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  1. I have an 18" hybrid profile barrel of that very type on my Open rifle upper (.223 Wylde). They are very nice.
  2. The Stretch 16 308 looks like a solid contender, right? Certainly is my first pick when I get the money for a 308 AR.
  3. I wish my finances would be able to support this. I'm in a long running financial challenge that will take months to resolve, if at all. All of this is on hold for now. I would love to have a JP LRP-07 with two separate uppers (308 and 6.5 Creedmoor). Don't think that will happen even *after* I get the money side of my life repaired.
  4. I'm assuming you live in a state that has some sort of restrictions? Where would that be? I thought flash hiders were the big issue in places like CA and the like, not muzzle brakes. Nope, I live in Texas so there's no restriction. I'm on a tac team and need a device that directs as much of the blast and concussion forward. I could put one on if I wanted to but don't want the guy shooting next to me to be hindered in any way. I swear some of those brakes have rattled some of my fillings loose having to shoot so close to them. OK, I follow yuou. Yes, so many brakes are so awful on sound
  5. I'm assuming you live in a state that has some sort of restrictions? Where would that be? I thought flash hiders were the big issue in places like CA and the like, not muzzle brakes.
  6. Sweet rifles. Thank you. I wasn't sure if you had a 16" or had gone even shorter as a 14.5" on your CTR-02. Once again, thank you for the video. Very helpful! If I stay in Open I will get the same Jpoint for my M&P CORE. I have to see if I am forced to move to California for employment or not. CA hates my 1919 so I'd do something else. Also, thanks for the response about the team rifles. I was very glad to see JP's earlier announcement of their sponsorship for your team.
  7. Very nice to finally see that reticle in a video. I had a hunch it would be a good one. If I stay in Open/Unlimited I'll be adding at least one of those on my pistol. Do you have a link to your particular JP rifle design? I'm particularly curious about your barrel length. Thanks for the video comparison and discussion.
  8. should be a great build. I like the Dynamic Research or the Seekins on the muzzle, myself. Or the Carbon Arms Gas Hog.
  9. I'd be interested in your comparisons between those two. I hope that you enjoy the new barrel. I'm excited about the 308 Win version of the same.
  10. Net new rifle is what this would be. I want two uppers: one for 6.5 Creedmoor and the other for Heavy Metal 3-gun (308 16"-18" barrel)
  11. I'm in complete agreement that sub-MOA will be the requirement. I hope the recovery goes well. Certainly they have the reputation and I have always been impressed with their products that I own or have seen in use. If I had my way, I'd just have them build an LRP-07 for me in 6.5 and be done with it. But that is too costly for me. I have had it on my To Do list to call in and talk to somebody about their barrel profiles. I really don't understand what hey are going for with the skinny profile under the handguard. I'll try to have them explain it to me. It was exciting to see them offer
  12. Thanks for the information and the prompt. I'll go check out that option shortly. Since my last update, I was leaning heavily toward a 22" Criterion from Creedmoor Sports with a .875" gas block. It looks like a very straight/constant barrel profile.
  13. Almost certainly, I will be building a 6.5 Creedmoor semi-auto. I'm hoping to get either 130 grain Berger OTM AR Hybrids or 130 grain JLKs running properly out of it. I may still have a bolt gun for other uses in the same caliber, but not for use at Ironman.
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