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  1. Exactly. Like a Stoeger in function, but made by Benelli in Italy. And between the M2 and M3000 in cost.
  2. NoKimberDave

    CZ TS 2

    Yes, I saw that as well. It was a slide mounted weight. Not to be confused with the light that he filled with shot and attached to frame.
  3. The nice thing about the Taccom is it is so cheap to try out. I really like the "feel" of a SCS. When charging it feels smooooooth. However, I've been quite happy with the taccoms and just see no reason to dump nearly 200$ on something that won't make my gun shoot flatter. And, I have never noticed spring noise, although others that use my rifles seem to. Doesn't annoy me at all.
  4. I use the railmount with the Cmore "tactical riser" which is a thin plastic spacer, lol. But I like the height. Mount the gun more inboard and keep head relatively upright.
  5. 300$$ !!!!! Been wanting one of these for years now.
  6. Love my Tanfo. Sexy Italian gun and super fun to shoot. It shoots great and I love everything but the checkering, which sucks. Had to do some work to get gun where I want it. And was lucky to get a used gun that had nice parts to begin with. Coming from a CZ-75 it made sense to me as well. Internally. For the price I am happy and as a hobbyist, a wait for a part means I can shoot other guns/matches/classes, if it were to break. I ain't winning any championships, to understate it. But if I were serious about shooting Limited Major, and had a little deeper pockets, I'd buy-once-cry-o
  7. Sweet. Should drop a pic or two!
  8. Yes, it is mounted to a QLS. I like the higher ride. You get belt loaded up and with a hanger and full mag gun just feels like it's flopping around in the wind. And .2 on my draw isn't going to have me beating the field unfortunately, heh.
  9. I do like my PST G2, but wish it had the JM-1 BDC reticle. If Steiner would do a 1-6x24 PX4i with their same reticle for under 800$ I'd buy it right now.
  10. Been using a GLS now too. For both a CZ TSO and a P-10F. Mounted right on belt. I've moved away from hangers.
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