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  1. Really depends on the powder. Fast burning powder the velocity gain is small but with slower powders like 3n38 you gain as much as 200 FPS or more
  2. I have only had stock type triggers work well in ARs in 22 long rifle. 9mm is also tough on triggers and you need to get triggers that can handle the bolt speed from a blowback Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Best accuracy loads in Sig P210. Range 50 feet off hand. All loads use new Starline brass except number 6. 1. RMR 115 JHP 4.3 Grains of Titegroup, Federal Match Primer. Velocity 1163, Spread 26, SD 11 Group size 1 inch 2. Montana Gold 124 grain FMJ 5.7 grains of Alliant Power Pistol Federal Match Primers, Velocity 1145, Spread 31, SD 10. Group size 1.26 3. RMR 115 JHP 5.6 grains of VVN340 Federal Match Primer, Velocity 1238, Spread 21 SD 7 Group size 1.36 inches. 4. Montana Gold 147 grain FMJ 4.5 grains of Alliant Power Pistol, Win
  4. I use a JP competition buffer in my 300 blackout sub sonic with 150 grain loads. It works. Don’t think trail boss Will but give it a try
  5. It’s stepped brass with a ledge inside the brass that buldges the case out when a longer bullet gets seated.
  6. I loaded some recently at 1.11 for my gen 5 barrel and I reduced the charge. 147 grain RMR bullet seated short for gen 5 Glock 1.11 OAL 6.2 grains 3N38 Glock 17 gen 5 Avg 1007 Spread 106 Standard deviation 40
  7. Driving cross country. Any good place to buy bulk ammo in Sioux Falls or any place along i90 to Spokane Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. It depends on your barrel. The Dillon die worked fine for me in Glocks but not in STI guns. Then when I got into PCC the LEE U die no longer worked due to the tighter chamber am about to try a EGW undersized die. So the answer is it will work or it won't. The 9mm is a tapered case and the die needs to go all the way down on many barrels not just most of the way.
  9. Unless they are running reduced targets to simulate range i would just run dot to save yourself money
  10. I have a loaded moon clip gauge and they dropped right in.
  11. Got a 627 converted to 9mm and my reloads won't chamber. They case gauged but no dice in the cylinder . What are you guys using to size your brass. Factory ammo fits fine. Pat
  12. It is just like a 1911 very easy to take off. Its a little stiffer to put back on but not unbearably so. The mags don't drop fast however they drop but they sort of slowly slide out.
  13. Amateur Range Report Gun Tested Sig P210 (US made version) Date 6-2-18 I went shooting today with a new gun I have been wanting for a long time. A Sig P210. The European version of the pistol is super expensive, and I could not justify it. But last year they started making the 210 in the US with a simplified barrel lock up system and with an improved 1911 style safety as well. I was worried that the simplified barrel lock up might compromise accuracy but that did not seem to be the case. Firing 3 off hand groups at 25 yards my average was 2.02 inches. For comparison I fire
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