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  1. I ran a MRO on a JP. It’s a great sight. I’m presently running one on a open gun. It’s great for that also.
  2. I tried slideride and rus v2-4. Went to the Delta Point Pro. Great sight. Totally reliable. I took a Trijcon MRO I had and it’s been on my open gun since then. I haven’t shot much but like it the most.
  3. First rte company with great service. I’ve never read a complaint other than the expense.worth every cent by me.
  4. https://volquartsen.com/departments/ruger-pc-carbine/inventory_configurations/1735
  5. On further,another minute, I think and annnual fee would be easiest.
  6. Looks great. Good luck with it. What does it weigh?
  7. As the title says I’m looking for discount code for Everglades. Thanks for any help.
  8. Very happy with Everglades. Reloaded for years and this easier and cost effective.
  9. Very funny. Happy Holidays to you and yours.
  10. PD 124 JHP. Accurate and clean.
  11. jnr88

    inside a MRD

    Thanks for this review. It makes all of feel bettter! LOL
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