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  1. Don't know if this might help your situation.
  2. My good friend Jerry Bridges (74) passed away on Monday, August 10, 2020 from the ravages of cancer. He was a Master class Open shooter in Albuquerque. We spent many Saturdays fabbing stage props on my driveway for our local club, Rio Grande Practical Shooters. We both served on the BoD for many years. Jerry never failed to put together stages for our club, they were never impossible stages but were challenging with a hook hidden in there somewhere which would trip you up if your didn't pay attention. His stages were one of the main reasons the annual High Desert Classic in Albuquerque brought shooters from all over the southwest. We traveled to many matches around the southwest and never failed to have a roaring good time. God speed my friend, your suffering is over, you are now in the arms of your Savior.
  3. Putting Rod and Cheryl together.
  4. Just received a call from a friend telling me of Cheryl's passing. Apparently she drown while on a rafting trip in Pagosa Springs, CO. She and Rod are together again. RIP dear.
  5. These were not machined by me, but they are first class units. I could not attach a picture of them in a reply to a for sale ad here unless the pics were posted previously in a post. Now if I could figure out how to delete this post. Any ideas?
  6. Received the 15" Matrix Foxtrot handguard today. For $55.00 this thing is sweet. I see no reason to spend the big bucks for another handguard from now on.
  7. I had what sounds like the same problem with a lower that I installed a 24C in years back. The disconnector would not release the hammer due to the trigger pin hole spacing in the lower being out of spec. Solved the problem by taking several thousandths of an inch off the mating surface of the disconnector on my surface grinder. Using gauge pins and measuring the hole spacing revealed my problem. The trigger has worked like a champ ever since.
  8. Matrix 15"Foxtrot handguard from Wise Arms, $55.94 shipped.
  9. Misread to OP's post, thought it was a JP gun.
  10. Don will ALWAYS get style points in my book! You are missed sir!
  11. Oh, it will probably happen at some point.
  12. If anybody is still interested, my 16" Wilson Arms barrel weighs in at 25.6 ounces on my postal scale. I'm not sure if it's worth the time to set this barrel up in my lathe to shave 2 ounces off of it.
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