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  1. Reminds me of a buddy who always threatens to shoot USPSA. I get a lot of questions, because a short perusal of the actual rules and gear requirements is too brainy. Q: "Hey, can I use a Mossberg Shockwave with brace, extended tube and red dot in Open"? A: "No. No you can not use shotguns in a pistol match" Q: "OK, well, then I'll use my Dan Wesson in SS..." A: "No, because you ported it, installed a comp, and it has a red dot. It's a SA only trigger." Q: "Ok, maybe I'll stick to the USPSA rifle match, and just use my AR with brace..." A: "Nope, pistols are not allowed at rifle matches" Q: "DANG STUPID RULES!! WHY DO THEY MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT?? OKAY, I guess its carry optics then. I'll use my 19". A: "Unfortunately, you made a "roland special" so you will have to shoot Open Minor....." Etc etc etc etc.
  2. NoKimberDave

    Faxon match, Faxon gunner, Odin, BA

    That's interesting. I have a BA 12.5" that is one of the most accurate barrels I have owned. Got it on sale for like 94$ !! Actually, I got it for cheap project I was doing. Paired it with a 35$ Andersen slick side upper. Imagine my complete annoyance when it shot better than my 325$ 16" barrel in a nice upper!!
  3. NoKimberDave

    Faxon match, Faxon gunner, Odin, BA

    I have the Gunner 14.5" with SLR .625, and have had the 18" gunner with SLR .625. The 14.5" is superb on a lightweight SBR with 1-4 Steiner. Its perfect for that. I bought it after using the 18" Gunner for quite awhile. The 18" Gunner felt amazing. The way it swings feels great. It was accurate enough for me for 3gun. I did feel like it started to wander a little after getting hot. But honestly I have never tested for it. It is now on a buddys gun and he likes it. Recently wanted to try a little more weight and got a deal on the Odin Works 18" 3gun. It has the Odin block. I haven't yet really wrung it out but my initial impressions are that it shoots. It shot 55grn great when I zeroed it. I remember walking up to 200yrds to look at my group and being impressed with myself, lol. And, I am frankly not the greatest rifleman and it was a new 1-6 scope. This barrel feels very accurate to me. Really looking forward to trying some heavier stuff. Right now I am satisfied as I paid under 200$ for it.
  4. NoKimberDave

    3 Shadow 2s after a season of shooting

    Great post! Thanks.
  5. NoKimberDave

    Changing from Tacops to Limited....

    Hmm, never thought of this. Gonna give this a try.
  6. NoKimberDave

    How the hell did this happen??!!

    Good diagram and that makes it a lot clearer with it resting on muzzle. And where red arrow is, is the spot I would have thought would bend, where in pics it looks to be several inches higher. But your explanation of threads/nut seems to confirm your illustration. Hope you get it all fixed up. Never seen that before!
  7. NoKimberDave

    SBR Ideas

    No doubt and good point. Im just trying to point out a possible negative.
  8. NoKimberDave

    SBR Ideas

    Until you bring it to a rifle/multigun match and they say "no pistols allowed at rifle match".
  9. NoKimberDave

    How the hell did this happen??!!

    Just seems odd, in that something that would have hit right there would have hit the handguard and had to bend that first, no? Seems it would have tweeked the receiver threads first. Or, something hit the muzzle and caused it to flex right there, which seems more likely. Odd for sure.
  10. NoKimberDave

    Vortex PST II vs Steiner P4Xi vs Burris XTR II

    I have the Steiner and the PST moa 1-6. The Steiner is likely the best piece of gear I have ever purchased from a price/performance perspective. I paid 459 for mine. IMO, it just can not be beat in that price range. It slaughtered the 1-6 Strike Eagle it replaced. It really feels like a mini Razor to me. It's killer. I love it. My newest scope is the PST. I love this scope, too. I wish the reticle was the JM-1 or more like the Steiner, which I feel is perfect for me. But it performs very well with clear glass and daylight illumination. No regrets on this purchase. It's awesome, too, for the money. Hard to go wrong with either. Haven't owned the burris, but I hate hate hate circle dots/ donuts/ busy reticles. But their ballistic dot reticle looks useable.
  11. NoKimberDave

    SLR Sentry Gas Block

    I leaded a 10/22 practically completely closed in less than 50 rounds. Started noticing keyholing, and when I examined bore I couldn't get just a thin rod through it! Took a lot to get it out, and it came out in big chunks. I'd be most worried about it in the tube and gas port area. Wouldn't surprise me if a bunch if you could shoot it out with 5.56. But I would have a look at the bore first. Do a search on thunderbolts and it will be an eye opener!
  12. NoKimberDave

    SLR Sentry Gas Block

    If it was thunderbolts, I can just about promise you that it is a severe leading problem. In tube or gas port or barrel or all of the above. By far the worst .22 ammo known to man! Seriously: it's terrible.
  13. NoKimberDave

    How to Determine Best LOP for an AR9 PCC?

    I shoot PCC with stock on pec right under eye, and more extended than I used to. This required me to go to a higher riser. The movement and impulse of pcc is so much clunkier than a tuned 556 that it really made me appreciate technique more. I am considering going to higher mounts on my rifles as well. I guess I can remove the leather shoulder patches on my tweed jacket when I join Elmer at the shotgun club!
  14. NoKimberDave

    Best PCC trigger?

    The Hipertouch Reflex. Same as 24c/competition, but with curved bow. Formerly known as HP 3Gun.
  15. NoKimberDave

    Excuse me. But...

    Ahhh. Ducatis look so sweet in the garage. Because they are broken and you need to wait 3 months for the weekend in Italy to end so that they might send you parts. It's okay. Relax and eat a pizza pie.