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  1. jnr88

    RF-100 totally worth it

    I've had great luck with Winchester SRP. I used Federal, CCI and Sellier Bellot and they work but with a few flipped.
  2. jnr88

    Steel challenge

    Get a little older and you can still compete in steel challenge. Our club ,ARPC, has great people to shoot with , laugh and have lunch. Everyone participates.
  3. jnr88

    Why is Trijicon RMR bad?

    Can't go wrong with the DPP.
  4. jnr88

    Compensator Identity

    Could very easily be his owm,
  5. jnr88

    What mount for RTS2

  6. jnr88

    Open guns dont shoot themselves

    Have Fun?
  7. jnr88

    Help with Limited belt setup

    The DAA Alpha X is a wonderful holster. Order the thigh pad with it for the best holster you can buy. I'm ordering the new mag pouches as soon as I can figure why I need them.
  8. Follow up shots are low and a bill drill has wider dispersion. Shooting my backup guns (2) immediately afterward with predictable results.
  9. I'm having problems adjusting to the new Evo. The Evo is far more comfortable but the results are not what I was used to. Looking forward to anyones experiences.
  10. I ordered the new Alpha X thigh pad and could not be happier. I shot a steel match and my holster has never been that stable or comfortable. It makes the best holster even better.
  11. jnr88

    So I ordered my Limcat Sabercat, now what?

    If your going with DAA consider the new Alph X. It's a winner. Make sure you get the prper insert for your grip.
  12. jnr88

    St Louis Matches

    Mostly weekend matches around St Louis.
  13. jnr88

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    I just recieved your book Charlie. It's full of little nuggets that readers of your diary will really appreciate. There is something for every level of shooter. Thanks.
  14. Hi, Looking for USPSA or Steel matches close to San Francisco. Thanks
  15. jnr88

    Phoenix Trinity Honcho

    You're to young to be set in your ways.