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  1. The SRO has its own sets of problems and when I get mine back I’ll see if they are fixed. Meanwhile I have 3 guns with DPP and never a problem.
  2. Great shooting. The only thing we have I. Common, other than our gun, is we both use f*#k to comment during hiccups. LOL
  3. Hi Chris, I sold the JP after deciding to stay with open. After that I developed familial tremors. I was forced to go to PCC. I figured I would try the MPX. As mentioned I’m extremely happy with this choice. Very low recoil and with the upgrades I made a joy to shoot.
  4. I had a GMR -15 and sold it. I now have a MPX Gen2 and couldn’t be happier.i shot today and reflected how much I love the gun on the drive home. Hiperfire Eclipse trigger , Isler handguard and Magpul stock. You’ll be glad you did.
  5. +1 on the Hiperfire Eclipse. No problems after 3000 rounds. 2.5 pounds. Mine is a Gen 2 and I’ve ordered another for a backup.
  6. 1. If you can afford it buy a Volquartsen. As good as it gets. 2. Volquartsen makes a lead pulverized to clean their comps. Takes 1 minute. 3. I’m a fan of the CMore slide ride and railway on most anything other than my Volquartsen. If money is no object the SRO with the 5 MOA seems pretty hot. I use the Delta Point Pro 2.5 MOA with no problems.
  7. I mean the actual red dot. Thanks
  8. Just starting PCC with an MPX and railway. Looking for suggestions for an offset mount.
  9. I ran a MRO on a JP. It’s a great sight. I’m presently running one on a open gun. It’s great for that also.
  10. I tried slideride and rus v2-4. Went to the Delta Point Pro. Great sight. Totally reliable. I took a Trijcon MRO I had and it’s been on my open gun since then. I haven’t shot much but like it the most.
  11. First rte company with great service. I’ve never read a complaint other than the expense.worth every cent by me.
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