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  1. R. A holster may be legal for some shooters but not legal for other shooters due to different body shapes.
  2. Did the MD approve your FP?
  3. I’ve been running one for 4 years with no problem. I believe it is the most popular magwell for 1911s that I have seen in idpa
  4. A. B. Handguns permitted: Handguns, associated modifications, restrictions, holsters, magazine carriers, calibers, start condition, and division capacity shall be compliant with ESP Division requirements, except as it relates to sights, lasers and overall weight. magwells and base pads are ok for IDPA. I have some of the Dawson .200 base pads with an ICE magwell on an XDM 5.25. I had to file the insert to get the mags to seat.
  5. As you noted SSP Excluded Modifications (Non-Inclusive list): A. Externally visible modifications other than those listed in the Permitted Modifications section. B. Aftermarket or visibly modified magazine releases, slide stops, safety levers, de-cocking levers, and hammers.
  6. If you’re thinking 1911, don’t overlook a 2011 like this.
  7. Looking to pick up a 6moa venom. Anyone know of any sales?
  8. 3.6.3 When Fault Lines are used to delineate cover: A. Fault Lines are used to ensure a shooter is behind cover when engaging targets from a Position of Cover (PoC). There will only be one Fault Line at each PoC, and that line applies to all targets engaged from that PoC. does this help?
  9. I have a S&E e series that I bought second hand. The plunger tube came loose from the frame just like above. Smith fixed it under warranty with no questions asked. I think turn around time was about 6 weeks, but this was probably 6 years ago.
  10. I had the same issue with my RO. Followed the above advice and no more problems.
  11. My wife has a G2S. She has had a few failure to feed/eject issues, but I think it is due to limp wristing. I have had zero issues when I shoot it. Trigger is terrible and sights are blah....but for the money it seems pretty decent.
  12. Do you have an astigmatism? i do and my dots look like crescent moons. Look at it through the camera on your phone and see if it becomes a round dot.
  13. I think the 5x5 classifier is a poor basis for judging competency. After an almost 2 year break where I shot a gun on exactly 2 occasions with absolutely no draw or reloading practice, I shot the 5x5 completely cold, no warm up. I was able to make master, 18.05 that included 1 down. Based on the old classifier I am a mid expert. I guess my dedication to not shooting for 2 years really paid off, or the 5x5 is entirely too easy.
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