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  1. Very happy with Everglades. Reloaded for years and this easier and cost effective.
  2. Very funny. Happy Holidays to you and yours.
  3. PD 124 JHP. Accurate and clean.
  4. jnr88

    inside a MRD

    Thanks for this review. It makes all of feel bettter! LOL
  5. Good call Mike. I tried coated bullets and my open guns and it really clogged the comp.I only shoot JHP now. No problems.
  6. I looking for reviews from actual users. Thanks.
  7. I had great luck with the Trijicon MRO. Do a search as many feel this is the best choice.
  8. Just received the steel agressive and couldn’t be more pleased. It is as aggressive as my original PT. I wasn’t a fan of the EVO but like this shape. This grip is a must try.
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