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  1. I have been trying to contact Robert for about a month. No reply. I was registered in this match, but have had to change plans. I have notified him both by Email and through Practiscore. No reply.
  2. Made it home late this morning. Had a miserable showing as far as the shooting but had a fantastic time anyway. Stages were excellent as one would expect. The people on the squad I was on were great. I look forward to heading out again next year. As for shooting a clay bird flipped in the air with a pistol, YES! That shot I got, it was worth the trip, not too many places you'll get to do that! Thank you to the US Army, the AMU, the OCS and all the LTs that were out setting steel and pasting targets. Thank you for everything.
  3. Who cares?! Where or when else will you ever get the chance to shoot at a flying clay with a handgun? This is why FT. Benning is THE MATCH. My take is, I am in the match, I won. Anything else is a bonus.
  4. benchmstr, it is still a thing. For those that may not be aware, Squadding is now open. See you all in November.
  5. OK, So I can't type SHOW the RO that the gun is Clear, then... I also DROP the magazine, not Droop(?) it, what ever that is. Seriously, The flip and catch is showboating. I really dislike it. Yes there are some real acrobats out there, but then Ned New Guy sees this and tries it an we have an ISSUE. Hopefully only a DQ, but it could be a lot worse. ULSC is NOT a timed event, Draw fast, Holster S L O W!
  6. Todd, You will drive to the Krilling Range, and possibly between ranges, although in the past transport has been provided, Occasionally in Strikers. On the Krilling range you will be parked in a lot and will need to hump gear a fair distance. I've brought my cart, and used it! I am not sure this year how it ai all set up. in the past there were 9 stages, this year there are 12 and my understanding is there may be three range complexes in use. I'd bring the cart and a ruck. One year we were only allowed what ever extra gear would fit in a 50 cal can. Your guns and the like you carried or wore. Extra ammo, cameras, etc, in the can. The AMU does a really good job of presenting a challenging and fun match. My take on it is, I am in, I am shooting a great match at Fort Benning getting to do things I likely can't do at damned near any other venue. I have already WON!
  7. So, got in, now just waiting on the squadding to show up. Need to get my reservations in or I'll be sleeping on the roadside.
  8. My error then, last I read was 9 stages. Seemed odd that there were 24 squads, but hey, who's counting? OK, so we need to be onsite on the 16th, we shoot 4 stages each day, one on, one off, with the actual shooting on Fri-Sat and Sun.
  9. That would add up to 12 stages, I read there are 9 stages. Tying to figure out their matrix. 200 slots? plus sponsors? Staff? or 200 total? how many stages a day? 3? 4? Shoot 4, 4, 1? 3, 3, 3,? There is a lot that goes into the scheduling of a match. Size of Squad, Average turn around on a stage, number of stages? figure 6 minutes to shoot and reset, 10 minutes to walk through and 12 shooters, 82 minutes, that leaves 8 minutes grace if you figured 90 minutes per squad. Then your squad could be 'off' for an hour and a half. I figure 9 stages means 18 squads realistically, unless there is a special shoot it all in one day group. so concentrating on the 3 day flight. 12 shooters and 18 squads gives us 216 shooters and a reasonable match pressure for the staff. 11 shooters makes it much better. Hopefully we'll get the answers sooner rather than later.
  10. I hear that I'll have 8 days out minimum for a 4 day match. 1000 miles each way!
  11. I find this to be incredible. In the past this match filled in seconds. At this tie it apparently still has 10 open slots. So who all go in so far?
  12. Well, I input the info, they accepted my $$$, waiting to see if I am approved. Hopefully Nice to go a bit earlier, less chance of snow on the way home! They are saying we'll shoot for 4 days, Thursday-Sunday. Hoping they have added in a Staff day. I need two days down and two days back and I'd like to keep it to 7 days total.
  13. I look at it this way, We get to shoot at Ft. Benning, We support the AMU and the US Army in some small way by showing up for this match. I am unlikely to win much of anything, but just getting to shoot there is a win in and of itself. Now last year, while it had some physical challenges was all on the one range. in the origianl series we went off to a few other locations and got to do some things that are unlikely on most private ranges, at least in the east. Shooting on one of the MOUT ranges we were shooting targets in the second and third story windows, no way we could do that here at home! That much impact area does not exist for us!
  14. Well the registration date and time is posted, Maybe we get moved to the head of the line? I'd like another run. Especially now that it is earlier.
  15. We don't allow Heavy metal as we have only 100 yard max and it beats up our steel. Otherwise werun... Tac-Optic Tac-Iron Open PCC_Optic PCC-Iron We have in the past, prior to PCC run a pump SG division, but the requests for that fell off. We reserve the right to place you in the next best division but rarely do. Not really fair if one guy shoots PCC-Optic and the rest shoot Iron if he smokes them. Keep in mind, it is a Club Match. Poll your members and see what they really want, then adjust after they show up and actually shoot.
  16. Have I missed the registration? I keep looking here and on FB and in Practiscore, but I've seen nothing so far.
  17. confirmed, Howard Thompson, Dave Sevigny, and FN, NO MATCH this year. Period.
  18. Jim Norman


    We traditionally have used 8w x 6h stockade fence and made diagonal braces from 2 x 4. The walls stack neatly atop our stage trailers and they last for years. We sinly screw two together with long wood screws. Ports are simple, use a circular saw and viola!. They are a bit heavy, but even this old man can carry them. In the last couple years we found a bargain model that is thinner and weighs less. I personally do not like see through walls, it makes a major change in the challenge as well as making it very difficult to tell if a round passed through the wall. Yes, you do have to CLEAR a stage.
  19. Rain Rain Go Away! Let's see, by this time tomorrow I will be enroute to Georgia. Did I mention that the rain should hold off until Monday?
  20. Thinking that getting to shoot here is pretty much a prize in and of itself. I can't win near enough to pay for the ammo I shoot, let alone my travel costs. Should be a rel fun time.
  21. Interesting looking at the squad matrix. It looks like there may some match day adjustments, maybe smaller squads or a reduced number of squads unless there are a lot of people that simply have not bothered to squad up yet. Seems odd this close to shooting that there would be this many open spots. Looks like 48 open places so far. Haven't noticed much change in the last week either.
  22. OK, I am late to the party here, but... I have a 7L Hornady Sonic. Just ran it for the first time to 1) clean a gun and 2) clean some brass. For the gun parts I ran Simple green at around 8:1 in a hot bath. did a really nice job, in fact I am concerned that it is too clean! Going to have to make sure it is sprayed to keep it from rusting up! Then I ran a load of 9mm brass. I used a cool batch with Hornady brass cleaner solution at the recommended strength. WOW! 20 minutes and CLEAN! got it spread out on a towel right now to dry. Only issue I have is dry time, thinking I will get myself an electric heater with a fan and a motorized cage tumble like a media separator. I what thought about th wet media and pins,. I have a large Thumbler Tumbler, but understand that the unit may not hold up to a wet system, either the weight or the pins on the bowl will cause an issue, plus it does not have a drain plug.
  23. Thank you, I figured this was likely. Works well, gives one time to get set between stages. The 'next' squad should be there and ready to go immediately as the previous squad finishes.
  24. On the shooting schedule, is this one on, one off or AM-PM? I see 18 squads and there oare 9 or 10 stages so i assume we don't shoot straight through moving from one stage to the next with no down time.
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