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  1. Check out this one https://www.ndzperformance.com/Jentra-JTGR-1-Guide-Rod-Glock-Gen-1-3-17L-24-34-35-p/jen-jtgr-1.htm
  2. -Ghost RP firing pin block plunger Spring https://ghostinc.com/reduced-power-firing-pin-safety-plunger-spring-for-glocks-gen-1-5-and-42-43/ -Ghost 6.5 striker spring https://ghostinc.com/gho_6_5_fp-6-5-lb-super-duty-extreme-firing-pin-spring-for-glocks-gens-1-4/ -2mm size split ring (fishing store) Also check out this https://canikfanatikforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1888
  3. Looking to see if anyone has used Double Alpha magazine pouches for Canik magazines? I believe thick spacers is what I need and wanted to check before I buy.
  4. I feel grip and recoil management play a bigger role then how heavy the gun is. Also believe you need to enjoy the gun you shoot.
  5. How many rounds did your Venom last?
  6. I like to use the Hundo gauge to count rounds when I go train. Gauge and count at the same time. One of the best purchases made.
  7. I haven’t had any problems with swaging mixed brass.
  8. I try to pick the squads with the best competition and then convince my friends to join to.
  9. I always like this one from the GlockStore. OEM but with extended pad. Never had any problems. https://www.glockstore.com/Rectangular-Aluminum-Extended-Mag-Release
  10. What is everyone’s round count with SRO and how are they still holding up?
  11. Dang not good. It is pretty thin around that part.
  12. Been shooting little under a year. First classes as C and just made B. Dry fire 3-4 times a week and least one live fire a month with two matches.
  13. Has anyone mounted a SRO on a Canik? Was there any problems?
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