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  1. That's a good price. Thanks for the info.
  2. An old guy does stuff like that? That's usually the domain of someone without grey hairs.
  3. I hadn't seen that website before. It's got some interesting gear that I could use. Thanks!
  4. You read stuff like this and wonder how people like that can survive. Darwin awards are still being given out regularly. Geez...I just hope that guy isn't shooting next to me.
  5. Well, he's talented. Looks great!
  6. I would like to hear more about this gun. I haven’t seen a custom cylinder like that. Who did the work?
  7. Thanks for posting the photo. Good stuff.
  8. While I haven't had it out for live fire yet, I do like how the Romeo disappears in dry fire practice. It's not something I even find myself thinking about during...only afterwards. So far, I like the optic a lot.
  9. I haven't seen examples of Charlton's work. Any photos? I also like the stop screw. It's a simple but clever feature. There are a lot of details like that.
  10. Interesting. What is the price range on an Open style revolver?
  11. Thanks for the videos. Pulling DA straight back that fast is not easy. I wondered how whippy the light barrel would be but it's flatter than I expected.
  12. Any videos running these guns?
  13. Here’s a couple of recent acquisitions. We have a 10-6 bull barrel just before Ron started building his full house Grand Masters…and then something a bit different at the end of Ron’s time…a stainless full house Grand Master Universal in .44 mag. These 2 pistols kind of book-end Ron’s custom PPC career. The details are numerous…full stippling of back straps, custom barrels and Bomar ribs, extensive action work, custom palm swell grips, etc, etc. The actions are amazing and the triggers are CRISP!
  14. Corona hit right around the time I was going to take it to the range. I see our local range is opening up again this Thur. I hope to get it out in the next few days and see how it does.
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