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  1. Yes, Troy is Lanny's son. All 3 of Lanny's kids are in the family biz. Troy is a 3 position rifle guy like his dad. Troy was on the AMU and has something like 12 national titles, various national records, etc. Troy has also written 2 of the Bassham books and Troy has a good teaching style.
  2. I'm 3/4 of the way through a month long series of Saturday seminars by Troy Bassham. I also saw that Anderson is certified with them and presenting material on the Bassham mental management techniques. The material is excellent and the topics are pretty deep. I encourage you to look into their offerings. Who has taken some of their courses or trained with them? What were your experiences like?
  3. That's a good price. Thanks for the info.
  4. An old guy does stuff like that? That's usually the domain of someone without grey hairs.
  5. I hadn't seen that website before. It's got some interesting gear that I could use. Thanks!
  6. You read stuff like this and wonder how people like that can survive. Darwin awards are still being given out regularly. Geez...I just hope that guy isn't shooting next to me.
  7. Well, he's talented. Looks great!
  8. I would like to hear more about this gun. I haven’t seen a custom cylinder like that. Who did the work?
  9. Thanks for posting the photo. Good stuff.
  10. While I haven't had it out for live fire yet, I do like how the Romeo disappears in dry fire practice. It's not something I even find myself thinking about during...only afterwards. So far, I like the optic a lot.
  11. I haven't seen examples of Charlton's work. Any photos? I also like the stop screw. It's a simple but clever feature. There are a lot of details like that.
  12. Interesting. What is the price range on an Open style revolver?
  13. Thanks for the videos. Pulling DA straight back that fast is not easy. I wondered how whippy the light barrel would be but it's flatter than I expected.
  14. Any videos running these guns?
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