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  1. hey

    Did the 140 sv mags sale yet??

    1. jnr88


      No. I actually have 4 140s. If you want them all $320. On of the Taran basepadsneeds a pin. 

    2. Dream


      sure sending funds now

      Thank You


    3. Dream


      Mark Young

      8086 US Highway 98

      Sumrall, MS.  39482


      Thank You


  2. The new Glock is exceptionally reliable.
  3. Sig MPX magazines have been 100%. Of course they only work with a MPX.
  4. Normal hygiene and an MPX runs as reliably as anything else. Some shooters seem prone to reliability issues whether it’s a 1911 , open gun or MPX. My gen 2 hs been faultless.
  5. Bring 9 mm to the level of a well tune gas gun validates the MPX design. Of course the MPX is fully ambidextrous and has a user friendly mag release. Odin make a wonderful left and right extended mag release.
  6. Hiperfire Eclipse and don’t look back. There is nothing comparable.
  7. Thanks for the video. I didn’t hear a word. Well done.
  8. There is also a MPX in the classified. The two guns represent the pinnacle of available guns.
  9. I don’t shoot the JP but it has a reputation for reliability. If it shot fine why would you introduce new variables as you troubleshoot. This seems to be a very risky road. I suggest shooting the gun in the same configuration that ran reliably for years as you do maintenance items. JMO
  10. Luckily my Gen 2 has been perfect. I use a Hiperfire Eclipse and Isler handguard. Odin safeties and Raptor charging Hanley. These upgraded parts do not affect reliability. The JP owners I know have also upgraded their guns substantially. The competition is between you and the clock. I think MPX gives me my best chance to succeed.
  11. They are bringing out a MPX based gun. Softer and flatter. LOL
  12. Wonderful year of shooting. Congratulations.
  13. The MPX needs to run wet.Do not lubricate the gas block!
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