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  1. Pat Miles

    Making the top 20 for PCC.

    Congratulations Eric!!!
  2. Pat Miles

    550 CNC Toolheads

    These were not machined by me, but they are first class units. I could not attach a picture of them in a reply to a for sale ad here unless the pics were posted previously in a post. Now if I could figure out how to delete this post. Any ideas?
  3. Pat Miles

    12-15" hanguards

    Received the 15" Matrix Foxtrot handguard today. For $55.00 this thing is sweet. I see no reason to spend the big bucks for another handguard from now on.
  4. Pat Miles

    Hiperfire 24C locked up

    I had what sounds like the same problem with a lower that I installed a 24C in years back. The disconnector would not release the hammer due to the trigger pin hole spacing in the lower being out of spec. Solved the problem by taking several thousandths of an inch off the mating surface of the disconnector on my surface grinder. Using gauge pins and measuring the hole spacing revealed my problem. The trigger has worked like a champ ever since.
  5. Pat Miles

    12-15" hanguards

    Matrix 15"Foxtrot handguard from Wise Arms, $55.94 shipped.
  6. Pat Miles

    JRC bolt gets stuck

    Misread to OP's post, thought it was a JP gun.
  7. Pat Miles

    Don Elms

    Don will ALWAYS get style points in my book! You are missed sir!
  8. Pat Miles

    PCCs that work - tell us about yours.

    Still wearing those crazy plaid short pants!
  9. Pat Miles

    PCC AR 9mm barrel makers?

    Oh, it will probably happen at some point.
  10. Pat Miles

    PCC AR 9mm barrel makers?

    If anybody is still interested, my 16" Wilson Arms barrel weighs in at 25.6 ounces on my postal scale. I'm not sure if it's worth the time to set this barrel up in my lathe to shave 2 ounces off of it.
  11. Pat Miles

    Rod Current

  12. Pat Miles

    Rod Current

    I'll see you on the other side big boy.
  13. Pat Miles

    Best PCC trigger?

    Call JP?
  14. Pat Miles

    Yet another failure to load

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