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  1. jnr88

    scale modeling

    I like the Rothman's tugboat.
  2. jnr88

    Mark7 Evolution

    That's the ticket Tony. Nice setup.
  3. PCC shooters used to shoot at carnivals. They can win all the bunny rabbits. They're sure faster than me.
  4. jnr88

    Words in posts now appearing as links

    Refreshing to get real transparency in this era.
  5. jnr88

    New 9mm major barrel options

    I've had everything mentioned. Schuemann is I believe out of business. I have one open with a Bar-Sto. This a very accurate .barrel
  6. I've only had my 1050 6 months and love it. I still have a 650 and its a great machine. But the 1050 is sensational. You will need extra primer tubes!! I have left my ratchet on and will continue to. It very rarely is a hassle and I like the safety. Congratulations on your new machine. Your gonna like the way it loads.
  7. jnr88

    Atlas or Akai

    There are no rational Open shooters for the black art. LOL
  8. jnr88

    STI DVC Open 9 major for steel?

    Try 5.3 of Win 231 with 7# spring. 124PD JHP bullets. 1.165 LOA.
  9. I purchased the ball bearings and extra set of spacers. I run 2 MBF.
  10. Very happy with mine. Call Bob. He is very knowledgable and will treat you right.
  11. jnr88

    Silicone Carbide grip tutorial

    Outstanding contribution.
  12. jnr88

    Precision Delta for 9 major

    Your welcome.
  13. Which do you shoot better- TSO or 2011. There's your answer. You can sell both 2011 and buy another TSO if you shoot the better.CZ
  14. jnr88

    Precision Delta for 9 major

    If your using 124 JHP I'll send you enough to test.
  15. jnr88

    New Atlas Open 2011

    8.8 grains of Silhouette in mixed brass 9.