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  1. What a great experience.
  2. Following hip replacement surgery. Blood clot lodged in the left side of her brain. She was active and athletic. Rode horses. Walked our dog. Married 39 years 11 month's. My life has been turned upside down. Still attempting to find my new normal. I will never be the person I was with her by my side. I'm blessed to have had her in my life. I expected many, many more years of her being by my side. The pain, grief and heart break is 100 times worse than I could imagine. I've managed to pull myself together although every day is difficult.
  3. Your right. Rescues from the pound do not receive any affection or attention. Takes alot of time, effort and patience for what is hopefully a positive break thru.
  4. After 2.5 yrs of stubborn and at times very frustrating behavior, taking 1 baby step @ a time, Tiki has transformed into a sweetheart.
  5. scroll down or up Happy New Year
  6. Tiki chilling with me
  7. Pure joy when my rescue dog walks up to me and asks for lap time. She was a hard bitter dog when my wife and I rescued her. Nearly sent her back but she was marked for euthanasia. Instead we went to a trainer for 3 sessions a week for 2 month’s. She slowly came around. She still needs a sprenger collar when going on walks. Her face has softened, shows a playful personality and is very vocal about her needs(food, potty time, play time, treats, walks). She’s on my lap as I post
  8. Silver Creek Conservation Club will host a USPSA match, this Sunday Oct.13th. Stage setup Saturday @900am, all Saturday setup help shoots the match free. Sunday morning target placement/setup @ 8am, registration @9am, go hot @1030am, cost $20 cash or check only. New shooters briefing 10am, pre match shooters meeting 10:25am. 6 stages, 5 field courses, 1 classifier. WE NEED RO'S.... RO's shoot the match free. WE NEED SETUP HELP SATURDAY
  9. SCCC will host a USPSA match this Sunday Sept. 8th. Setup Saturday @ 9 am All setup help shoots the match free. Sunday morning setup @ 8 am. Registration @ 9 am. Main shelter New shooters meeting 10 am. Go hot @1030 am. Match fee $20 6 stages. 5 field courses, 1 classifier. WE NEED RO’S RO’s shoot free.
  10. I can deal with summer heat but this heat wave is a killer. Growing up in Indiana, Illinois & Missouri as a kid with no air conditioning. How did we manage to stay sane. Box fans in windows to move air and koolaid I guess. I’m chilling in my cave, cleaning guns, loading ammo and watching Justified. I know how to deal with the heat.
  11. Great folks @ Dillon Precision. Bought a 550, from a local, all in a box, with case feeder. 1 month later I decided to assemble the press. It was a filthy mess. Lower crank was cracked. Case feeder body was bent slightly. I called Dillon to buy parts. They told me to box it up and send it to them. I did. 2 weeks later I received what appears to be a new 550 w/case feeder body setup ready to go. Truly amazing service. I have 4 Dillon machines. Love em and highly recommend them.
  12. I know have new roll pins. When I drive the old one out to clean the extractor I install a new roll pin.
  13. I've been helping with (2) level 2 USPSA major match's at our club in the last 4 weeks. I've been buried. Sorry for the late response. I would rate reliability equal on all 3. My only other failure was a extractor roll pin in my CMMG fell out during a match. I had removed it from the bolt for cleaning the extractor. It went in back in all to easy. Should have been paying closer attention. More of a self induced problem than a design problem. I love shooting all three. I would recommend all.
  14. My CMMG is a 3 year old AR9 PCC. Not entirely sure it is the guard platform. However I experienced extractor retention roll pin issues and CMMG sent a new replacement bolt group with a new more robust firing pin
  15. Slide glide and weapons lube on my bench.
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