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  1. The nice thing about the Taccom is it is so cheap to try out. I really like the "feel" of a SCS. When charging it feels smooooooth. However, I've been quite happy with the taccoms and just see no reason to dump nearly 200$ on something that won't make my gun shoot flatter. And, I have never noticed spring noise, although others that use my rifles seem to. Doesn't annoy me at all.
  2. I use the railmount with the Cmore "tactical riser" which is a thin plastic spacer, lol. But I like the height. Mount the gun more inboard and keep head relatively upright.
  3. Ah, missed that part. Still a great deal though!
  4. 300$$ !!!!! Been wanting one of these for years now.
  5. Love my Tanfo. Sexy Italian gun and super fun to shoot. It shoots great and I love everything but the checkering, which sucks. Had to do some work to get gun where I want it. And was lucky to get a used gun that had nice parts to begin with. Coming from a CZ-75 it made sense to me as well. Internally. For the price I am happy and as a hobbyist, a wait for a part means I can shoot other guns/matches/classes, if it were to break. I ain't winning any championships, to understate it. But if I were serious about shooting Limited Major, and had a little deeper pockets, I'd buy-once-cry-o
  6. Sweet. Should drop a pic or two!
  7. Yes, it is mounted to a QLS. I like the higher ride. You get belt loaded up and with a hanger and full mag gun just feels like it's flopping around in the wind. And .2 on my draw isn't going to have me beating the field unfortunately, heh.
  8. I do like my PST G2, but wish it had the JM-1 BDC reticle. If Steiner would do a 1-6x24 PX4i with their same reticle for under 800$ I'd buy it right now.
  9. Been using a GLS now too. For both a CZ TSO and a P-10F. Mounted right on belt. I've moved away from hangers.
  10. Man, I would love a kit to turn my Limited gun into an open gun.
  11. I got a Franchi, too. It's a sweet gun. If you shoot a Stoeger next to it, the difference is apparent, imo. The Stoeger is great but the Franchi is basically a Stoeger in layout that says "Benelli" and "Made in Italy" on the receiver, for what that is worth. I have a 26" and I am really glad I made that choice. Light but not too light. I got it for under 600$, and dumped another 400$ into it. So, complete and ready for 3gun for under a grand. That includes, port, sights, tube, controls, etc. I'm moving to unlimited and been tempted to just put a dot on it as the idea of not shooti
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