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  1. Well to be fair we weren't told where he was from, so they got the liberty to have fun with it. I don't know what accent he was going for but I digged it knowing he's British.
  2. Savior equipment is the best price:quality option imo. https://www.saviorequipment.com/collections/rifle-bags
  3. I had one and the mount felt really fragile. Window definitely isn't as big as the Holosuns.
  4. I'm going to assume that is the ask, since I just looked it up and AAO make a S&W mag lower. Not sure where the top engineering friend comes into play. Nordic Components has a dedicated lower system, and Stern Defense have a mag block adapter that fits for M&P magazines. https://nordiccomp.com/categories/nc-pcc-lower/ https://getstern.com/mag-admp9-40-p320/
  5. I'm not sure you'll find PCC magwells for milspec AR-15 lowers. Magwells are usually made difficult to take on and off in order to keep consistent position for reloads, and the whole point of a mag adapter is to keep the lower versatile. You can imagine how they might not go together.
  6. Just tried this with 3 layers of electrical tape at the top end. Seems to have done the trick, thanks.
  7. There's a new podcast I've started listening to that's pretty good...Not sure if I'm allowed to link to other places but here it is: https://www.buzzsprout.com/846826/2735008-the-hit-factor-show-episode-3-what-to-expect-at-your-first-uspsa-match?play=true
  8. Glock users have aftermarket support. Colt mag users have said in multiple areas that they feel colt mags feed better, but mag seating is more of an issue from what I've experienced. Plus colts have better aesthetics. Colt mags are pretty cheap as well.
  9. DAA Racers have an insert for glock big sticks that make the mags go deeper. Coda have been iterated in here multiple times. I got some from LAG Tactical and they seem pretty solid, and can also be canted providing you have the attachment system that supports it.
  10. AR9's are finicky beasts, and buying JP is the #1 way to ensure reliability for the most part. And in the grand scheme when comparing the overall price of building one with good parts, the prices are comparable. There's a local PCC M shooter who cleans house with a stock Ruger PCC.
  11. Is there an article or comprehensive list out there showing all the different types of attachment/mounting methods? I'm fairly illiterate with some of these, and I'm used to DAA equipment, which seems pretty straight forward. However, I'm very unfamiliar with all the different mounting methods and such, and what the advantages or disadvantages of each would be (Safariland ELS, Tek-lok, etc). Any and all advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Shadow 2 in USPSA Production. Glock 43 with Dawsons for carry with a spare mag.
  13. I'd say there's a bit more throttle control/accuracy focus, but going fast is still important. It just hurts more to drop more charlies than it would if you were major HF. Trying to shoot production like it's open is a pretty fast way to lose production though.
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