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  1. Does the CZ Custom flat trigger for the S2 work with the CGW 75800 kit? Like the flat trigger idea but need to know what else I have to change. Hopefully nothing! THANKS
  2. I have been running one of their bolts in my PCC for the past year plus and it has been flawless! Love ICRW.
  3. Ok ... gotta have this. I have the full CGW kit on my S2 without reach reduction. Am I good to go or do I need another part(s)?
  4. MPrimo

    A01 LD for Limited

    I am loving this! Are they available now? After SHOT?
  5. All Cajun internals ... Slide milled by Cajun as well.
  6. I love me DVC 3G ... My dealer asked them to make me one in 40 and they said no. Wondering what the 5.4" Staccato will look like and if it will be available in 40. I tend to doubt it. Too bad.
  7. ... feeling better about this!
  8. This is kinda news to me. I am ready to send one out as well. Any recommendations as to where to best remove material? Going to do it one way or another but would like as much info as possible before I do it. BTW ... was considering sending it to Fire-4-Effect.
  9. MPrimo

    Buy Shadow 2 Slide?

    Thanks to all for the answers ... I'm off to burn up the net and see who might still have one.
  10. MPrimo

    Buy Shadow 2 Slide?

    How available are S2 slides. I would like to have a separate CO slide so I can go back and forth to open sights. I know I can go the plate route via CZC but I like the idea of having 2 separate uppers. Is there a way to maybe get on a waiting list for one? THANKS
  11. I'm running an Iron City Rifle unit and it has been excellent. I don't hear them mentioned here much but the quality is outstanding and function has been great in my PCC.
  12. First range session was an eye opener. I generally shoot a 2011 and love it. This was my first CZ. All the work on it paid off. Gun shoots amazingly well. I do need to get used to the DA/SA deal for first shot but from an ergo/accuracy/reliability standpoint, I could not be happier!
  13. I can't say enough good things about my 3G. It has run great. I have run all kinds of loads through it and I just plain shoot it very well. Anyone I have let try it come away impressed. The added length makes a difference to me. I added a mag well and SV trigger.
  14. Just to close things out ... S2 is now perfect! All done and all good! Talked to CGW via email and they gave me some tips. Trigger bar spring and further work on the disco. I have the blue spring in now and will shoot it that way first. Once I decide on ammo, I will swap in the black spring and see what I get. Will run an 11# recoils spring. Once I got the disco final fit, I took it out one more time and glass beaded the transitions and surfaces (lightly) and am getting a really smooth DA pull. SA is crisp. Reset is excellent. Polished all surfaces as instructed (on all co
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