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  1. NoKimberDave

    Witness P match or Winess Elite Match

    For the price of the poly Match, I would go with a CZ75 SA instead. It can be had for under 600$ and is a nice gun, imo.
  2. NoKimberDave

    The best PCC I could come up with

    Man, this is the neatest PCC I have seen on here. Good job!
  3. NoKimberDave

    Tanfoglio Porn

    Lets get this thread going again.
  4. NoKimberDave

    Where to buy CZ Tact Sport orange 40 cal

    A note as to your location may help.
  5. NoKimberDave

    Low Mass BCG

    I have this setup on two rifles now and have been pleased for the money. It's cheap but works!
  6. NoKimberDave

    Palm Swell or Medium/Large grips

    So, I contacted LOK. They said: "Sorry our bad. We'll send you out new ones that are FAT like you requested. We will include a self addressed postage paid envelope to send the others back". So I waited another 10 days or so and received new grips. They are IDENTICAL to the thin grips they had previously sent!! They actually sent the exact same thing. The crazy thing is that they even marked them "fat" on the order, and someone took the time to use a orange hilighter on the note as if it were checked! But they are standard thin. And, they didn't send anything for me to return the old ones. Now I have two sets of grips I can't use. Don't know what is going on over there, but for 92$ it is a bit annoying. Anybody need a new pair of LOK thin bogies for Limited/open?
  7. NoKimberDave

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    Well, honestly I like them about equally. The glass is very good on both, although the Steiner might have a very slight edge. I believe its german schott glass. But very bright image in both. On 1x eye box feels similar (which is where both scopes live 90% of the time). The vortex gets a little tighter at high mag, but it has 2X more power. Both have a daylight bright dot. I like both reticles, as I have come to detest busy, clunky reticles. But I do slightly prefer the simple Steiner BDC reticle. If Steiner was to make an 1-6x24 just like the Px4i but with 2 more power I would buy that to replace the Vortex. But not sure I would gain anything as the Vortex is very very nice. The Steiner feels a lot lighter, if that is a concern. The Vortex is a tank. I got the steiner with aluminum throw lever for 459$ which is sweet. Hard to give a direct answer as to which I would take because they are both perfect for the rifles they are on. Hard to go wrong with either.
  8. NoKimberDave

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    I have two scopes I am very happy with. I am just a hobbyist shooter so I am no 3gun pro. But I'm decent enough to know what i want. I went through quite a few optics before settling on these. And got a lot of advice from better shooters. -For my smaller 14.5" SBR rifle I have a Steiner Px4i 1-4x24 -For my 18" rifle I have a Vortex PST gen 2 1-6x24 I am at a point with these that I don't feel anything lacking. I can quit looking for new scopes. They both look sweet through the glass. They both have big enough eye boxes. The reticles are simple and useable. And the only illumination is the center dot, and its daylight bright. The stadia lines are not clunky and the reticles not overly busy. The Steiner is so good I am not sure there is a 1x4 at any price I would replace it with. I'd rather keep the money because it is very satisfying to use, imo. Man, did they ever hit a walk off, bench clearing home run with that scope. For the money it slaughters, slaughters, anything I have used (haven't used it all of course). I know there are better, but they cost a lot more. TonytheTiger has it right: its a mini Razor. The PST 1-6 is also hard or near impossible to beat for the money. It's a great scope. If I ever start swimming in money I'd replace it with a Razor. Probably wouldn't help all that much, and it's really not that much better. But, it is better. If I had 1500$ to throw at it, I would get the Razor and nice mount for it. Just my opinion. Of course, P.E.Kelley will likely beat most of us with open sights on an M&P Sport, heh.
  9. NoKimberDave

    Palm Swell or Medium/Large grips

    Thank you very much. That is a big help! Might try this.
  10. NoKimberDave

    What is the best free float hand guard and why?

    Zombie thread. Have tried a lot of HG's. Oddly, my favorite has been the 15" plain mlok ALG which was also the cheapest! Great performance, comfortable, and very light. I think I got mine on sale for like 90$. I say oddly because I am shallow minded and generally jump on expensive stuff that I don't need.
  11. NoKimberDave

    Palm Swell or Medium/Large grips

    If you could take some pics of those for us that would be super helpful!
  12. NoKimberDave

    Palm Swell or Medium/Large grips

    Yep. Bummer indeed. I too have had best luck with stock that I covered in grip tape. Going to major made wider grips a necessity to me.
  13. NoKimberDave

    Tanfoglio witness limited elite vs CZ TSO

    My stock TSO magwell left a huge ledge all the way around. Had to cut that down and polish. Also, the stock mw never lined up quite right, so I snagged a new one from Armory Craft. It lines up better but is same shape. My stock Tanfo Limited magwell lined up perfect and required no work and is way better. Would like to get a Henning, but this is better than the TSO I am used to for sure. IDK, maybe I got a good one? It's the only Tanfo I have owned. I fitted (edit: with a lot of help!!) a raw EGW hammer and sear and now the Tanfo is on par, but it was a LOT of work! MY Tanfo came with a FPB (not sure if elite does) so had to ditch that. All in all after the work I like the Tanfo very much. It shoots great. And with the flatter trigger guard I can get a better higher grip than the CZ. But the TSO was great right out of the box. Just my personal opinions.
  14. NoKimberDave

    Palm Swell or Medium/Large grips

    Gun not in front of me but off the top of my head: 1.18 Scale thickness is .17" But it looks like they just sent thins. Two of us ordered these based on an Instagram post LOK made saying if we want thicker to just put "FAT" in description on order. So, I put "FAT, Cut for magwell". And I know they saw it because it was cut for magwell. Another fella who ordered similar to me, and was also disappointed, called and they then said "We don't make a thicker grip yet". So apparently they ignored the "fat" in description and sent thin ones. A bit annoying as the wait was long and the expense was high (94$ + shipping). Maybe they have somebody doing their social media that doesn't understand the product? I don't know but these are useless to me and now I have to deal with getting them returned and finding something else. My 4th order from LOK. They've been good in the past so I know they will make good, but a bit of a time waster and I can't quite get my head around why they didn't just give me a quick call or email to save us both a lot of time? Everyone makes mistakes I guess.
  15. NoKimberDave

    Palm Swell or Medium/Large grips

    I ordered some LOK's, after seeing a post by them on instagram that you can order them "fat" and they would be wider. They sure don't feel much wider. I had them make thick bogies for my TSO and they are really great. But disapointed in these "fat" grips for Tanfo. Still very thin. Bummer to dump that cash and get thin grips. Meh. They do look gorgeous and the quality is great. A million thin options and almost no thick options. Just want thicker FLAT grips. The palmswells are thick but for me the swell portion is way too low. Sorry to whine.