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  1. Stock was decent for me and I didn't get any trigger bite. But I like the feel HBI quite a bit more. Although it would be nice to be able to dial out some over travel. I believe this can be done with the CGW trigger. Just my opinion.
  2. I have most of the same parts on mine. I have yet to polish anything so it's still a bit stiff. But I love the feel of this gun and the dot presents well for me. Really stoked to shoot it some more.
  3. NoKimberDave

    CZ TS orange ?

    Lots of local tactical and 2gun matches would allow it.
  4. Both great guns. The more I shoot the more I like wider grips, although my hands are not giant. They are skinny and I find the wider gun gives better grip. I use the TSO for 3 gun. I put on the fat/wide flat LOK bogies and it's great. A fantastic pistol that has never let me down. Shot tons of rounds through it and it's still tight. Love it. But I like the TS, too. It's a real bargain. I'd love to have one as well. If I had very large hands I'd likely choose that one for 9mm.
  5. Would be a great pistol. Personally, I would convert it to SA only.
  6. Yong also uses a lot of target focus. I love watching that guy shoot.
  7. Indeed. I have long since found a solution. Thanks.
  8. I was shocked when I saw that email. Amazing deal on a PST!
  9. Thanks. There were so many models I was a bit confused. It seems I ordered the correct one. I had to lose the CZ Custom safety, which is a bummer but not a deal killer. But I am a bit shocked how wide the gap is at bottom of trigger guard. Just about anything can get in and depress trigger. Its a bit spooky. Gonna do some heat and bending and see if I get get that gap to close a bit. Otherwise it locks in well and fit is pretty good.
  10. Bumping this with a question: Anybody used a GLS with a Tac Sport Orange? If so, which exact model? Thanks!
  11. The richest man is not the man with the most, It's the man thats happiest with the least!
  12. Precisely. Mine ain't holding me back! And, even though there are certainly "nicer" guns, the TSO still comes with a lot of pride of ownership. At least for me anyway. It's a nice friggin gun!
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