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  1. NoKimberDave

    PCC technique

    Tact riser as Homie mentioned. Was high enough for me. i like the Delrin idea too, if you want it a bit higher.
  2. NoKimberDave

    It’s been asked before but I’ll ask again 24or26

    I was only responding to this quote " "So, the best approach would be to have a lot of shotshells in the gun to start with - therefore a very long tube. Since you save time by not having to shove so many rounds into the tube on the clock.". To start with you get 9 no matter what tube or barrel you have. I have a 12 round tube on a 26" for the reasons Tony the Tiger pointed out.
  3. NoKimberDave

    PCC technique

    Oh man, this this this!! I have found moving buttstock in towards pec muscle, right under dominant eye, has been huge in my PCC recoil control. And, gripping very firm with support hand. In order to do this, I had to go with a higher mount on my Cmore. Now head is straight up and gun comes straight back, and doubles are right on top of eachother. Still got a lot to learn with PCC, but I like this a lot. I also think it is improving my rifle shooting and I am considering replacing all my mounts with higher mounts.
  4. NoKimberDave

    Thoughts on hand stops

    Arisaka finger stops on my rifles and carbines.
  5. NoKimberDave

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    IME, it is plenty bright in any conditions. Including hot bright NC summer sun. Haven't been out to the desert with it, but I would think it would be fine there, too. Seems to be about same as my Steiner.
  6. NoKimberDave

    Optic Ready Shadow2?

    Indeed. I nominate you for CZ board of directors.
  7. NoKimberDave

    Picked up my first CZ yesterday

    Make sure it was not the safety lever detent located within the frame at the right side. It’s captures the right hand safety lever, which could walk out without it.
  8. NoKimberDave

    It’s been asked before but I’ll ask again 24or26

    Isn't the gun to be loaded to 8+1 to start no matter how long your tube is? Everything I have shot only allowed 9 in gun to start. So, no matter what you are going to have to load how ever many rounds you shoot (over 9) on the clock.
  9. NoKimberDave

    Left side safety height

    I have used the CZC and Shadow 2 wide safety. I wish both were 3/16" or more higher.
  10. NoKimberDave

    Tanfoglio Porn

    Very nice collection DD!
  11. NoKimberDave

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    I have one and really like it. Perfect for what I need.
  12. NoKimberDave

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    I have to say I never really notice it while I am shooting a match. They all seem loud to me.
  13. NoKimberDave

    Best PCC trigger?

    My POF flat has worked well. Been reliable in the PCC so far. I like the trigger, but it feels a bit heavy after using the Hiperfire 3G in my rifles.
  14. NoKimberDave

    CZ tso Trigger delay

    Glad to hear it is running for you now. Enjoy!
  15. NoKimberDave

    JP jumps on the short stroke bandwagon

    I can still manually lock back the bolt with the Taccom SSK. Just barely. But it doesn’t lock back on its own on an empty mag.