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  1. ano

    What RTS2 Mount Locates Sight to Rear of Slide

    Maybe brass doesnt get stuck in mount all the time then
  2. ano

    Old guy open??

    SVI mount and romeo3 or rts2 also load major, easier to get gun to work.
  3. ano

    CFE Pistol 9mm Major - First go

    I load 9gr 3n38 in my 9mm... whats the problem? VV recomends 3n38 for 9major, officially, just check their facebook
  4. ano

    Popple Hole Addition

    I rarely have to clean any of my rts2 or romeo3, most are on SVI oem mount, sits so low, and I got everything from shorty with 4 huuuge sweage holes and up. A lot of theese guns had dirty lenses with upright.
  5. ano


    the mark7 automates the 1050 if your 1050 is perfect and runs perfect, it runs perfect with mark7 99% of my issues/stops has been issues with the 1050, like sticking case plunger, to much lube in primer circuit getting stuck on prep machine and primer slide etc. so yes Im happy, currently own 3 mark7s, the LTE, the X and the pro. I feel the X is where the value is at, the pro is cool though. In general I have few stops, on the 40 machine I will have one every.. hmm 2-3k rounds, like a toppeld bullet, I havent bought bulletsense yet. for prepping, it pretty much runs flawless now, had a crank bolt back out, but red loctite has seem to solved it, I removed entire priming system as well, and loosend case feeder, it can now run thousands without stops.
  6. ano

    38 SC Brass?

    no new pms?
  7. ano

    38 SC Brass?

    I can probably hook you up, we do group buys from time to time. (I'm in europe)
  8. ano

    38 SC Brass?

    I pew pew a lot, got 3 broken guns now... so right now I dont shoot that much, Im on loaner guns from friends like I said, new starline, tends to be cheaper than used brass
  9. ano

    38 SC Brass?

    shipping is not free, checked my last invoice, shipping was 26USD for 3 drums of 6500 its easy to tell here who reloads and shoots a lot D
  10. ano

    38 SC Brass?

    yeah, what he said, they are in the dealer price list, but really available to anyone
  11. ano

    Open Gun Design Questions

    honestly its the shooter, not gun, a heavier gun, does more than gas and holes. I have the old gigantic IMM barrels, I got 2/3mm barrels, I got 4 hole short and large etc. The most calm gun are full length, stainless steel comp guns, with heavy .920 frame and steel grip.
  12. ano

    38 SC Brass?

    new starline, usually costs less than once fired 38SC buy the 6500 "drums" from starline, saves you 10 bux per 1000
  13. ano

    New Atlas Open 2011

    my old 9x25 takes 20'ish gr N110.... so anything is rimfire in comparison its like shooting a SBR rifle indoors.
  14. ano

    New Atlas Open 2011

    N105 is supersafe and awesome, sadly its an insane PITA in 9 major and almost un-doable
  15. ano

    New Atlas Open 2011

    Dont use fast powders, sure they feel nice and soft, but chamber pressure is insane. imho 3n38 is only safe powder.