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1-8x Scopes?


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I was going to drop the money on a 1-6x scope but now it seems companies are making 1-8x scopes! does anyone here have any experience with them? Im thinking im just going to spend the extra money and get a 1-8x but I dont know where to start and who makes them so any help would be great! Especially if you have some pics of the reticle!

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Bushnell makes a 1-8.5 that John Paul of JP Enterprises used on carbine at Rocky mountain 3 gun. I think that was the match. This year? You can find the video interview on YouTube. The optic was a minor point; mostly about the rifle configuration.

One of our own members suits a detailed review of the Primary Arms 1-8. I think two reticles are available.

Link here: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=221129&page=1

I haven't touched, seen, or used either. But, I'm interested. I might want one for a 308 AR build.

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My personal take is, what do you do with it? What do you need to have to do what you do?

3-Gun? 8X is getting up there in price and weight. Most targets are under 200 yards, a few are out to 300 or so and there are a couple that MAY be over 400 out to maybe 500. a couple years ago a 4X was the hot ticket, there were a few decent 6X. Now everyone seems to run a 6X and we are starting to see 8X. Will this precipitate a move by the MDs to extend the range out to 700 yards? Where will it stop? Will in 10 years we all need a .338 Lapua in an Accuracy International chassis to engage 3-Guntaragets at 1000 -2000 yards?

Hey, I get it, I am OLD and I don't see what I used to. Gone are the days I could hit a 10" plate at 330 yards with Irons. I can't see them without a scope! But seriously, where will it end? Will we have electronics added to allow us to dial in the wind and elevations, then have the rifle fire at the optimum target presentation?

OK, Here's the real rub, I don't want to spend $1,800.00 on a scope just now.

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A few things to think about as Jim said above. Age and BIG $$$$$! How many clubs have the real estate to 600-700 yards. Do you need to spend the BIG $$$$'s to shoot your range. Something to think about before you whip out your plastic.

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I've been running the 1.5-8 Burris XTR II's on a couple of different rifles for over a year now. I love the extra magnification. I can say without a hint of doubt that I shoot better with it. I spin the spinner better, pick up the longer targets faster, etc.

I only had one makeup shot at the MGM Ironman this year on the long range stage 3. I missed the first shot in the 12mph crosser from the top of the slide at the 440 yard 10" flasher. Then went one for one for the rest of the top then the bottom of the slide.

The XTR II sells for a hair under 1k and is a hell of a nice scope for 3 gun.

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I too have the 1.5X8 from Burris. I think the 34mm tube is what makes the difference. I tried the Leupold 1.5X4 and the tube is so small on that the 1.5X did bother me. Bur for me, I have no problem with the Burris up close. I do appreciate the extra magnification when our club does stretch out the legs from time to time.

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