitting all those bogies on the way to the grip. Switched on both my TSO and S2 OR.
  6. At a match last weekend, I didn’t bring enough ammo. A buddy lent me some of his factory loads including some 150gr Syntech. It ran fine in my S2 OR which has an extremely short throat. I did not plunk. I’ve got a few rounds left over, I’ll plunk it for your info. That person also has an S2 that he runs it in.
  7. Wasn't sure where else to put this where it would be the most helpful. Delete if it's not appropriate here. Was at my local shop and they had both a 5.0 and 2.5 SRO in-stock if anyone (everyone) is looking for one. Priced high at $599. But thought given how hard they are to get someone here might be interested in one at that price. https://blackwingsc.com/ Delaware, Ohio
  8. Same as Rowdy, I use the CHPWS plate. Here is the direct link: http://chpws.com/product/v4-mil-leo-cz-p-10-trijicon-rmr-holosun-407c-407c-v2-507c-507c-v2-508t-and-508t-v2 Couple notes: -I believe the one they have on their site that is listed for the Optics Ready version, is actually for the CGW Optics Ready cut, not the factory S2 OR. The one above is the correct one. -There is no hole for removing the pin to clean the extractor. This means in order to clean the extractor (I believe current thinking on this is around every 1,500 rds.) you will have to remove the
  9. Yes, Mag was loaded to capacity. Recoil spring is the lightest it came with, 11lb I believe. Went to an indoor range after my gun had been at room temp for a day. Loaded mags to 5 rds and also to full capacity. I did not have any issues. It still felt like it was struggling to feed the first round, like the slide was moving slower, struggling a bit, but they all fed. I'm going to say the cold weather. I will do a full clean before my next outdoor cold competition and see if that helps. The oil I'm using is Wilson Ultra Lube II standard. I might want to try some
  10. Shot two matches this past weekend. At LAMR, racking the slide to chamber the first round, several times the round did not completely chamber and I had to slightly push the slide forward to chamber. After that first round, no issues with feeding. Not sure what is going on with this. The biggest variable I can find is that the weather is now colder here. Normally shooting in 60-85F degrees. This weekend it was 43-49F. After I got home I did plunk test a few rounds just to make sure that wasn't the issue and they plunked fine. I did test to see if it will chamber in the warm at home. I'
  11. Here is a link to the CHPWS plate that I have on my OR with an SRO. Works perfect, fits perfect. There is not a dovetail. Only issue I had was the Loctite they sent with it. Following all instructions, it did not work. Replaced with Blue standard loctite and works perfectly. http://chpws.com/product/v4-mil-leo-cz-p-10-trijicon-rmr-holosun-407c-407c-v2-507c-507c-v2-508t-and-508t-v2
  12. Having trouble interpreting the rule book. Can't tell from this whether comps are allowed or not in RFPI. It specifies for open, but for iron, it says no Optics allowed but doesn't say comps. I read this to say comps are allowed. But why mention comps in Open if that is the case? A2 Rimfire Pistol Open to any pistol firing .22 Long Rifle ammunition (see “ammunition” rule 4.1.2). There are two equipment divisions: A2.1Rimfire Pistol Open: This is the Rimfire race division. All legal Rimfire firearms are allowed. Optics and Compensators are speci
  13. So I believe the TSO ships with a 16, 13 and 11lb recoil spring. I believe I installed the 13lb a few months back but I’m not positive. I have read the 16 is the long one. The two short ones are the same length. One has maybe 30% more coils. Pretty sure that is the 11lb. Can someone confirm?
  14. I got the impression they were talking about the actual stage when I read it. Or how they shot the stage? I was confused by this too. Newbie here.
  15. Anyone out there using a chargemaster to do pistol loads? I was hoping to use this for my workflow when I am loading test rounds but it is taking way too long to dispense the load range I'm working with. Anywhere from 3.0-3.8gn of V320. Above 3.7, I can get it to dispense in around 22seconds, which even that is way longer than I was hoping for. But if I do something like 3.3, it takes 60-70seconds! I have added the straw mod and I have changed the default speed change times, going to extremes. I tried Going from 3,2,1 all the way down to .5, .1, .02. Even at that it is still taking
  16. So, thinking about starting to shoot a second gun at some of the steel matches around here that allow it. I guess my primary concern is messing with my grip, draw and initial site picture of my 'priority' competition guns - TSO and S2 OR w/SRO. Beyond just being for fun, it's more trigger time under pressure. But I'm a strong believer that Practice makes Permanent (not perfect.) Obviously there isn't a draw with the 22, but I can still see how changing grips could impact that also. I have a Ruger 22/45 III Lite which I could shoot. Or, I'm considering buying something else that migh
  17. mpmo

    Blue Bullets

    Got some 135gr TCs in the mail today.
  18. Ok. Maybe I'll have CGW do it when I send it to them.
  19. I figured it wasn't going to be a pawl adjustment given that it is just at two points that it is off. I would guess adjusting the pawls would change the movements of every rotation right?
  20. So my LNL is not completing the rotation at 2 times through the cycle. It started with just one. I have noted exactly where it happens and it is always in the same 2 spots. In one case on the downstroke, primer doesn't seat and I see that it is maybe 1/8-1/4" off where it should be. Nudge it a bit and all is fine. Seats 2 primers fine then the next stage it doesn't seat and just relasing the pressure off the handle puts it in the proper spot to seat. The first issue came up first, and then after a couple hundred more rounds the second started to happen as well. I took the plate off, clea
  21. mpmo

    Blue Bullets

    Got some 124 RN yesterday. About 9 weeks
  22. Reviving an older thread rather than start a new. So...my new shadow 2 is requiring some pretty short OAL's. HAP 125's I have to load to 1.059 (plunked at 1.069) Just got done plunking some Blue Bullets RN 147's and I've got some concerns. Plunked at 1.071 so my target OAL would be around 1.061. But I do believe this is going to mean a compressed load. I haven't loaded these yet. Wanted to get some advice here first. Brass: Starline once fired myself. .746 Bullet length: .681-.694. Surprised by the inconsistency. But I guess it makes sense with t
  23. mpmo

    Blue Bullets

    Got 750 Blue 147 RN in the mail today!
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