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  1. NoKimberDave

    Planning to Shoot USPSA Limited (minor) with my Shadow 2

    IMO, 9mm Limited guns are super fun. Might not win a lot of races, but fun none the less. If the only goal is getting out and having fun, while trying to improve from a hobbyist perspective, then it's not going to disappoint.
  2. NoKimberDave

    CMC Trigger CS, Excellent

    Had same experience. Had a flat 3.5 that started to get weird on reset. They made some suggestions to try, but ultimately replaced it quickly.
  3. NoKimberDave

    When would you want a 1x optic?

    Use it just like a red dot. To me it has every advantage. Clarity, etched reticle, can get some with a tight center dot which is better for precision shots, etc. The only disadvantages I have found is: -Lack of unlimited eye relief (not a problem for me as eye box is generous.) -Not as many choices. I feel that most prism reticles are goofy and way too busy. Trying to do too much. This causes lots of problems when it is all illuminated and light starts getting low. It destroys my night vision and bleedsI like Leupold one the best, the one with crosshairs and only the center dot is illuminated, unfortunately it's unavailable. Don't need anything but the center dot to light up in a prism or variable optic, imo.
  4. NoKimberDave

    3 gun shotgun, buy now or wait?

    I have to say this may be the nicest amateur port job I have seen. Excellent job. Cut nice and deep too.
  5. I tried a whole bunch of shotguns prior to buying one. Of all of them, the one I liked most was a 22" Versamax Camo turkey model with sights. Shot slugs great. Shot everything great actually. Softest of all the guns I tried. It had some work done to it, but not a lot. I know the owner and it has many thousands through it. Great gun. I ended up going with a lighter gun and 26" barrel, and I am very happy (franchi affinity) but I still like the way the VM's shoot. This franchi feels more like a Benelli, which I have grown to like, but it's not as soft feeling.
  6. NoKimberDave

    Proper grip for EAA elite limited with magwell

    On my CZ TSO, I have the LOK Bogies, but had them made fatter. So, they are flat, but wider on both sides. This allows much more weak hand contact, imo. For a long while they didn't make the wider bogies for Tanfo, but apparently they do now. Might be worth trying. I really love them.
  7. NoKimberDave

    Most Vertical Large AR Grip?

    The B5 grip is pretty vertical, has a big beavertail, and a wide front strap. Might be worth a try.
  8. NoKimberDave

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    Dang, that is spendy. But it sure looks interesting.
  9. NoKimberDave

    Best "budget" Heavy Metal Pistol?

    Seems like you could do the Tanfo Limited in 45acp. Has magwell and SA trigger that can be made super nice. Just over a G and a sweet gun.
  10. NoKimberDave

    build the absolute lightest PCC on earth

    That is super cool!
  11. NoKimberDave

    Pcc handguard recommendations taccom

    I have their 15" handguard. I have not attached it yet. Seems quite flimsy to be honest. 4 short screws holding it in, and that's it. If I mount it I may use some green loctite like MI calls for on some of their rails. It will replace an ALG possibly. But the ALG is just about as light and super rigid. So, I am on the fence with it, lol. But i'll keep this updated if I do use it.
  12. NoKimberDave

    advice with first AR15 build

    I did a similar build to what you are doing. Bottom rifle. Here's what I used: -Aero slickside upper with 12" Atlas rail -Faxon 14.5" midlength with Ti VG6 Epsilon style brake -SLR .625 sentry 6 adj gas block -AIM lightweight BCG -Taccom ultralight plastic buffer -Sprinco yellow -10% spring -Hiperfire 3gun trigger I have to say this rifle (SBR actually) is sublime. Shoots so soft and flat and very very light. It's somehow greater than the sum of it's parts. Just a joy to shoot. I think you're on the right track for something fun and useable. Good luck.
  13. So, I decided to try this wacky stock out. I've found I really like the way it mounts to shoulder. Happy with feel and adjustability. However, man I can't keep it together. Something always comes loose. No castle nut. So, for you fellas/ladies who use one: Have you experienced this? Are you loctiting the tube into the receiver? Any opinions would be appreciated.
  14. NoKimberDave

    Shadow 2 recoil spring any preferences/

    I use 9lb. with 150bb over 3.2TG in my TSO and ran a 10lb previously in a CZ-75. I use a 10lb. With 200bb over 4.2 of VV320 in my major .40 pistol. CGW haven’t sent me a cease and desist letter yet, so I think I’m good. I’m glad to know this is for tuning, as I had done it strictly to batter my 1700$ pistol into pieces as quickly as possible.
  15. NoKimberDave

    Tanfoglio Porn

    Dang, that's a neat gun.