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  1. Use a Lee underside die
  2. Costs and its 9mm the recoil differences are minor if all the rounds are loaded to the same power factor. Won’t matter for most.
  3. Need to bring the OAL down and reduced the powder charge.
  4. Probably because I bet smith uses the same .357 mag barrels for the 9mm that it does for their 357 mag guns. So a larger bullet would work better.
  5. You don’t have to have them but they do perform much better. Love the heavies.
  6. I liked PCCs at first as cheaper to shoot understudy guns for normal AR's used for 0 to 50 yard practice. Then I liked competing with them as it was fun. Then I got into suppressors and SBR's you can make a 9mm SBR a lot smaller with a suppressor than a rifle cartridge gun even a 300 blackout.
  7. That is a light load and is not running the bolt back far enough to lock open. Try hotter ammo
  8. Bullet penetration is based on bullet design far more than caliber. If you don’t like the 9mm for recoil your not going to like the 30’super carry either. This round in my opinion is a poor option as it’s more expensive and has less terminal performance compared to the 9mm with similar bullets.
  9. Just use 124 grain data from the manual at the starting side and work up
  10. KA booms happen more by far in single stage presses when people forget if they have dropped powder in the case. It’s not an issue on auto indexing presses some people have motors hooked up to dillons no KA booms
  11. You won’t have KA booms if f your doing your part. That isn’t a press issue rather the operator.
  12. Pull those immediately. Yes that is way over pressure. What the heck read a manual next time.
  13. Good for suppressor use or production. Anyplace you want 9mm without having to worry about running a comp
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