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  1. Yeah, hard to see how a comp can make less chamber pressure? At any rate, can shoot limited minor.
  2. Really loving mine. Have an OR one. Has been a nicer gun than I expected. Have a preference for metal guns but wanted an affordable CO gun. Hard to beat this for that.
  3. Check one out if you get a chance. I've seen them for under 500$. I think you will be impressed at that price point.
  4. You don't ride thumb over it while shooting?
  5. Just for the record, the Viper PST 1-4x24 is as you say, not daylight bright. But I think these fellas are recommending the newer PST 1-6x24, which has a much brighter center dot and different reticles than the older 1-4x24.
  6. NoKimberDave

    P 10 F Finding

    This may be your issue. Capturing mag by too much pressure on mag release.
  7. On the big CZC paddle safeties, and some others, you engage the safety by using your thumb and pushing towards the muzzle and slightly downward on the very back of the paddle. For those that were unaware. You can't really get your thumb under it. Personally, I have gotten into the habit of engaging the safety with my weak hand before holstering. I just feel its a better safety habit.
  8. I love 3gun and since I got into shooting that was my goal. I have many many friends who shoot with me, that I have personally got into competitive shooting. Pistols and 2gun. I have been unable to get a single one into 3gun, despite constantly hammering them with it. They can take their Glock, with factory mags, and a AR with two 40pmags and go shoot 2gun. They sling their rifle. Holster their pistol. And easily carry it between stages. It's the gun that shall not be mentioned. Like it or not it's expensive AF for gun that can only be used in a 3gun match. None of these guys have these guns laying around, and they have no other use for it. Plus, you now have to add a cart to carry it and the huge boxes of ammo (and bigger case, etc.). It's a lot of stuff. It took me a few years to collect it all. I personally love the shotgun. But convincing newbs is a battle. It's reality. I've had a couple come watch and they see all the jerseys and anodized super guns and dudes dropping quads with the quickness and it's just super intimidating I guess, and it just looks/feels expensive. Because it is! The size of the SG and ammo and loaders just makes it totally exponential. I see a jungle run and think "awesome". They see it and think "I have to load 28 rounds, including 4 slugs at end". If it were as simple as "this stage has 6-8 clays/knockovers" and you can hit them all and dump gun, that would be less intimidating. And we have USPSA rifle matches around here that are very satisfying for long guns, as well as a plethora of other choices. So it's a tough sell. With the VR-80 being affordable, I am now working this angle: just do mag changes and forget about quad loading. As a lot of guys have slide ride red dot pistols. Unlimited is actually attainable with fairly affordable gear. I don't know what the answer is. Wish I did because personally I love the game!
  9. I have my Steiner in an Aero extended mount. 1/3 the weight of most other options. And affordable.
  10. Stock was decent for me and I didn't get any trigger bite. But I like the feel HBI quite a bit more. Although it would be nice to be able to dial out some over travel. I believe this can be done with the CGW trigger. Just my opinion.
  11. I have most of the same parts on mine. I have yet to polish anything so it's still a bit stiff. But I love the feel of this gun and the dot presents well for me. Really stoked to shoot it some more.
  12. NoKimberDave

    CZ TS orange ?

    Lots of local tactical and 2gun matches would allow it.
  13. Both great guns. The more I shoot the more I like wider grips, although my hands are not giant. They are skinny and I find the wider gun gives better grip. I use the TSO for 3 gun. I put on the fat/wide flat LOK bogies and it's great. A fantastic pistol that has never let me down. Shot tons of rounds through it and it's still tight. Love it. But I like the TS, too. It's a real bargain. I'd love to have one as well. If I had very large hands I'd likely choose that one for 9mm.
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