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The worst BBQ in Texas


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I like the worst BBQ in Texas.


Looks like there is one up near me!!! I'll check it out.

Admittedly I'm a northern transplant here, but I've really enjoyed the BBQ! Took my girl to Sonny Bryans in the West End this weekend. Even better I like Mike Andersons.

I hear that Hard Eight BBQ is really good. Looking forward to checking that out!!!

If this becomes a discussion, it will be closed.

Either you know the joint I am talking about or you don't...


Wrong forum. We don't allow discussions in The Hate Forum. ;)

On a side note;

Smoked meats seem to be real popular here. The guys at work can talk hours about their 'brisket' recipe or something. Last night the neighbor, who has one of the huge trailer model smokers, brought over a smoked chicken for a Christmas present! Good stuff!!!

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For what I have had in the general Austin area... Rudy's takes the cake for the local shops(north Austin). Being a Northerner... I always had Ribs as BBQ. I moved to GA, and was introduced to brisket, although Pork rules there. I now own a big green egg and make whatever I feel like. Thinking about putting on a pork shoulder for Christmas dinner as a matter of fact.

I do think a trip to Killeen is in my future with Frank's link.

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Is clarkes still around? Outside of ft. Worth somewhere...had a heli pad for those with a copter needing some Q.

Clark's is in Tioga up north of Denton about another 30 minutes. I never saw a pad pe say. But there was lots of talk of landing helis in the cow pasture across the highway.

Great barbecue for sure.


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You're in Austin. Go down to the Salt Lick. Or the original Cooper's in Llano. And for you foreigners, pig is tasty and all but he did say BBQ. And if I ever see one of you people put brown gravy on a chicken fried steak again, there will be trouble.

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The hi-end places mentioned are largely unknown to me though I lived in Texas for 3-1/2 years ('79-'82).

What I remember fondly was the Beef BBQ place across the street from when I worked in Houston for Dresser (Ben's BBQ?, I think). They didn't serve BBQ like I was used to...they served only Beef (no Pork). You got a baked potato that was done just right, and some pickled 'stuff' (varied fron day to day) and a salad.

And damn, it was good.


At the bar next door, we once had a man come in with a 2-crockpot-load of chili that he was making for the World championships in Terlingua.

The only fee was an honest opinion. I don't think he eventually won the World's that year, but I had 3-4 bowls that night.

If his chili couldn't win, I'd hate to be a judge at that event...

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