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  1. The TTI is a lot harder to put in because it’s so short. Jager extended defiantly a better choice in my opinion.
  2. Jager site doesn’t say anything about extended. I thought Gen 5 would of been longer.
  3. Left is a Jager guide rod for 34 Gen 4 and right is TTI 34 Gen 5 guide rod. I wasn’t expecting the Gen 5 to be so short.
  4. AdamJ, I agree I have done silicone Carbide on both my guns and it has worked very well.
  5. I agree it does just wanted other opinions. Thanks for the reply HCH
  6. I had to shoot a match which was raining really hard. I was extremely pleased with how much grip that I had so sweat wouldn’t be a problem. The Silicone Carbide I used isn’t that coarse and still had a lot of grip. The pic is my other 34 Gen 4 which I have taken the Carbide off numerous times because I keep tinkering with new stuff. I just stripped it to try to add weight for a carry optics gun. Silicone Carbide is very easy to apply if you use the right tools and method. It last longer than grip tape and can be replaced or modified. Its grey in the pic due to the dust.
  7. That looked pretty flat. That’s awesome
  8. Do you think there was a benefit to lighting the slide?
  9. Memphis, Did you just do Silicon Carbide or add extra weight to it? My real plan with regards to my question is I’m trying to add weight to the gun and then putting Silicon Carbide over it. I’m trying to see which areas are a no go.
  10. My Silicon Carbide job on my G34 Gen5. I got tired of the grip tape not sticking.
  11. I’m looking at adding Silicon Carbide to my Glock. I thought they use to have a diagram of what areas were allowed and not. Looking at the updated the rules and seems it can go anywhere just not below the mag well or create a beaver tail. What is your opinion on the update?
  12. Thanks Rooster and JackinSD. I will check it out.
  13. Top pick is stock trigger bar Bottom is after market
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