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  1. Taccom complete upper and foxtrot mike lower.
  2. I got two 40 round magazine so far. 700 rounds and one match with them. Have not seen a hint of a problem with them. They work really well with my set up. I order more so we will see.
  3. I haven’t had any problems communicating with them through email lately
  4. How come you don’t have the PCC buffer weight?
  5. I haven’t seen many recent post regarding their buffer system lately. Is this still a good buffer system to get? Or TACCOM DBRS been the go to now of days? Thanks
  6. Just got the CMC PCC. It is not as heavy of a trigger pull as I thought 3.5lb would be. I’ve shot 500 rounds of military brand 9mm and every single round went off. I really like it so far. For only being $130 it’s been great so far.
  7. Wish I could try that barrel too. Looks pretty sweet
  8. Just got my TACCOM Upper with ULW barrel. It feels amazing so far. It was a lot lighter then I was expecting. Transitions feel more smooth. Can’t wait to see it.
  9. So quarters at the end of the Buffer then the spring and the buffer? Thanks
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