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  1. I have a 650 and 1050 with bullet feeders. I bought the die thinking I would try a powder alert. I'm 6'5" and found just looking was better than the powder alarms I didn't like. As I said the die worked I just didn't continue in that direction. It is a very inexpensive item to try. Good luck.
  2. All are good choices and I've owned them. I believe the 605 is the best value out there. It can expand as far as you want. The chance of a double load are minimized. You can add a case feeder, bullet feeder and motor if your needs change.
  3. I have tried the seat- crimp die. It worked fine for me.
  4. jnr88

    Limited Gun Pics

    First thing I noticed was the mag release. Good luck with a beautiful gun.
  5. jnr88

    STI 2011 Gen 1 or Gen 2 mags???

    I use MBX without mods and without problems in my 9 open gun. 140 and 170mm. Never tried the 155mm. I have had 2 pins fall out of the base pads. I keep a few spare.
  6. jnr88


    They wear great.
  7. jnr88


    There are many shoe threads on many columns. My new favorite are Altras. These have a wide toe box and zero dopp. When it comes to socks I've been wearing various Thorlo since 1983. They make sensational sports socks. I don't think I've played a basketball game without them since 1983. They make sports specific socks and their compression sock is great for all day matches. I'm not affiliated with them - just thought I'd give them a shout out.
  8. jnr88

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    I couldn't agree more and recommended them to Charlie earlier this year. I believe he purchased a pair. Besides the grip the comfort after a long day is really helpful.
  9. jnr88

    Crash Log

    Steve Anderson just posted this Crash. You may find this helpful. 10 ways to handle match stress. http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/5/7/4/5743ba0e48a84525/mmAM0004.mp3?c_id=23885314&amp;cs_id=23885314&amp;expiration=1539362027&amp;hwt=7e45cb161a377436d162c2608e040508
  10. jnr88

    Cleaning Limcat Turbo Comp

    Use JHP bullets and cleaning your comp will not be an issue. Precision Delta are 8.9 cents. When I started I used a coated bullet. I tried multiple manufactures. The savings of 2 cents didn't cover the maitenance and accurracy that degraded as the compensator started to clog. I have not had a single issue with JHP bullets.
  11. jnr88

    Crash Log

    Don't know what Bill is taking but PHD are a no no in most sports. Amatuer or professional.
  12. Limcat. I have 3 of them all centered. Talk to Julian.
  13. jnr88

    Talk me in to a Mk7 Evolution!

    I believe the Mark 7 comes with the upgraded bulletfeeder. This is a significant savings if true.
  14. jnr88

    Mark7 Evolution

    Congratulations Bily. Can't wait for feedback.