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Iron City Rifle Works PCC arrived

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I just picked up this new PCC from Iron City Rifle Works.  Fit and finish is excellent.  Trigger is very crisp...about 2#.  I need to figure out what optic to put on it.  I have some ETS clear 31 rd mags on the way.  I look forward to shooting it this weekend.  They had the parts on hand and I got it 1 week after ordering it.  Jason Williams at ICRW was great to work with.    


IMG_0039 2.jpeg





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2 minutes ago, grsdoug said:

Nice PCC. I have ran a Romeo 3 for a couple years now with no complaints. Shot a lot of falling steel and USPSA in all kinds of weather. 


Thanks.  What was your setup?  Anything in particular to know about the Romeo 3?

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I have run nearly 10,000 rounds through a MPX with the Romeo 3.  I find the lens body almost disappears when in use. I do nothing special other than replace the rubber cover between stages to keep dust and rain out. I turn the sight on at the beginning of the match and off at the end. I changed the battery at the beginning of the year. I could see where heavy rain or snow could cause an issue with the exposed emitter, but in use have not had any issue. Plenty bright.  I agree the mount looks a little fragile, but I blue loctited it and it has not loosened in 2 years. It is made in Japan and I think a step up from Holosun. I do recommend being careful prying the battery tray so you don't scratch up the body. I use a small screwdriver with tape on the blade to open it.

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Corona hit right around the time I was going to take it to the range.  I see our local range is opening up again this Thur.  I hope to get it out in the next few days and see how it does.  

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The PCC looks sexy, but why oh why do manufacturer's think it's a good idea to skeletonize the upper receiver? It saves negligible weight, and reduces containment in the event of an OOB discharge (which is much more common with a blowback PCC than a rotating bolt AR15). The last OOB I saw resulted in a big chunk of shrapnel in the shooters arm requiring hospital treatment - my strong suspicion is that, had his upper not been sleletonized, he wouldn't have suffered a scratch.

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I have the Remeo5 on a new PCC I got right before all this hit.  I have gotten to shoot about 300 rds through it and the sight disappears completely when shooting with both eyes open.  I was worried because the window is not the biggest but it works really well.  Got it for about $120 so I got a 2nd to have a backup.  I was really shocked at how the only thing I see is the dot on the target with both eyes open.  First time shooting a dot on anything and I love it now.


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While I haven't had it out for live fire yet, I do like how the Romeo disappears in dry fire practice.  It's not something I even find myself thinking about during...only afterwards.  So far, I like the optic a lot.  

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That's a sick looking rifle! I just looked ICRW up after seeing this, and was surprised to see their prices are so good, looks more expensive lol. Between the ICRW stuff and newer Taccom 10/16 barrels it's nice to see some of these trick looking things be so reasonable on the wallet hahaha!


And I totally agree with what you're seeing with the Romeo5 and other similar-sized sights... if one shoots both eyes open FOV is infinite and the sight-body disappears. A bigger window might be easier to get behind sometimes (especially if mounted closer to one's face than further out on the rail), but mounted up in the right spot window size doesn't make much difference. When companies advertise bigger-window equaling bigger-FOV it's pretty much just marketing-hype (because it's only really true if one is using a dot wrong and not shooting both eyes open). Having zero-magnification and getting the dot mounted at the right height/distance is far more important than window-size IMHO.

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Great looking PCC. I have been running nothing but their AR bolt carrier groups for a number of years now. So reliable I have not been on their website for sometime so I did not know they were doing complete rifles. I run 6moa Cmore Railway on all of my PCC's without issue.

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Romeo 3 is a great optic. That's what I use on my PCC, and like others have said, the shield disappears which gives an excellent FOV. 

I would suggest using factory Glock mags or Magpul. I had an ETS mag fail me so much I finally just got fed up and threw it at the berm and sent a few rounds through it. 

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