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  1. I don’t shoot the JP but it has a reputation for reliability. If it shot fine why would you introduce new variables as you troubleshoot. This seems to be a very risky road. I suggest shooting the gun in the same configuration that ran reliably for years as you do maintenance items. JMO
  2. Luckily my Gen 2 has been perfect. I use a Hiperfire Eclipse and Isler handguard. Odin safeties and Raptor charging Hanley. These upgraded parts do not affect reliability. The JP owners I know have also upgraded their guns substantially. The competition is between you and the clock. I think MPX gives me my best chance to succeed.
  3. They are bringing out a MPX based gun. Softer and flatter. LOL
  4. Wonderful year of shooting. Congratulations.
  5. The MPX needs to run wet.Do not lubricate the gas block!
  6. The SRO has its own sets of problems and when I get mine back I’ll see if they are fixed. Meanwhile I have 3 guns with DPP and never a problem.
  7. Great shooting. The only thing we have I. Common, other than our gun, is we both use f*#k to comment during hiccups. LOL
  8. Hi Chris, I sold the JP after deciding to stay with open. After that I developed familial tremors. I was forced to go to PCC. I figured I would try the MPX. As mentioned I’m extremely happy with this choice. Very low recoil and with the upgrades I made a joy to shoot.
  9. I had a GMR -15 and sold it. I now have a MPX Gen2 and couldn’t be happier.i shot today and reflected how much I love the gun on the drive home. Hiperfire Eclipse trigger , Isler handguard and Magpul stock. You’ll be glad you did.
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