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  1. Derdang

    Guide rod for Gen 5 34.

    I own both Glock 34 Gen 4 & 5. I recently purchased the Jager guide rod for my Gen 4. I was planning on using same guide rod for my Gen 5 before I read this post. The Gen 4 guide rod fits the Gen 5. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.
  2. Derdang

    How to get rid of trigger take up on S2!!

    I had my CGW parts installed by CJ MAVEN. He ended up using the stock hammer with CGW disco. My trigger take up is greatly reduced. His price for the install and turnaround time was amazing. It be worth talking to him to see what he can do.
  3. Derdang

    Newbie from California

  4. Derdang

    Hello from NC

    Hello, my name is Sam. I'm starting to get into USPSA. I'm currently shooting a CZ Shadow 2. I've joined this site to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge on this site.