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  1. One of the few things I miss about living in Atlanta is Chris and CPWSA. He was 30 minutes from my house, and we shot the same monthly matches. Not only does he have a darn good business, he is one heck of a shooter, and most of all he is one of the nicest guys you could meet. I think all my USPSA guns, and my ARs came either from or through Chris. I wish more people/businesses were like Chris. Matt
  2. amen. I started the process to build a 300 blackout last week, got the lower before it all went crazy. still searching the BCG under $300.
  3. my buddy bought a 700 in 308 from Dicks last week(the ADL package with decent little 3x9), and had them bore sight it. Well when we pull the caps off the turrets, the top is all jacked up and wont turn. So we decided to take the whole rig back, as it wasn't bore sight either. We get there and the manager comes up to talk to us. My buddy says he just wants the scope replaced. To which the manager responds that they cant exchange part of a firearm. I asked what he meant and he said that the scope was part of the firearm and because of form 4473 they can not exchange the scope. At that point I tried to explain that the scope has nothing to due with form 4473 or they would have to do one on every scope. He didnt get it. He also quoted what I can only believe as Dick's policy as federal law more than once.
  4. I would like to know as well... Or better yet how to get the logo to use on a shirt, so I can add other logos as well. I contacted Tanfoglio but they just sent a patch.
  5. I was at an archery shop yesterday buying my first bow in a really long time, and it was all that they were talking about. I wish NBC had better coverage or move information as to when certain events would be on. For instance... I watched womens basketball yesterday, I think Turkey vs. Angola rather than the USA archery match. It would seem to me that NBC would have coverage of all USA events.
  6. I used the match in limited without an issue. Your 45 might be at a small disadvantage due to caliber, but use it in l-10. Since I started in production, the magwell was not that important anyway. I happen to run a real nice match 9mm in 3 gun and dont have any issue. matt
  7. I am not sure how old he is, but there is young guy in Georgia that passed the exam and runs shooters. Pretty sure he is the youngest ever. Since I moved to Texas, I was at a club match where the MD/RM stated the range would not allow an "minor" to be a RO running shooters.
  8. You loading your own ammo? Some like a little longer oal. I load mine to about 1.18. What exactly is the issue, btw? Stovepipes?
  9. I went with 40. Already loaded for limited, so no need to change reloading set up. Works great in my Trojan.
  10. Amen.. Havent had a toy fund since getting married. Not the wife's fault, timing just a coincedence I hope. Hope your fund gets replenished quickly.
  11. Did you think about contacting one of the builders via PM and see if they could help you out. maybe they would be willing to talk about what they do, since it is not feasible for you to get the gun to them. Never know. I would gladly take pictures of mine. I have work done to the lifter, bolt lightened, modified for ghost load. All by C-Rums. Then Trapr (redneck Tactical) opened the loading port, smoothed everything out and added a sight on the vent rib for slugs. I had the work done with C-Rums about 6 months after getting the gun, and the work with Trapr about a year after. I needed to be a better shooter in order for those mods to make a difference. Still not all that good, but better. Matt
  12. Problem iwith texas is the hot part. It was 104 today. Dont get me wrong, I love living in Texas. I am going to mention Atlanta, GA. Three really active outdoor clubs around Atlanta, then a couple more indoor clubs that shoot weekly. Then there a some good clubs that are outside the greater Atlanta area. You can pretty much shoot year round and there are a bunch of great shooters. Big enough population to support another practice.
  13. RUSHARP2

    chicken wings

    Its weird but there is a site call the naked whiz that has a ton of info on ceramic cookers including recipes and charcoal review. You can google naked whiz charcoal review and you will find it. I use the chimney when i am going for a high temp cook. For long low cooks, i go with the little fire starter cubes or paper dipped in veggie oil wrapped tightly.
  14. RUSHARP2

    chicken wings

    I've had my egg for about 6 years now. You can find the kamado style cookers everywhere, the local lowes had one the other day. I added a pit minder for long overnight cooks start a brisket or shoulder and let it go. Had a 12lb shoulder cook for 24 hours with no issue. Lump burns for hours and will add flavor. It also does great on steaks or burgers as I can get the egg up to 700 or so and get a great sear then drop the temp to 350-400 and finish it off. I have done veggie kabobs and they turned out as expected. There is a ton of info in different places for how to cook on the egg(or similar style cookers) I am a huge fan.
  15. They are accepting pre orders. No date has been mentioned regarding a ship date. I am waiting to here as I may let me 1x4 model go to pick the 1x6 up, but would like to know a date.
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