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  1. jswitt99

    cz p01 protek 2

    Incredible. Slide is very quick. I really can't see sights moving. Trigger - as expected. I have been carrying for a few weeks IWB. Feels awesome in hand. DA trigger length from grip is long for a compact, but the follow up is oh so sweet. Worth every cent.
  2. jswitt99

    cz p01 protek 2

    I figured as much with the uspsa guys, just never been to idpa. Thanks
  3. jswitt99

    cz p01 protek 2

    tri top kills it for ssp...missed the sights as didn't even think to look at that. So I guess just shoot limited?
  4. jswitt99

    cz p01 protek 2

    After reading through the IDPA rules, I am reading that this is not legal in any IDPA division. Am I missing something in regards to understanding what I think I just read? Thanks!
  5. jswitt99

    cz p01 protek 2

    If I was to shoot IDPA or USPSA, what division(s) would I be in with the protek 2? Not worried about whether it is not as competitive as "x" model. Just want to shoot with it for practice in competition. I see the p01 on the production lists, but does that include the protek 2? I see that full dust covers are not allowed in IDPA at all, but the links are old.
  6. Got here as fast as I could. My wife already asked me if I was going to put this down and come watch a movie. I just looked at her and said, "no". Thanks Stuart!
  7. Stuart is shipping my protek 2 out today. So I can post a pic tomorrow...on my bday.
  8. I had a jäger in my g35. No issues.
  9. This gun is killing me....
  10. You can pay for a service from Netflix, Amazon, or through your Itunes account if you have AppleTV. Im sure there are others. For a fee you can watch their content, tv shows and movies, right over your internet connection. The streaming is that it comes over your internet connection rather than you having to use physical media, like a dvd or something. Lol. I feel stupid. Had that for years, didn't know the term... Homeland is incredible. I kept asking, "how is this going to continue?"... Pulls you in.
  11. wow... I think my job is stressful... If you can watch this show and not get emotiomal...well... Perspective. For those that have endured this, I salute you!
  12. Just finished s1, really thought it would be boring...was I wrong.
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