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  1. jnr88

    Familial Tremors

    I feel like a golfer mentioning the shanks! I’ ve developed familial tremors. Has any had these and found a method to compensate. Thanks for any advice.
  2. jnr88

    Anyone like silhouette?

    All I use for major. PD 124 at 1.165. 7.0 grains !69 PF> YOu can use the same loads with a 115 and get a very nice steel load.
  3. jnr88

    Arch pain when walking, jogging?

    You know about weight and exercise. It sounds like you have https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/plantar-fasciitis/symptoms-causes/syc-20354846 I get it often from a lifetime of basketball and left untreated it can last along time. I ice the bottom of the foot at the first signs and this ussually works. I take a baggie and fill it 1/2 with ice and 1/4 with water. I make sure the air is out and put this bag in another in case of a leak. If a day or 2 of this does not work a cortisone shot always works for me.
  4. jnr88

    Arredondo Pistol Mount

    Limcat with their thumrest. Great service and product.
  5. Don't forget classifiers in Open need to be shot approximately 10% quicker for the same classification as Limited.
  6. Ii have both presses and you can load sitting. I find it very slow and ponderous sitting. I added strong mounts and stand. I'm 6'5" . Sitting or standing you'll be loading on a Dillon. If you can afford the 1050 having eveything happen on the downstroke is an advantage.
  7. On a 650 and 1050 loading 9 i just use Dillon lube. No problems at all.
  8. Do you need it? No. It is worth every penny.
  9. jnr88

    New Rules

    Did anyone ask our friends at IDPA.?They know lots of rules. LOL
  10. BRRC and WSRC may also have them and are very close.
  11. I've been following your progree and I'm looking forward to a session update reloading.
  12. 2018 was marked by the addition of a 1050 to my 650s. The 1050 exceeded my expectations and as always the Factory support was the best. Thanks,
  13. jnr88

    Venom Customs!?

    Congratulations. It took longer to get the bullets than the gun. LOL
  14. jnr88

    Plated bullets for open major pf?

    I'm always amazed by these threads. You can't shoot plated any cheaper than jacketed. What reason could there be to justify plated ?