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  1. You might consider a Ruger Precision Rifle in 243 Winchester as an alternative. Those are going for $999 on places like Gunbroker.com now. They seem to be the least loved of the three RPR models. Handload a 105/107 grain bullet with a slow powder like H1000 or IMR 7977 and perhaps you'll be there right out of the box? Personally, I'm considering this myself and dumping the Samson handguard for longer 18" Midwest Industries. actually, I have a project that could use the Samson 15" to better effect. Hmmm, now that's some serious economy. Anyway, I thought you might want to consider this a
  2. Do they come in anything 7mm Rem SAUM or the like? You might like the ballistics and recoil better in a snazzy 7mm or 6.5mm magnum cartridge, considering the intended use.
  3. I agree that the 500 yard target on the boat was a challenge. I kinda used the Force to determine where I thought it was and sent it. When they said it hit, I sent another to the same spot in the grass.
  4. Scores came out. I was 33 of 38 in the Bolt Action division. Not last, so that was a good thing. I think my best stage placement of the day was 22nd.
  5. Very true about that young man with the RPR. He was doing a solid job every stage. Thanks again for the fantastic opportunity yesterday. I made up for Stage 1 with that truly awful Stage 2, remember? All about learning from my mistakes!
  6. Scores won't post until tomorrow, from what I understand and the format involved some time and then add on time for this and that. My focus was on being safe, being consistent, and making hits....in that order. I always succeeded in #1, got better with #2 as the day went on, and managed hits on all stages. Well I might have had one of eight stages that was all misses. I don't think Steve got everything out of it that he was expecting. Wind later in the day was very strong and extremely variable. Holding for wind at longer ranges would have required a significant change from shot to shot.
  7. Seems like it just lets the case pressure reduce some amount more before the extraction process begins. That's all that I'm hearing from users.
  8. They look beautiful!! Thank you, sir. Looking forward to the 14th.
  9. Understood. Thank you. This has been very informative and helpful.
  10. Steve and I are signed up for the Saturday 14 May match. His more recent match exploits, I will leave for him to describe.
  11. My personal experience with a Viper PST 1-4x in shoot houses and out to 400 yards is that it seems like a great scope for that wide range of engagements. Seemed very fast in CQB style shooting and my squadmates thought so also. I have doubts about needing illumination for many situations, but that is only my guess and probably not worth much.
  12. Looks like you've got that dialed in nice and smooth.
  13. Certainly that wouldn't be the only factor, no. Gas system length is definitely a big factor, then other system factors to a lesser extent. I appreciate the comments. Thank you.
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