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  1. I've been shooting one of his guns for a few years now. When it's time for a new one, I'll get my hands on another.
  2. I see it being really difficult to capture Ender's genius. All his internalized thoughts will be hard to incorporate. I have a feeling they'll just go largely for the action of battle school and the bugger battles. Maybe have a sweet soundtrack and possibly turn it into another Tron. Don't get me wrong... I freaking loved Tron, but I just really want to see this done properly.
  3. I haven't done much research, but from what I understand they're going to make all the kids a little older. If I remember correctly, it was something like 10-12 before kids start going to battle school. Like you guys, I adore this book, and really hope the movie does it justice.
  4. Abercrombie is one of the best out there. Just wait until you read The Heroes. Currently re-reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Reading The Heroes now... Nobody writes the grunt's-eye view of medieval combat like Abercrombie... I remember one scene where a guy shits himself in terror leaving a mess on the ground, then another guy slips in it at a bad moment and gets brained. There is so much subtle genius in all of Abercrombie's writing. Just wait. There's a scene with Whirrun that is brutally genius/hilarious. The Heroes is his best so far in my opinion, and he's got another coming out this fall. As far as I understand it's supposed to be about Logen again.
  5. Abercrombie is one of the best out there. Just wait until you read The Heroes. Currently re-reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.
  6. Hard 8 is super solid. Rudy's is good. If you ever make it to the barren panhandle, then hit up Crazy Larry's and grab a full moose. Don't think it's what most would call true barbecue, but it's pure greatness.
  7. My advice, 6 inch long dust cover holster. Then you can hold anything you ever decide to buy.
  8. That's an understatement if I ever heard one. Who's the guy running the timer? Don't mean to thread jack but man Kale is a badass. I always loved when he'd come to Amarillo to shoot with us. I thought I recognized him from the video but last I saw him he was shooting an STI. Granted thats been 8 months or so.
  9. Welcome to the forum and to Austin! Hope to see ya on Saturday! Thanks a ton man. I'm really excited. I just hope the coating of rust isn't too horrible. School and work kind of ruined any shooting chances for the last 7 or 8 months.
  10. I just moved down here from Amarillo a few weeks ago and Saturday will be my first match in the area. Hope to meet a few folks lol
  11. Gantz

    Two Match Video

    Hey! I saw my Dad! Thanks, haven't seen him in a couple months. Thanks for that haha. I'll tell him to try to not walk in front of the camera when he's walking through a stage lol
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