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  1. bcp

    moving Shadow 2 mag release to right side

    Is the magazine retaining screw staked in the S2? Seems to be in there pretty tight.
  2. bcp

    moving Shadow 2 mag release to right side

    Ack...that's what I get for multi-tasking when I posted. Mag release is what I need switched. I will edit post.
  3. I see tutorials on swapping mag releases for other CZs but what is the procedure for the S2? My biz partner is left handed and she needs it switched to the right side of the frame. My archive and Google searches haven't hit the solution yet. Thanks!
  4. bcp

    2011 extractor questions

    I ordered the Aftec. Thanks for all of the responses. I have Jerry's shop manual for S&W but not 1911. I will get it.
  5. bcp

    2011 extractor questions

    Another Aftec vote...I'm definitely listening. The design looks pretty interesting with how it keeps tension. Is there any difference between an extractor for a 1911 or 2011? I would think not. Should any other parts be replaced at the same time as the extractor? Thanks.
  6. bcp

    2011 extractor questions

    I hadn't considered the Aftec. They have a lot of favorable reviews on Dawson Precision's store page. Would you also replace the firing pin stop or just modify the existing one? It's $85 but I will certainly consider it. I didn't know Todd Jarret is using one. That's a big testimonial.
  7. I broke the extractor in my Brazos Limited Pro 2011 today. I called Brazos to ask about a replacement and they have a tuned version for $40 and a non-tuned version for about $20. Before I order a replacement, I wonder if I should go another route like a Wilson Bullet Proof extractor with a lifetime replacement guarantee? Any recommendations on extractors and is there much difference between a tuned or non-tuned version? I see lots of videos on tuning extractors and it doesn't look difficult but I'm open to suggestions. Does it make any difference on which extractor if it's a 1911 or 2011? This is my first 2011 so I'm not sure about that but I see them listed both ways. Also, would you replace the firing pin stop or any other parts at the same time? It was running fine before the extractor broke. This is my first extractor breakage so thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
  8. bcp

    Any P210 fans?

    I see them in online auctions.
  9. bcp

    Any P210 fans?

    The new Target model looks good and I like the changes/upgrades. Anyone have experience with it?
  10. bcp

    CZ Shadow and 147 grain suggestions

    I haven't settled on 3.5 but I do like the 147s. I will drop down to 3.2 and try that. I do want to be a little above minor PF and that load sounds like its working for many of you. Thanks.
  11. bcp

    CZ shadow 2: notable issues, or concerns.

    I've only got 2k rounds through mine so far but like it so much I bought a 2nd one. I replaced the grips with LOK palmswell and like them a lot. I need to put a little loctite on the grip screws as they loosen every session. I also put lighter hammer and recoil springs from Cajun in mine and an extended firing pin. I really like the S2 and it's VERY accurate. It's not hard to empty the mag and have one large hole in the target. I've shot various weights but have settled on the 147s. Recoil is very light and follow up shots are fast. Awesome trigger with short reset...especially if you're coming from Glocks. The only issue I've had is the front sight fiber optic rod fell out while shooting today.
  12. bcp

    Shadow 2 sights

    The front sight fiber optic rod launched itself into the ether today while shooting my S2. What is the recommended replacement? Who is trying a different front sight setup? Also, my rear sight should either be drifted a bit (shoots slightly right) or replaced. I see that CZ Custom has an adjustable rear. Anyone here liking that one?
  13. bcp

    CZ Shadow and 147 grain suggestions

    I've been shooting 3.5 of TG with 1.058”. Shoots clean, flat and accurate with 147 gr blue bullets in my Shadow 2. I do need to chrono as I could probably go a bit lighter and make PF.
  14. bcp

    Any love for Guga Ribas gear?

    I just adjusted everything tonight for my 2011. I look forward to spending time with it. I'm really liking it so far. There are an amazing range of adjustments.
  15. bcp

    Need a new Netflix addiction...

    I wish I had my time back from trying for several seasons to get into that. It's like a black hole that keeps getting worse but you keep thinking it has to improve. Terrible. Deadwood was super crude but the acting was riveting. Justified is interesting. Sherlock on BBC is fantastic...every episode was great and Andrew Scott is freaky evil. Longmire is very good but the last season was getting stale...Jacob Nighthorse is an interesting character. Blacklist is very good but again, the last season's writing wasn't great. The first few seasons are amazing. James Spader is really a great actor. Prison Break is superb and Robert Knepper will freak you out. Peaky Blinders is great too...and Tom Hardy as the bad guy is wicked. You have to have a great counterpart to the good guy for tension's sake.