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  1. The richest man is not the man with the most, It's the man thats happiest with the least!
  2. Precisely. Mine ain't holding me back! And, even though there are certainly "nicer" guns, the TSO still comes with a lot of pride of ownership. At least for me anyway. It's a nice friggin gun!
  3. He figured it out nearly a year ago.
  4. NoKimberDave

    CZ 75B SA

    Spend even a 1/4 of the time they spent on that Rock Island (900$ worth of gunsmithing) on the TSO and you will have very different results. He does make very valid points. But most of them will have zero impact on the style of shooting you are doing. For the shooting like USPSA, these are easily rectified. Evidenced by the glowing reviews by shooters who actually shoot them. Details like slide profile: yes it's more difficult to rack than a 2011. But not all that much. Put a big thumbrest on a 2011 and try that. Take the thumbrest off TSO and its not hard to rack. But none of that matters in regards to this video, because what this video is, is a sales video. It is a man trying to sell you something. Pretend this is the guy at the gunshow trying to earn money to feed his family by selling you a gun. If you go to a video by a guy who sells Honda hop up parts and service, you can be assured that he will recommend a Honda over a Toyota. (Or tuned Honda over a Porsche in this case). I am sure the RI tuned by them is an excellent gun and product, as all their stuff seems to be, but I doubt you are going to see a long line of CZ owners waiting to trade theirs in!
  5. Love my TSO. It's a better choice, IMO. But get what you want of course. OT: I can only imagine what my gun collection would be like if I took advice from gunshow bros! I make plenty of bad decisions, don't need any more help, lol.
  6. Why would I want to ruin a perfectly good gun??!! Edit: and I quite like my TSO trigger!
  7. I've let a few stray shots go myself!
  8. I wonder if you can drop the hammer into a TacSport to increase trigger weight? Some have found them to be too light out of the box.
  9. The cheapest belt I have ever bought had by far the nicest inner belt: Black Scorpion.
  10. I used a wider, stiffer velcro weight belt. I mounted the Invictus load 4 modules straight to it. I marked holes and burnt through the belt with soldering iron. Made perfect holes for the screws/nuts I purchased to assemble it. I also used two Taccom load 4 modules. For 20 total. It's works perfect and I am really happy with it. I feel it stays where it is supposed to way better than the simple slick nylon webbing. I use this with two of the Invictus 2.8's on my belt (on als clips) and that seems to cover any 3gun match I have attended. Buddy modeling it:
  11. I think the TSO, 1050, and supplies is a smart smart smart choice. It's not an Infinity, but it's a magnificent gun. I love my 9mm dearly. That said, my buddy just took delivery of his 5.4" SVI. It's everything they say it is. Awesome in every way and in every detail. It cost more than my Limited Major rig and my entire 3Gun rig/guns combined! So it had better be good!
  12. I got mine for 459.00 with throw lever. I feel like its one of the best price/performance deals I have ever had on gear. It's an awesome optic and I love it. Probably wouldn't have bought it for 650$ though.
  13. Keep us informed on your opinions of the two after having the XLR a little while. I've been wanting to try XLR.
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